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I seldom recommend products but since I’m using Hammer Nutrition since I began running I want to share this dirt cheap prices with runners/athletes like me. Should you need any of these (or just want to inquire), feel free to contact me here. Please make “Hammer Nutrition” as your subject.

Hammer Products For Sale

Hammer Gel – Apple Cinnamon (Single Serv) PhP 75.00
Hammer Gel – Banana (Single Serv)
Hammer Gel – Chocolate (Single Serv)
Hammer Gel – Espresso (Single Serv)
Hammer Gel – Huckleberry (Single Serv)
Hammer Gel – Orange (Single Serv)
Hammer Gel – Plain (Single Serv)
Hammer Gel – Raspberry (Single Serv)
Hammer Gel – Tropical (Single Serv)
Hammer Gel – Vanilla (Single Serv)
Hammer Gel Jug – Apple Cinamon (26  Serv) PhP 1,500.00
Hammer Gel Jug –  Banana (26  Serv)
Hammer Gel Jug – Chocolate (26  Serv)
Hammer Gel Jug – Espresso (26  Serv)
Hammer Gel Jug – Orange (26  Serv)
Hammer Gel Jug – Plain (26  Serv)
Hammer Gel Jug – Raspberry (26  Serv)
Hammer Gel Jug – Tropical (26  Serv)
Hammer Gel Jug – Vanilla (26  Serv)
HEED Mandarin-Orange (6-Pk) /sachet- NEW  PhP 104.00
HEED Lemon-Lime (6-Pk )/ sachet  - NEW
HEED Mild Melon (6-Pk) / sachet  - NEW
HEED Subtle Strawberry (6-Pk)/ sachet  NEW
HEED Unflavored (6-Pk)/ sachet  NEW
HEED Mandarin-Orange (32 Serv)  PhP 1,400.00
HEED Lemon-Lime (32 Serv)
HEED Mild Melon (32 Serv)
HEED Subtle Strawberry (32 Serv)
Endurolytes (4 Capsules)    PhP 50.00
Endurolytes (120 Capsules) PhP 1,300.00
Endurolyte Powder (150 Serv)  PhP 1,300.00

Perpetuem Caffe-Latte (Single Serv) PhP 140.00
Perpetuem Orange-Vanilla (Single Serv)
Perpetuem Caffe-Latte (16 Serv) PhP 1,500.00
Perpetuem Orange-Vanilla (16 Serv)
Perpetuem Caffe-Latte (32 Serv) PhP 2,700.00
Perpetuem Orange-Vanilla (32 Serv)
Recoverite Chocolate (6 Serv) / per sachet  PhP 165.00
Recoverite Subtle Citrus (6 Serv) / per sachet
Recoverite Strawberry (6 Serv) / per sachet
Recoverite Subtle Citrus (32 Serv)  PhP 3,200.00
Recoverite Strawberry (32 Serv)
Hammer Food Bar – Almond/Raisin (12-Pk) / per bar PhP 170.00
Hammer Food Bar – Chocolate Chip (12-Pk) / per bar
Hammer Food Bar – Coconut Cashew Chocolate Chip (12 – Pk)/ bar
Hammer Pro Whey  Choclate (24 Serv) – NEW   PhP 2,200.00
Hammer Pro Whey Vanilla (24 Serv) – NEW
Anti-Fatigue Caps (90 Capsules)   PhP 1,150.00
Energy Surge (30 Tablets)  PhP 1,300.00
Race Day Boost Powder (32 Serv)  PhP 940.00
Race Day Boost (64 Capsules)  PhP 940.00
Seat Saver (2oz)Chamois Anti -Chafing Cream  PhP 820.00

See here if you need to know the description of each product:

Hammer Nutrition Product Details (click to enlarge)

Hammer Nutrition Brochure (click to enlarge)

I can give discount for bulk orders. Contact me asap if you need something as I need atleast a week to get the stocks.  COD only. Thanks!

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