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A Must-Run: Makiling Challenge 9

July 24th, 2010 4 comments
Just a week after the Biodiversity Run we find again another race in UPLB. That’s good news for runners in the South of Manila and the neighboring towns- Sta.Rosa, San Pedro, Calamba, and San Pablo.
On its 9th year, MAC Runners (Makiling Campus Runners – UPLB) 
presents (drum roll please……….) 

Race Event: Makiling Challenge 9: Harapin ang Hamon sa Ika-Siyam na Taon
Race Date: September 12, 2010 (Sunday)
Venue: Baker Hall, University of the Philippines- Los Banos (UPLB)
Route: Road (asphalt and cement). UPLB is known for its killer uphills too so be sure to have hills training. I mean a lot of steep hills training.
Assembly: 5:00am at Baker Hall, UPLB
Race Categories: 5K / 10K / 16K
Race Fee: P200 for 5K and 10K (students); P250 for 5K and 10K (open category); and P300 for the 16K.
Race Organizer: Makiling Campus Runnners

Singlet Design:

I lived in Laguna for 11 years now but I haven’t run the Mac Challenge yet on that long stay. I guess I am not into running those years. Anyway, I said that this race is a must-run for me (and hopefully for you too.) for the following reasons:

1. New Route. When I chat with fellow runners here in LB, they always ask me if I ran the Mac Challenge? I haven’t. Too bad even if I just live within the area. So I also learned that they don’t recycle routes. Very good! So this is it! I want to run the 16K.

2. Fresh Air. I have run a lot of races already- the worst pollution was when I did the 21K last July 4  during the 34th Milo Marathon, especially when we passed the road near Baclaran. Free carbon dioxide! Here in LB we don’t have pollution like that of Manila. We have fresh air because we take care of our mountains and trees. You can feel the cold breeze too, so c’mon join us on the 12th of September.

3. Its Damn Cheap. So you don’t want to register for super duper extra expensive Manila race fees. P300 is not bad for 16K. Plus the fare and food? around P500 and you get to experience an out-of-town race, a new route and fresh air. Dude, its sulit!

4. Yogurt, Chocomilk and Buko Pie. So after the run, why not enjoy a runner’s treat by buying some yogurt or choco milk from PCCI or DTRI just waking distance from the finish line. Dude, its damn cheap. A 200ml of yogurt is only P30 and a P200ml of chocomilk (Runner’s World says its the best post-race drink) is only P15. Talk about post-race food. Then as you get back home try our specialty- Buko Pie for Pasalubong. You should also bring home Pineapple pie which is my personal favorite (try Lety’s they are better than The Original’s). 
If you are taking the bus going home, you can ask the conductor to buy you a pie. Yes, you can. A lot of people do that including me, you dont need to give a tip. Just be sure to give him the money to buy it and pay your fare.

Directions going to UPLB:
Its best to commute, you dont pay the toll free and you relax & enjoy the ride! You have your driver pa!
Fare from Buendia (Greenstar Bus going Sta.Cruz) to Los Banos is P99.
Fare from Cubao (HM Transport going Sta. Cruz) to Los Banos is P107.
Fare from Alabang (HM bus to Sta.Cruz) to Los Banos is P51.
From Junction, Los Banos, you can take the jeep (P7) to Baker Hall or just walk for about 1.5K until you find yourself at the starting line. A nice warm-up di ba?

Don’t worry if you’re not from LB, you can register in Manila (just look for the Mac Runners) after the ff races:
07/31/2010 PBA Powerade Run for a Cause 3/5/10K (MOA)

08/01/2010 The Rexona Run 2010 3/5/10/21K (MOA)
08/15/2010 Philippine Red Cross – Run for Humanity 3/5/10K (Pasay)
08/22/2010 Global Run 2010 3/5/15k (Fort)

Download the Registration Form HERE.

You can also register online HERE.
Join there Facebook Page.
Visit their official website.

See you at THE MAKILING CHALLENGE 9. Uphill Training starts now!

thanks for reading journeyingjames- my running stories and travel discoveries– 
let’s walk, run, climb, ride, swim and fly
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Biodiversity Run 2010: Run for Biodiversity, Run for Life

July 22nd, 2010 3 comments
Bored running in BHS/MOA? Tired of the pollution and traffic? Sick of the expensive registration fee? Let’s run at UPLB! New route, Fresh air and Cheap registration fee!
Join the simple but timely advocacy:  RUN for BIODIVERSITY, BIODIVERSITY is LIFE, RUN for LIFE! 
Rarely would I promote races, but this one is something different that I not only joining but also promoting. I will run this because its a Saturday, its near my home and the registration fee is not that expensive. No pollution, new route and all-terrain experience. You can also enjoy the simplicity, beauty and glory of Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve.

Race Venue: Forestry Campus, UP Los Banos, Laguna (less than 2 hours away from Manila)
Date: September 4, 2010 (Saturday), 5:00am assembly time, 6:00am gun start
Running Route: Uphills & downhills, trail & dirt, and flat road.
Race Categories: 5K / 10K / 21K
Registration Fee: P250 (5K & 10K) P350 (21K)
Race Organizer: MacRunners Sports Inc.
Beneficiary: ASEAN Biodiversity Fund (ABF)

from their website:
This year 2010 marks the celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB) with the theme “Biodiversity is life.  Biodiversity is our life.” The Year aims to raise public awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the consequences of its loss to human survival. The Philippine Government, in support to the IYB celebration, has proclaimed 2010 through Proclamation No. 2003 as the National Year of Biodiversity where everyone is enjoined to initiate activities to support the celebration.
In support of the celebration, ACB is organizing the Biodiversity Run 2010 with the theme “Run for Biodiversity, Biodiversity is Life, Run for Life”. The race is scheduled on 4 September 2010, 6:00 a.m. at the Forestry Campus, UP Los Banos, College, Laguna.
The Biodiversity Run 2010 is an advocacy race aimed at promoting the rich biodiversity of Mt. Makiling Forest and nearby ecosystems. The race promotes road running as an affordable avenue to physical fitness, mental well-being, ecological awareness, and enhancement of local tourism.
Proceeds from this event will go to the ASEAN Biodiversity Fund (ABF), an endowment fund developed and established to support the implementation of biodiversity-related programs in the ASEAN region. Contributions to the ABF are open to governments, the private sector, organizations, foundations, and individuals.

Participants to this activity will help to raise funds for biodiversity programs and will serve as your participation in the global celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity. It will also be your response to the national proclamation of the Philippine Government, enjoining everyone to initiate and involve in activities to support the celebration.

Trophy: Top 3 OPEN MALE / FEMALE 5K, 10K and 21K
Medals: 4th-10th Place OPEN MALE / FEMALE 5K, 10K and 21K
Special Awards: Medals: Youngest and Oldest Finisher – 5k, 10K and 21K; Executive MALE / FEMALE 5K; Media MALE / FEMALE 5K
Registration Form can be downloaded
Please submit the registration form together with a copy of the deposit slip at the ACB Office, 3/F ERDB Building, Forestry Campus, UPLB, College, Laguna or at the ACB Annex Office, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, North Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. You may also send it through fax at tel. no. (63 49) 5362865,
Attention: Ms. Grace Rodulfo or Ms. Angie Metin or email scanned copy at or or . 
Entry fee may be deposited at ACB Bank Account as follows: Account Name: ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity; Account No. : 0913-2481-04; Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI); Bank Address: Los Baños Branch, National Highway, Los Baños, Laguna.
ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity
Rey Molina                09285509807,
Grace Rodulfo          09174775308,
Myra Luz Abueg       092188257742,
Benjamin Garcia, Jr. 092088309144,
Or visit the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity website at
- – - o 0 o – - -
To those who are too busy to go to UPLB to register, I will visit their office tomorrow to get some registration forms so I can bring it with me on Sunday during the Runfest. I can register you if you want… Just approach me on Sunday after the race.

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My "Unusual" Usual UPLB Campus Run

March 11th, 2010 No comments

The Unusual Pre-Run

So this is my usual night run at UPLB grounds. I usually start 6:30pm but this time I started 7pm. Running would start by buying my usual drink- Gatorade. As usual I brought with me P23 for a 22oz. at 711, SU Bldg.(20)  as usual they have the grape flavor. My run was unusual because when I’m about to pay the teller told me that Gatorade is now P25- It was affected by inflation- too bad, same with the rising registration fees of the races. No choice but to get the smaller 16oz. cup. which is P20. Putting twist to it which made it unusual you have to pick a color of the cup that you want to use (I think this is one of the geniuses they thought of this election season)- Green for Gibo, red for Erap, Yellow for Noynoy, etc. But my choice is the orange cup for Manny (not Pacquiao) Villar. I noticed that the UPLB students like the color green (does this mean they love La Salle?). Anyway, I just thought that maybe I was the only one who chose the orange one- ‘coz the masses cannot afford a bit pricey items from 711. But googling about this marketing genius I saw this:
The Usual Warm-Up
Since I already had my stretching exercise at home while watching American Idol (I saw Ellen D at the show, is she a main stay already?) I started to run on my usual route- starting off in front of the Baker Hall(25) where MacRunners congregate along the Upper and Lower Grounds.
The Upper Grounds is 800M
Upper and Lower Grounds combined would be 1.2K
A loop to both would have me 2K, a nice warm up run.
My Usual Tempo Run
I guess I’m now ready for my 3K tempo. If you have run at UPLB you would be familiar with what MacRunners and Trantados call the Campus Run which is 3K.

This is my usual route during my night runs

Some famous landmarks saw during the Tempo Run:

  • Baker Hall (25)
  • Carillion Tower (26)
  • Fertility Tree (26)
  • Engineering Dept (22)
  • St. Therese Chapel (5)
  • UP Main Gate (1,2)
  • Main Library (16)
  • DL Umali Hall (14)

The Unusual Cool Down
That was unusually fast for me but not fast enough if I would target a sub-25 5K race this Saturday. Anyway, I have to rest now. So I had my cool down walk and run inside the lower grounds(26) where footballers play during day time. It was cool and serene as I try to plan for my 5K race. It’s just sweet to feel the vibe, admire the hugeness of the fertility tree, the sweetness of lovers taking some rest on the grass and the frogs hopping freely. It was a nice and fun run tonight- yes it is usual but since i blogged about it- its unusual. I think one of my favorite runs as I focus not only on my training but those things around me.
Notes (especially for my non-running friends):
UPLB- University of the Philippines Los Banos
711- a 24/7 convenience store at
SU Bldg.- Student Union Bldg where the food lab is
800M- short for 800 meters
1.2K, 2K, 3K, 5k- 3 kilometers
Sub-25:00 – a 5K races with a time finish of less than 25 minutes
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