Recovery Run at Roxas Boulevard

April 8th, 2010 10 comments
This is first among the many running places that I will try soon.

I was late last Tuesday at the AdiNation Run in Alabang, I made just one loop (800m) and its time for the photo ops. I have no choice but to stop. I said to myself, “warm-up na lang ito for tomorrow.” But where will I run? They say that The Fort is a haven for runners but I think i’m kinda bored already with BHS loop and all of my races was held there. I needed a new route or place to run.
I was reminded of Roxas Boulevard- I read it first from the RunningShield of how scenic this area is and so I said I have to give it a try. You can read Sir Patrick’s blog about Roxas Blvd here.
I was elated to run there, so I prepared that night. Woke up early and go straight to the boulevard. I just had a warm-up walk from the LRT Pedro Gil Station. Time check: 6:00am. Just enough for a recovery run.
This will me the first of a series of runs in the Metro, I will try to run on the 5 best places suggested by the RunningPinoy. You can check out the complete list here.

From Camille is Love’s Photostream (
From parq17 Photostream (

These are what I observed while I was running:

  • Lots of sidewalk vendors which is good and bad. Good because I can easily buy food (taho, buko juice, bread, puto), bad because it’s a mess. Maybe it yould be better if they have designated a place where they can showcase their products.
  • A lot of people have made the Boulevard their houses- they sleep on benches and on the sidewalk, eat, take a bath (I even saw one gargling in the sea of trash), pee, poo-poo (yes, I saw three guy do their thing directly to the sea- next time guys respect the environment)
  • Few trashbins and comfort room that is why its smelly, a mess.
  • A few more meters I saw a group doing aerobics, some dancing, tai-chi.
  • Many are fishing- are there fishes in that dirty sea?
  • Off the beach are those rowing- hmmm, I want to try that one of these days. I think its cool and another source of adrenaline rush.
  • Of course- runners, joggers and walkers- A LOT OF THEM.
  • Singlets I saw during the run: Animo Run; Fil-Mus Run for Peace; Century Tuna Superbods; Manila Elite 5000 Run 5k and Del Monte’s Fit n’ Right
From Richard Ang Photostream (

It pains me to see fellow Filipinos live like this- no decency, contented of living on the streets. Whose to blame? If you blame the government- you blame the people which actually makes the government. I wish this scene will get better- and it starts with me. I hate to see foreigners take pictures of this important Manila spot and find lots of clutter and disorder. Where’s is the Old Manila, what happened of our old glory?
Bear with me as I will keep on using photos from until I have my own camera.

Monuments that grabbed my attention (I love a little history too):
Ang Pilipinong Mandaragat (The Filipino Seaman)- Maybe this is the inspiration of our seamen.
Maximo Soliven (Prominent Journalist and Newspaper Publisher).
Jose Rizal during his childhood playing with his parents.
Arsenio Lacson (Actor, Politician, Athlete- a boxer and runner maybe?).
Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. and Evelio Javier- both opposed the Marcos regime.

Expenses during the run:
Transportation (2 jeepney rides and 2 lrt rides): P44
Post-run food, Taho: P10
Hydration, Gatorade (22oz) from 7/11: P25
Post-run meal, Beef steak with rice from Cueva’s bakery: P45
Total: P124

Stats during the run:
Place: Roxas Boulevard (Start of Baywalk to Manila Yacht club, approx 1.6k)
Distance covered: 5 kilometers
Time: 34:04
Pace: 6:48/kilometer
Running Surface: Concrete and some tiles- flat course all the way
Temperature: 30-31°C
Finishing off: Rounds at the CCP ramp, sprint uphill, recover downhill

Hmmm, help me where to run next? Maybe I will compare University if the Philippines Diliman to UPLB.

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Thanks to Daily Mile,, The Bull Runner and Runrio

April 3rd, 2010 20 comments
They say that running is a lonely sport. A book and film was even titled “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.” I don’t know but since I started “running” and joining races I find it not a “lonely” sport. How about you? Okay… maybe there are times that you really need to run alone as part of my training but most of the times you run with your friends. I for one run alone especially when training for races. But running is a friendly and communal sports. I have met new friends here in Laguna, in Manila and on the other side of the world through this new passioin. 

So this new post is meant to thank the following websites that has been of great help inspiration and encouragement to my new sports. 
*Emote* “Running has been easier with you guys!”

DAILY MILE (DM). Before I was not logging my runs and then I started logging it on Excel spreadsheet. I first heard of this website from Bald Runner while reading one of his blog posts. So I search for it. I signed up and I got hooked. It’s like Facebook and is very manageable. Having friends is easy and the give-and-take of motivations are cool. To my 34 DM friends as of today, my sincerest thanks! It excites me to log another run because I know it will somehow motivate others to run too. Keep logging your miles, everyone of you is an inspiration.

TAKBO.PH. I first heard of this site through Gideon, a running buddy who also introduced me to Chi Running. At first I was checking the site for schedule of races and then i found myself signing up- became a member and then join the forums, then join the shout box and of course join group runs. I learned a lot from this site- not only schedule of races, injury prevention, diet and nutrition, and everything about running. Kudos Sir Jinoe and the rest of the takbo people. I hope to join the Adination run on Alabang next week and meet new friends. (“takbo” is a Filipino word for run)

THE BULL RUNNER (TBR). I learned that you have to have a goal in your runs. One fateful day I was browsing on running blogs and stumbled upon TBR- I learned that TBR is organizing a marathon for beginners scheduled May 22. I read the entry and sent a letter to Ms. Jaymie informing her that I want to join. Thank God I am part of the brave 300 (first and second timers) to run the TBR Dream Marathon. This is the reason I am logging 30-40 kilometers a week. A nice way to prevent me from making excuses on running. A nice way to live healthy as I discipline myself to sleep early and eat a healthy, balanced diet every single day. Maraming-maraming salamat (Many thanks) Ms. Jaymie, you are a gift to the Filipino (and abroad) running community!

RUNRIO.COM. This is Coach Rio dela Cruz’s website which hopes to inspire people from all walks of life to live a healthier life through running. This site is helpful for me because I was inspired by Coach Rio’s story- from humble beginnings to a most sought-after running coach and race organizer. I believe he is preparing for his Boston Marathon this April. A terrific and down-to-earth guy. Coach Rio, make the Filipinos proud in Boston! Wishing you a PR.

Lastly and more importantly, I want to thank my readers here in the blog- you are an encouragement. Your comments are much appreciated, its gives me more reason to continue blogging.
To those who added me in their blogroll, thanks! Should I haven’t added you on mine, let me know. To those who wants to be added on my roll, please don’t hesitate to make a shout out. I want to add you too!
To my followers (only 2), thanks a lot! More to come!haha *wink* *big grin*
To runners/bloggers out there, continue to inspire others to write their running stories. Our stories would “run” a long way. Keep those stories coming! Keep running!
To you, thanks for dropping by. Be sure to visit other posts and give me a shout out! 

>>I should be posting a travel blog next time… I got addicted to running already. Till the next post.

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Runner’s World Philippines Now Out

March 29th, 2010 15 comments

Runner’s World Philippines 1st Issue- April 2010

The 1st Philippine Issue of Runner’s World is now out in the market. Good thing it is for FREE! You can have an exclusive copy of it by buying a Men’s Health or a Women’s Health magazine for only P165. I got mine from Fully-Booked BHS. Running is indeed increasing its popularity here in the Philippines.  I wonder why there is no RW Singapore or Japan? Other RW editions are from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UK and of course US.

“Welcome to the first issue of Runner’s World Philippines. Whether you’ve just started running or have been plodding on for years, you’re bound to have an obsession with feet…”  –Maria Calica, Editor-in-Chief

The story behind my Runner’s World mag. 
I was at the magazine section last Saturday when I saw a pic of Coach Rio on the cover. As a newbie runner I got interested. Then I learned that it was the 1st issue of Runner’s World. I’m not really a fan of magazine except if its free or from Booksale. As far as I remember the most expensive mag that I bought was P39. A Surfing mag as I am a “surfer” wannabee. But last weekend I found myself buying Men’s Health for P165. As I was about to pay I remember that my money is just enough for food while in Manila. Good thing that I can use my credit card in Fully-Booked so I got my own copy. Obvious that I’m a running addict already: logging 30-40 kilometers a week, wearing singlet when I sleep, eating pasta thrice a week, and buying a running mag. 
When I took the jeepney, I immediately opened the mag and browsed it. When I got home I read every page (36 pages in all) from front to back (all ads and product sponsors and even the names of contributors).

So happy to have my copy of RW Philippines and Men’s Health.
I bet the 1st issue of RW Phils will be a collector’s item someday.

Here are some of my fave picks:

  • Rave Run (Can I submit a photo for the next issue?), pp.2-3
  • Ask Miles (now I know…), p.6
  • Use Your Noodle (Pasta 101), pp.12-13
  • Fridge Wisdom (I will definitely try the shake, yum-yum), p.15
  • Coach Rio’s Corner (preparing for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil pala si Coach Rio), p.23
More Pics from the inside:
Coach Rio’s Story
Correct! Each runner to his/her own training.
Sorry, blurred images because I am using my laptop camera

Runner’s World (RW) is world’s leading running magazine. RW Philippines will be available quarterly this 2010 bundled with Men’s Health and Women’s Health mag so watch out for the next issue.
To get us more excited on the next issue, let’s guess who will be the next on the cover? My guess, its Piolo Pascual.

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Trading Globe’s Run for Home for Boracay

March 24th, 2010 3 comments
As I was about to register for Globe’s Run 2010, I noticed that I already have an earlier commitment- a planning retreat at Boracay. Still, there is something in me that wants to Run for Home and run at Ayala Triangle. But the registration fee is enough to convince me that I should go to Boracay and have my running training there as well. So I traded my opportunity to run at Ayala to Boracay Island Running. So let me say squarely that I believe that Globe Run 2010 and Green Miles are nothing compared to my RUNNING NIRVANA in Boracay. 

— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 —
“Kunwari, nanghihinayang na ‘di nakasali sa Globe Run dahil walang recycled singlet and ‘di na-experience yung bagong ruta sa Ayala Triangle”
(Pretending that I regret to join Globe’s Run for Home 2010 because I don’t have a recycled singlet and was not able to experience running on a new route- Ayala Triangle)
— 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 

(On the balcony before my MSD, I woke up my friend to capture this photo. The background was majestic.)


Medium Slow Distance (MSD)
Stoked on a new running/travelling adventure, I really forced myself to wake up early (the night life got some of my sleeping time) and lace my shoes. The plan was really to run barefoot but because I saw a lot of runners the day before with shoes on I also wore mine. Since I don’t have a Garmin, I just relied on for the approximate measurement of my route. It says 11.5 kilometers or 7.18 miles, half of the distance was on the main road of the island, the other half on the shore with 249ft. highest elevation.

First times:
1. To run in Boracay. It was also my first time to visit Boracay. And I think Boracay is like Timog Ave. and Makati placed in an island minus the pollution. The night is very much alive with music, dancing, party and a lot more. I think I wanna come back.
2. To run on sand. I run on sand but not intentionally as I did in Boracay. I must admit that I’m a proud ‘runner’ with my hydration belt with me. People are always staring on my belt. They think it’s training weights. You can also find a lot of runners in the am (5:30-7:00) and in the afternoon (4:30-6:00). They run barefoot, with running shoes, basketball shoes, slippers, etc.
3. To run not knowing the entire route. It was indeed an adventure run, and I enjoyed it. Just having fun on the road, the beach, the hills.

Barefoot Running
I am aware of the many benefits of barefoot running and I think it is best done on beach like this:
(Attire: Board shorts by Fox, Rash Guard by Body Glove and Running Cap by Nike. No shoes of course!)

14 Kilometers Plus Plus (14k++) 
The last day of my Boracay Run was indeed a BLAST! I think it is the best of my solo runs so far. A 14-kilometer run with everything in it- hills training, LSD, run-walk method, beach run, trail run, mountain climbing, sight seeing, picture taking, etc.

(After my 14k run, tanned already, hydration belt depleted, sun is hot. Because I run alone, I brought my friends’ digicam. I love the green coconut trees and the blue skies.)

More pictures to come in the following days.

Thanks to Ira for letting me use her digicam when I run, Runnel for taking an early morning pic and Mitch for the barefoot running pic.
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Running in Boracay Soon…

March 18th, 2010 2 comments
Running here soon…

Boracay running kicks off tomorrow! Summer is around the corner, try to grab some before the monsoon rains come.

Visit this site after 4 days for an update…

My Running Nirvana at Boracay is now done but I still have hangover. Experience Nirvana here.

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