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Stoked at the 2nd Club Manila East Surfing Competition

April 18th, 2011 2 comments

Other than running and traveling, surfing has been close to my heart as it gives me high (even if I’m just a spectator). Oh yes, I’m a hopeless frustrated surfer wannabe. I have lotsa stories of not being able to surf the waves but that’s a different story. Let me tell you something that is more exciting…

Get stoked even while in Manila

I was surprised when I first heard about surfing in Manila. But then I found myself green-eyed when I was invited at Club Manila east to cover the 2nd CME Surfing Competition. Philippine Surfing Academy (PSA) organized this event for beginners- categories include kids (under 13), open women’s and open men’s.

Watching the heats breaks my heart, should I learned about this weeks before, I could have joined too as this is in my bucket list. Maybe next year? Kassy & Joko I’ll join you na on your next surfing trip me!


I was impressed on how the kids were able to ride the waves even if unassisted by EJ, the head coach of PSA. They were really pumping the boards and having the time of their life. I bet their parents are more stoked seeing them ride the waves like pros.


Clad with their board shorts and rash guard, everyone is competitive in both the men’s and women’s divisions. Jealousy was all over my limbs as I watch them paddle out, wishing I was in my board shorts and rash guard too. I can’t take it anymore so I went into our cabana and pretend not to care and just “surf” the internet. I should come again here.

The night is overcoming the sunlight and tiredness was already creeping in, I wasn’t able to finish the competition but I want to say “KUDOS” to Paolo Soler (PSA President) and PSA for promoting surfing in our country. Good job too to Manila Surfers Club and Club Manila East!

These are some of the photos I took during the event:

Get STOKED while in Manila, visit Club Manila East.



Kids Division:

Champion - Tereze Lumdang
2nd Place - Ramon Santillan
3rd Place - Cayna Gemora
4th Place - Tiki Santillan

Womens Division: 
Champion - Nicole Valenton
2nd Place - Zoe Lim
3rd Place - Patricia Marcia
4th Place - Yanna Gemora

Mens Division: 
Champion - Migui Winternitz
2nd Place - Nolan Torre
3rd Place - Ian Laguerta 
4th Place - Jenzo Pastrana

For runners, surfing is a good cross-training as you will be strengthening your core and shoulders while paddling and balancing on a surf board.


Club Manila East contact info:

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Running in Siargao Island: Garcia, Alegria and Tangbo

June 20th, 2010 5 comments
Before you read this you may want to check a more interesting post about my BAREFOOT RUNNIN’ ON A VIRGIN BEACH in the same island.

This is a very late post on my last long run before the TBR Marathon. Well, not a long long run. It should be 10K but I just did an 8.5K run because it was too late already. Anyway, I ran on compact dirt, I would consider that a semi-trail run I think. I started running around 5:30pm and ended around 6:40pm including picture-picture.

I did this in Surigao del Norte in the famous island of Siargao, in the town of Sta.Monica, covering 3 baranggays- Garcia, Alegria and Tangbo. Another attempt to run around the Philippines.

Let the pictures tell how the run went:
The running surface is like this all the way through except for the short detour when I went to the beach front.

I actually started at KM54, running towards KM50 and back to KM52.

How would you describe that face?
Going to the left, you would see the coconuts along the way.

KM52, duhhh! LOL

This is the usual scene, coconuts, coconuts and more coconuts.
Philippines being composed of many many islands is abundant of coconuts. The locals get the coconut meat and place it under the sun to make “copra” which is their main source of income. 
Copra price is PhP20-25 a kilo.
Locals would look at me and give a “you-are-nuts look” as they are not used to people running in their place.

Approching Baranggay Tangbo. “Tangbo” or “Tambo” is a kind of grass found in wet places or river side used in making local sweepers or “walis tambo.” Maybe this is why this place is called Tangbo.

I visited Danjug Surfing and Fishing Camp. When it is surfing season waves here would be 20ft tall. This is also a place for big fishing game. 

Look at that beach shore. How I wish I could stay here or maybe have a rest house?

Describe serenity: An afternoon on a virgin beach  while waiting for the sunset and counting the coconut trees. Feeling the sea-breeze and listening to the waves as they gently kiss the quiet shore. No one but you.

I met a surfer and he brought out his surfboard for a quick photo-op.

Runner + Backpacker + Wannabe Surfer = JourneyingJames

Getting dark, time check: 6:10pm

KM50, its pitch black already as they dont have available street lights. I better be going back. 
Time check: 6:16pm

The youth I met there. They are cool, I’m hot and dripping wet of perspiration! Shaka hand sign: `m/

Thanks to my shoes, New Balance MR92

Stats during the Run:
Place: Garcia, Alegria and Tangbo, Sta.Monica, Siargao Island (3 baranggays)
Date: May 16, 2010 (Sunday PM)
Distance covered: 8.5 kilometers
Time: 51:00
Pace: 6:00/kilometer
Running Surface: Compact Dirt Road with sharp stones
Temperature: 29°C
Shoes: New Balance MR29
Apparel: Adidas Techfit sando, Reebok shorts, NB Hydration Belt, Handheld light

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A Runner is Siargao

June 7th, 2010 5 comments
Two days after my barefoot runnin’ at Sta. Monica, I met a runner in Gen.Luna, Siargao Island. I still cannot believe I saw someone running while we are headed the surfing site- Cloud 9.

Wooden bridge to the view deck, the Famous Cloud 9, Gen.Luna, Siargao, Island
On our way to GL (General Luna, where the famous Cloud 9 is) I saw a girl running , after some more meters I saw another one a guy this time, running too. I can’t believe what I just saw- runners in this part of the island. I look at their shoes and they were Asics. I concluded that they are indeed runners (and not occasional joggers).
This was two days after my unforgettable barefoot runnin’ in a virgin beach at the north part of the island where running is unheard of. People look at me in amazement of what I am doing.
So we arrived at Cloud 9, checking the waves for a short surfing session that late afternoon. After some time, I saw again the girl runner then followed by the guy, a foreigner actually. I was really getting curious so I approach the guy and asked him,

Note: Of course, I did not record the conversation, duh?! What I write here is the best that I can remember how our conversation went
James: “Hi, how’s the run? How many miles did you cover?”
Foreigner: “I don’t know, I just run for about 30 minutes…” (eager to leave, then left for his place)
James: (thinking in his mind ‘suplado nito ahhh’ and continues to survey the place)
After some seconds
Foreigner: (looks back at me from about 10ft. approaches me) You’re a runner aren’t you? I can see those runner’s calves (pointing at my gastronemius muscles or calves)
James: (proudly) Yes, I am.
Foreigner: I was eager to leave because of my injury, (Pulled right hamstrings) but when I looked back I thought maybe you’re a runner too (pointing at my calves). So, I said to myself we might have a good conversation.
He tells me about his plans of joining a race. He also told me of how we Filipinos call 5K and 10K races in the provinces a marathon. I agreed on that, as I know of small provincial towns calling 3K and 5K fun runs 3K and 5K marathon. But, I told him that in Manila, not anymore. Running scene has changed a lot in Manila.
He also shared to me that he reads and Baldrunner regularly. He asked me if I know those sites. I believe all serious runners in Manila know about those two popular running sites. 
(How I wish he knows that I blog too)  =)
Foreigner: Do you know anyone from Takbo?
James: Actually, I know the owner of the site. I run with him several times in Manila (Alabang).
Foreigner: I’m actually training for a marathon this July in GenSan.
James: Is there a 42K race in GenSan? (I know there are 42Ks in Cebu but in GenSan, I don’t know).
Foreigner: Do you have minute, come over our house, I’ll show you something.
James: Hmmmm, actually, I’m going to surf. Is it far?
Foreigner: Just 30 meters.
James: Okay (Walks with the foreigner). What’s your name again? I’m James.
Foreigner: Bones
Bones brought me to his place ‘coz he wants to inquire about that marathon. In his laptop, he showed me website bookmarked. He showed me the schedule, it says, 
“7/25/2010 34th National Milo Marathon (GenSan).” 
So, I told him, in the provincial races its only 21K not 42K. The Full Marathon is only available in Manila and that’s on July 4.
We talked some more about running. He showed me some of his notes and some stories when he started running. I learned that he has been running 42 1/2 years already. 4 years running in Siargao. The girl that I saw earlier was his wife, Lorna, whom he encouraged to start running too. She will also join the Milo Provincial Race at GenSan for her first 5K. 4 ther friends are encouraged into running/jogging, they do some 3K runs in the island. The meeting was brief. We exchanged contact infos and I promised him an email about the details of the race in GenSan.
As I leave his nice place, I said:

James: I’ll be back in Siargao, see you again, let’s run together here or when you visit Manila.
Bones: Sure. L-M-U-R mate (in Autralian accent).
James: What’s that? (American accent)
Bones: L-M-U-R
James: What does that mean?
Bones: Long May U Run mate (in Australian accent again).
James: Thanks a lot mate! Hope to see you again. (waves good-bye)
Bones: (Waves back)
JourneyingJames meets Bones, an Australian runner living in Siargao Island. He owns a cozy bar too.

I could have not met this cool guy if I’m not a runner. Well, I guess runners understand each other. There is something runners commonly share, I do not know what. The love for the road and trails? The fulfillment and satisfaction it makes after the run? I don’t know. What do you think?

Nice meeting you Bones! See you in Manila or in Siargao. LMUR!

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Running in Cebu: IT Park or Mandaue-Mactan Bridge

May 18th, 2010 2 comments

I will be having a short stop-over at Cebu City this May 19-20. This is my second time visiting the Queen City of the South and I hope that during this very short stop-over I will be able squeeze in a short run. Now I do not know where. Is it the I.T. Park or on the Mandaue-Mactan bridge while viewing the city lights.
or here?
Any suggestions? A nice 5k run would really make this trip unforgettable. This will also be the last run that I will do before the TBR Dream Marathon come May 22. I would love to meet some runners in the area too. Please text me if you know of a nice 5k route. This I believe is another exciting journey for James.
Actually, I’m in Mactan Airport at the time of this writing waiting for my flight to Siargao. Im so stoked to ride the waves and surf. Check the swell here.

Photo credits: Ayala Malls Cebu and MarcelinoRapaylaJr blogsite.
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Siargao Island: Running or Surfing?

May 12th, 2010 4 comments

I love surfing! Before I bought a Runner’s World magazine, I was buying old SURFING and SURFER mags from Booksale. I guess you can call me surfer wannabe with my rash guard and board shorts on. 

For the love of travel and backpacking, waves came last September 2009 at Borongan, Eastern Samar when I was invited by a friend of mine to learn how to ride the waves. Unfortunately, I got no pictures. Anyway, I learned how to paddle and body surf because its really hard to stand on the surf board. The waves are about 15-20ft and are not friendly for beginners like me. Echoing Gen. MacArthur, I said, “I shall return.” I will learn to ride that someday. I came home with aching back and arms.

Now the waves are calling me once again. I am scheduled to fly to Surigao del Norte this weekend. This will be my first time to visit the beautiful Siargao island. I will also visit the charity/organization (SMF) I am helping on my fund-raising marathon run. I will give the amount raised to the youth leadership training of Siargao Missionary Fellowship. 

Thank you for those who have shared the burden. If you want to help, you can still join the CAUSE.

For now, the BIG question is TO RUN or TO SURF?

I love to run barefoot here…
and ride the waves here:
(Photos from

I got an idea, run to the waves and ride on it! Sounds cool and fun. Another question, is surfing considered a cross-training? Anyway, I wish I can manage my time to do both the running and the surfing (and lots of swimming)! This will be an exciting journey!

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