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Brooks T7 Racer Review

August 17th, 2011 1 comment


I told you, “I’m lovin’ my dream shoes!

I got the Blue Brooks  T7 Competition. It’s a limited edition made in honor of Chrissie Wellington. It has loops on the tongue (with the words SWIM, BIKE, RUN) and heel (with the word COMPETITION) perfect for triathletes, for a faster transition from the bike leg to run. It also features a Union Jack on the rear which is a minor turn-off.


Brooks T7 Toe Box with large BROOKS stamp


Brooks T7 Side View


SWIM, BIKE, RUN on the loop of the tongue


Brooks T7 Rear, the Union Jack


Shoe category:

-Racing Flat

-Neutral and lightweight (6.4 oz.)

-Unisex shoes



Assymetric shoe laces. The shoe laces works with the anatomy of the foot and securely wraps the arch.

Hydrowflow gel. The gel dampens the shock a runner’s foot feels caused by strike impact. It’s like what you see in your Asics gel shoes.

There is also what they call the Hyper Pod Configuration in the mid and outer sole that balances the foot properly while ensuring the runner a smooth foot landing.

RunPal says that “Hyper Pod engineering combined with Hydrowflow fluid provide a smooth heel to toe transition without sacrificing flexibility needed for increased speed.”


Shoe fitted, look at the assymetric shoe laces. Its an added aesthetic for me


Brooks T7 Soles


The hydroflow gel at the sole


Brooks T7 top view


After about 70 kilometers of running with my T7 here are some of my observations:


-Super light. Because it’s the lightest shoes I ever worn, I ran faster. Lighter shoes equals faster you.

-Snug fit. It’s like an extension of my feet. I also find the asymmetric shoelace design helpful.

-Comfortability. I feel comfortable wearing it not only during runs but even while just walking in the mall.

-Very flexible. You can fold it like that of your Nike Free.

-Easy to dry. It rained so hard the first time I used it after some hours it’s already dry (of course with the help of old newspapers).

-Aesthetic. I love the color, design and functionality of every single feature of the shoe. It’s the most “gwapo” shoes I ever worn.



-No bounce-effect. Of course, it’s a flat.

-Heel issue. I felt some pain on my left heel. I don’t know if its because of the shoes or maybe it was just a reaction on the new shoes. Or maybe an injury I got from my old Adizero.



-Perfect for speed work-outs, 5K and 10K (I used it during my long run of 22K and it was okay). I’ll see how it will respond when I use it for a 21K race. True to its name, RACER, you will definitely run faster with this as its very lightweight. Lighter shoes = faster time.

-I would definitely recommend this shoe to lightweight runners, just perfect for LSDs.


Price: Php 4,595.00

Where to buy? I bought mine at Toby’s Megamall

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Lovin’ My Dream Shoes- Brooks T7 Racer

August 10th, 2011 2 comments

“Every runner has a dream. A dream of the ideal run. Our job is to make it come true.” –Brooks Running

I just bought my dream shoes a week ago and I thank Brooks Running for that. I found it hard to find neutral shoes for me for quite some time. So when the 2nd batch of the T7 shoes came I bought one right away. I really love the large “BROOKS” stamp across the toe box.

I notice that when people stare on my shoes (not like the way they stare on my VFF Sprint), they read the Brooks and only runners would know the brand. So it’s like a set apart shoes!



I’ve used it for more than 40K already. Will surely publish a review next week!


Price: Php 4,595.00

Where to buy? I bought mine at Toby’s Megamall

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