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Thanks to Nature Valley

May 16th, 2010 5 comments

I just want to make a short note of gratitude to the complimentary Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars. I received 2 boxes of their new product 2 weeks ago. I love their new flavors: Peanut Butter and Apple Crisp. Very helpful post-run snack. You just have to drink water after it because its really “crunchy.”

Nature Valley sent me this email after I joined their online guessing game of who will be Coach Rio’s running partner for the Nature Valley Run 2010 Leg 2 of RUNRIO Trilogy.

Dear James,

Thank you for sending us your entry for the Guess Who Will Be Rio’s Partner in the coming Nature Valley Run 2010. Sorry you did not guess it right.  Donna Cruz- Larrazabal is the right answer.  She is a certified marathoner. Nature Valley stands for what is wholesome, ideal and 100% natural.

 We would like to send you our token of appreciation. We will send you a Nature Valley gift pack composed of our new variants: Nature Valley Apple Crisp and Nature Valley Peanut butter. We hope you will love our new Nature Valley flavors. Please e-mail us back your office or home address and contact number so we can deliver the products to your doorstep together with Nature Valley Run 2010 Registration form.

Again, thank you so much Nature Valley. Btw, I am not yet registered for these race Nature Valley (NV) but I would love to do the 21K after coming from TBR marathon a week before that. Coach Rio, if you were able to read this blog I would appreciate a free race packet (I know kapal ko, pero malay mo mag-bigay, hahaha) so I can complete the 3 legs. Thanks in advance!
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Thanks to Daily Mile,, The Bull Runner and Runrio

April 3rd, 2010 20 comments
They say that running is a lonely sport. A book and film was even titled “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.” I don’t know but since I started “running” and joining races I find it not a “lonely” sport. How about you? Okay… maybe there are times that you really need to run alone as part of my training but most of the times you run with your friends. I for one run alone especially when training for races. But running is a friendly and communal sports. I have met new friends here in Laguna, in Manila and on the other side of the world through this new passioin. 

So this new post is meant to thank the following websites that has been of great help inspiration and encouragement to my new sports. 
*Emote* “Running has been easier with you guys!”

DAILY MILE (DM). Before I was not logging my runs and then I started logging it on Excel spreadsheet. I first heard of this website from Bald Runner while reading one of his blog posts. So I search for it. I signed up and I got hooked. It’s like Facebook and is very manageable. Having friends is easy and the give-and-take of motivations are cool. To my 34 DM friends as of today, my sincerest thanks! It excites me to log another run because I know it will somehow motivate others to run too. Keep logging your miles, everyone of you is an inspiration.

TAKBO.PH. I first heard of this site through Gideon, a running buddy who also introduced me to Chi Running. At first I was checking the site for schedule of races and then i found myself signing up- became a member and then join the forums, then join the shout box and of course join group runs. I learned a lot from this site- not only schedule of races, injury prevention, diet and nutrition, and everything about running. Kudos Sir Jinoe and the rest of the takbo people. I hope to join the Adination run on Alabang next week and meet new friends. (“takbo” is a Filipino word for run)

THE BULL RUNNER (TBR). I learned that you have to have a goal in your runs. One fateful day I was browsing on running blogs and stumbled upon TBR- I learned that TBR is organizing a marathon for beginners scheduled May 22. I read the entry and sent a letter to Ms. Jaymie informing her that I want to join. Thank God I am part of the brave 300 (first and second timers) to run the TBR Dream Marathon. This is the reason I am logging 30-40 kilometers a week. A nice way to prevent me from making excuses on running. A nice way to live healthy as I discipline myself to sleep early and eat a healthy, balanced diet every single day. Maraming-maraming salamat (Many thanks) Ms. Jaymie, you are a gift to the Filipino (and abroad) running community!

RUNRIO.COM. This is Coach Rio dela Cruz’s website which hopes to inspire people from all walks of life to live a healthier life through running. This site is helpful for me because I was inspired by Coach Rio’s story- from humble beginnings to a most sought-after running coach and race organizer. I believe he is preparing for his Boston Marathon this April. A terrific and down-to-earth guy. Coach Rio, make the Filipinos proud in Boston! Wishing you a PR.

Lastly and more importantly, I want to thank my readers here in the blog- you are an encouragement. Your comments are much appreciated, its gives me more reason to continue blogging.
To those who added me in their blogroll, thanks! Should I haven’t added you on mine, let me know. To those who wants to be added on my roll, please don’t hesitate to make a shout out. I want to add you too!
To my followers (only 2), thanks a lot! More to come!haha *wink* *big grin*
To runners/bloggers out there, continue to inspire others to write their running stories. Our stories would “run” a long way. Keep those stories coming! Keep running!
To you, thanks for dropping by. Be sure to visit other posts and give me a shout out! 

>>I should be posting a travel blog next time… I got addicted to running already. Till the next post.

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