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Runner’s Profile: Reylynne F. Dela Paz

September 5th, 2011 3 comments


Here we are again in our monthly feature, Runner of the Month. I’m always excited to be sharing with you another runner that inspires me a lot. She is a batchmate during The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2011.


Without further ado, let me present our

September 2011 Runner of the Month:

Reylynne F. Dela Paz


Reylynne: running without frills


Running Blog: (running without frills)

Age: 30

Training Ground: UP Diliman, Amoranto track and field oval, Dasmarinas Village

(Short note: I once visited Rey in their house and I saw how disciplined she is, with diet and sleeping early. Indeed, an athlete and a remarkable one.)

Years of Running: 2 years

Favorite Runner: Michelle Estuar

Favorite Races: The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2010 and TNF Camsur

Half-marathon PR: 1:48

Marathon PR:

How many marathons have you finished: 7 marathons and 2 ultramarathons

Best 5K Time: 20 minutes

(Wow! Grabe ka talaga Rey. I haven’t ran that fast yet. Hats-off)

Fave running shoes: Mizuno

Unforgettable Moments in Running:

TBR Dream Marathon 2010. When I felt like all runners were a family helping each other to fulfill our dream of finishing a marathon. No competition, just plain fun and a sweet journey of trying to reach a common goal. The determination to finish in the eyes of my batchmates was humbling. We all inspired each other to finish. The sight of families and friends cheering and waiting at the finish line was also very touching. It was a feel-good, excellently- organized run ;)


Reylynne crossing the TBR Dream Marathon Finish Line



TNF Camsur. It was one of the most organized races. The route was breath- taking and challenging. While road runs are captivating, for me, there are more stories behind trail runs. It was my first ultra run. I did 50K. What made it more memorable was completing it with my team mates/ friends.


TNF Camsur

Reason(s) for running: I love running and have high respect for it. It helps me maintain my sanity and release stress from the kind of work that we do (anti corruption, good governance etc.) and life in general. Running allows me to be alone with my Creator and be more in touch with myself away from the noise of the world. It’s my escape from reality. When I run, especially during ordinary days, I feel like morphing into another dimension. It’s also a celebration of life for me; a reminder that life is a wonderful gift despite the many challenges and that the ability to run is a privilege especially after that stage when I was suspected of a thyroid cancer and became so weak. Now, I love running more because I gained new and sincere friends from the vibrant and happy community of runners ;)

Fave Running Quote: Train enough, eat well, pray hard, run strong and have fun.


Reylynne at Nuvali 50K, Photo credit: Jojo Pauly

Worst injury: Triggered scoliosis during the 37th Milo Marathon when I had to walk the last 5K because of unbearable pain and then reduce mileage for almost a month.

Knee injury and plantar fasciitis when I had to stop running in a track oval to do speedwork.

Post-race food: One or two FAMILY SIZE (LARGEST) FROZEN PLAIN YOGURT with cashew nuts and mango; or banana and peanut butter in wheat pandesal and brewed coffee.

(High-five sa Family Size Frozen Plain Yogurt! I love the wheat pandesal and brewed coffee too)

Additional info: I am an advocate of running without frills. I’ve always believed that running is for everybody. Compared to other sports, I think running is one of those that do not discriminate. I am a refuter of the common notion that running only belongs to the middle or upper classes because of the gears it requires, etc. I’ve been running for two years now and have been blessed with a few achievements and relatively good finish time without spending so much on gears. My message is: “it’s possible and the simpler the better.” I think one has to know which ones are necessary and non- negotiable especially in terms of avoiding an injury. I don’t judge those who can and chooses to splurge on expensive gears, I respect their choices besides this advocacy is not really directed at them but at those who are being discouraged or intimidated because of the lack of capacity to spend to whom I say, “we can do it!”


Team Life with Reylynne

Additional questions:

James: If there is one tip that you want to share to newbie runners what will it be?

Pwede 2? These are for two extremes: to those who need motivation and those who should slow down.


To those who need motivation: Always go back to the reason why you’re running to stay motivated because almost always it helps you reach that goal whether to lose weight, to forget a pain, to have fun or to enjoy a new challenge. Love running and it will love you back.

To the addicts: Balance. Life is not just about running. It’s so easy to get addicted to running but if it begins to steal us from spending quality time with family and friends or disorient our sense of priority, then running has definitely failed in what it should do to us.

James: I like that phrase ha, “Love running and it will love you back.” So, what do you do when you are not running?

Rey: I work in an anti-corruption non-government organization, Transparency and Accountability Network which requires a lot of writing. We also handle different kinds of training and travel a lot. I also love photography and mountain climbing.

James: Nice to know that! Do you do any crosstraining?

Rey: Yes. Hiking,boxing, learning to swim, sometimes cycling at the gym.


___ ___ ___

Thank you so much for allowing me to feature you and sharing your Running Profile here. I just want to take my hats-off (wala pala akong hat, pwedeng running shoes nalang?) and say KUDOS! I’m sure you will receive more awards and podium finish!

Runner’s Profile: Sunday Brillante Ombrog

August 10th, 2011 18 comments

Runner’s Profile is back! And I’m excited to share with you this month’s runner, INHUMAN Runner. Read on to learn more about him…

Runner for the Month of August: 

Sunday Brillante Ombrog

Age: 34

Hometown: Brgy. Mayondon, Los Banos, Laguna / Laoang, Northern Samar

Training Ground (fave route for training): UPLB, Jamboree, Forestry, Agila Base, Geothermal, Bay, Laguna



Sunday at the Last Man Standing Endurance Run with Coach Nick

Years into Running: I started running during highschool 1991-93 and then I stopped and went to running back last 2003. That would be almost 10 years.

Running Club: MACRUNNERS Sports Inc.

Favorite Runner: Ryan Hall, USA

Favorite Race: TNF 100KCamSur

Half-marathon PR: 1:28, Milo Regional Eliminations Race, San Pablo City, Laguna 2009

Marathon PR: 3:18, Milo Marathon Finals 2009

How many marathons have you finished: 3 Milo Marathons, 2 Pasig Marathons = 5


  • Laguna de Bay Ultramarathon Relay 210K (8th placer),
  • 4th PAU Tagaytay-Nasugbu 50K (2nd placer),
  • Rogin-E Last Man Running, 7 hours of non-stop running (finisher)
  • TNF 100KCamSur (7th placer)

Best 5K Time: 17:00

Fave running shoes: New Balance 800

Running gears: TNF Sun-visor, Sunglass, Stop watch, hydration pack


At the finish area of 4th PAU, Sunday finished 2nd place

Unforgettable Moment in Running: 4th PAU Tagaytay – Nasugbu (50K)

I was on the lead pack during the 4th PAU 50K (Tagaytay – Nasugbu) and around KM.36 was looking for water supply and power gel. Because I don’t have a support crew and vehicle, I was scavenging the emptied power gels that the lead runner left on the road. It was grueling but I need to finish it. It was pure determination and finally I reached the finish line 2nd with the time of 4:15.

Reasons for running: He calls it “Bisyoko ito.” An addiction to running.

Fave Running Quote: “Break All Boundaries” -TNF

Worst injury: None so far.

Post-race food: Nilagang Malunggaywith egg, onions and a pinch of salt.

(Hmmm… I haven’t tried that, will do that too sometime.)


Sunday at the TNF 100 Camsur


Additional questions:

James: If there is one tip that you want to share to newbie runners what will it be?

Sunday: Always listen to your body.Constant scientific method of training.


James: What do you do when you are not running?

Sunday: Gardening and manage my bike rental business.


James: Do you do any cross-training?

Sunday: Mountain biking and skin-diving the Laguna Lake to gather some kandule and tilapia.


Additional info:

My long runs include these routes:

Los Banos to Dolores, Quezon (39K); Los Banos to Pagsanjan (32K); Los Banos to Brgy. San Felix, Sto. Tomas, Batangas out-and-back (48K); Los Banos to Nagcarlan out-and-back (58K); Los Banos to Tagaytay out-and-back (86K).

He just finished running around the towns that encircle Mt. Makiling, about 7hours of running under the elements.


Thanks / Estan for the photo!


Keep posted for Sunday’s inhuman running performance before this year ends.


Runner’s Profile: Katol Villagante

July 4th, 2011 No comments

After a month of silence (hiatus), I wanna share with you another interview I had with a Cebuano. I got to meet him at DailyMile and was happy to see that running is also a “boom” in Cebu.

I was surprised when he ran an “unofficial” ultramarathon first before he did his marathon. Crazy cool guy, huh?

Anyway, here’s an addition to my runner’s profile collection

July Runner's Profile: Katol Villagante

Name: Richie Al B. Villagante aka Katol

Age: 34

Training Ground: KSRP (Kilid sa South Road Properties) for road runs and Cebu City Sports Center for oval hamster mode training

Years into Running: 1 year and 4 months

Favorite Race(s): Cebu City Marathon 2010. That started it all. And of course, the Coast to Coast 65K Ultramarathon.

Half-marathon PR: 2:27 and I was pacing with my running partner. She too got a new PR for her Pikermi.

Marathon PR: Leon Kilat’s Retreat (An Ungo Exclusive Full Marathon): 6:10:45


How many marathons have you finished: 2


Fave running shoes: My VFFs. loved them both (KSO Trek and Flow). I even named them: Spock for my Trek and Phalangging for my Flow.

(VFF fan here too, Katol, now I think I have to buy a new KSO.)


Running gears: NB 749, VFFs (KSO Trek and Flow), 2 compression tights, 2 visors, Nathan 4-bottle hydration belt, Ungo, TTB, TG Official Singlets; Halo headband.


Unforgettable Moment(s) in Running: My first full marathon when I paced with Agatha from start to finish (Cebu Marathon 2011) & crossing the finish line during the Labor Day Coast to Coast 65K Ultramarathon!


Why do you run? I run for Life. I run for the people who have helped me to become a better person –my family especially my Mom and my PR partner


Fave Running Quote: I Eat. I Drink. I Run. Haha!


Worst injury: No running injury yet. Thank God!

(Good for you, stay healthy and run safe!)


Post-race food: Pungko-pungko food (especially ginabot and utok) and of course RH (red horse beer)


Tell me more of Cebu and your thoughts of running there.

Cebu is now the “Capitol Support Crew of the Philippines”; I joined a 10K race at the Bonifacio  Global City last year but nothing compares when you are running in your local ground especially when you finish your first full marathon and ultramarathon in your hometown!

Here are the additional things I learned from Katol…

James: If there is one tip that you want to share to newbie runners what will it be?

Katol: Just be YOURSELF when you run. You don’t need to be fast to get to the finish line. Train hard and train well. Follow the running basics and I’m sure you’ll be injury-free. Make sure to get a life outside running  but  give your 100% when you run!


James: What do you do when you are not running?

Katol: I am a couch potato. When I am bored, I just switch the TV on and I can watch movies all day.


James: Do you do any crosstraining?

Katol: I joined a mini-triathlon early this year and it made me realize that cross-training helps me strengthen my endurance and performance. I will do swimming and biking… soon!


Thanks again Katol for aswering these questions. Hope to see you when I visit the Queen City of the South sometime this year. Let’s run!

Runner’s Profile: Carly Dizon

Master Ambo was a hit last month and I thank him for the opportunity to share his feats on this blog. Today I’m excited to share with you another ultramarathoner.

Name: Carlisle “Carly” Dizon

Age: 32

Fave Training Ground: Greenfield – Sta. Rosa/Tagaytay Road – Nuvali; Daang Hari – Daang Reyna

Years of Running: 2 years… since I put an end to my sedentary post-college life. I was also running during the latter part my collegiate years as part of my cross-training.

Favorite Runner: Steve Prefontaine

Favorite Race: The North Face 100 Baguio-Benguet Leg, my toughest race so far, 50K.

Half-marathon PR: 1:54:41, Unilab Run United 1 2011.

Marathon PR: 04:22:14, Cebu City Marathon 2011 (my 3rd Marathon race)

How many marathons have you finished: 5 marathons (3 races + 2 official pacer duties) plus 3 ultramarathons (Two TNF 50K trail run & 70K road)



Before I continue, the latest Facebook status of Ms.Carly is

"Got lost together with the lead pack after a Km or so from the startline. Backtracked, around 30 mins worth of time & energy lost and wasted. Caught up with the tail end/last runners of 50K. Ran, power walked, climbed, prayed, leaped, slipped, fought with the sun’s scorching heat. Finished TNF50K CamSur at 3rd place."

 Latest addition to Carly’s many achievements.


Best 5K Time: 25 mins 9 secs, Runfest 2010

Fave running shoes: Nike Air Pegasus for long runs; Nike Lunar Trainers  & Nike Run Avant for Speedwork & Tempo Runs

Running gears: I run light, I just usually wear the basics… running shoes, running shorts, running singlet and a watch. I put on my hydration belt during long runs and my cap & shades during late morning runs.

Unforgettable Moment in Running: Oh! The ultramarathon controversy… it crashed my heart big time, being falsely accused of doing something that I’ve never imagined doing come hell and high water! At a different angle, that episode in my running life also revealed to me how much the running community loves me and trusts me especially my family.

Reason for running: Running makes me discover more about myself and challenges me to become a better runner as well as a better person. Running gives me a sense of fulfillment.

Fave Running Quote:



To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift. -Steve Prefontaine


Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it’s all about. -Patti Sue Plummer


It’s at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys. -Emil Zatopek

Worst injury: Shin splints on my 4th month of running. I stopped running for 2 months (as advised by a doctor) and was back to square one, it was kinda depressing. Good thing running friends were there, talking to me to keep me motivated and to keep my hopes high.

Post-race food: Tapsilog/Longsilog and a cup of coffee.



Additional Infos about Carly…



Group/Team Affiliations: family, Team CB, adiNation of Runners Alabang, Alabang Snail Runners, XTRM Tri

Podium Finishes:  

3rd Place, 50K (Trail) The North Face 100 CamSur Leg, April 30, 2011

2nd Place, First Adidas ANR 5th Sunday Run Ladies’ Relay, January 2011 (w/ adiNation of Runners Alabang)

3rd Place, 10K Milo Eliminations Olongapo Leg, November 14, 2010
9th Place, 50K (Trail) The North Face 100 Baguio-Benguet Leg, April 25, 2010
4th Most Improved Award, 10K Mizuno Infinity Run 2010, April 11, 2010
8th Place, 15K Rotarun 2009, Sept. 20, 2009



3rd Place, Powerade Duathlon Open Leg 1, april 3, 2011

I was a member of UP Dragonboat Rowing Team when I was in college and I was also a part of the UP Track Team during my last semester at UP Diliman.


Can’t get enought? Here’s more from the interview…



James: If there is one tip that you want to share to newbie runners what will it be?


Carly: Be patient, building up takes time. Build up gradually and intelligently to avoid injuries. Gradual progress is better than being sidelined for a long time due to a serious injury.

James: What do you do when you are not running?




Carly: I work as a New Product Engineer / Process Engineer for aerospace and military applications in Analog Devices Inc, a Semiconductor Company.

James: Do you do any crosstraining? 


Carly: I bike and swim.  I’m looking forward to my duathlon debut and triathlon debut in 2011. :)



Thank you so much Carly for the interview! And congrats for the 3rd-placer finish at the recent The North Face CamSur. Mabuhay ka!

Runner’s Profile: Allen Gaspar

April 8th, 2011 7 comments

April has been a very busy of on-the-spot travels for journeyingjames but this will not hinder me form featuring another ultramarathoner in our monthly Runner’s Profile-

ALLEN GASPAR, fondly called by running community as "Ambow"


Age: 35

Training Ground: Everest Memorial Park, Muntinlupa City and Daang Hari

Years into Running: 2 years

Favorite Runner (if any): JAMES BETIA adik din sa takbuhan yun! hehehehehehehe

James says: "I don’t know if I will laugh or be flattered. Now, thinking twice of publishing this interview, hahahaha"

Favorite Race(s): Siyempre Bataan Death March 102K (ultramarathon), Condura Marathon, Mayon Trail Run & Pinatubo Trail Run 50K.

Half-marathon PR: 1:54.24 Century Superbods, Runrio 1

Marathon PR: 4:18.21 Condura Marathon

How many marathons have you finished? Ultramarathons too?



Fave running shoes: MIZUNO(inspire), ASICS, at yung mga sale na running shoes hehehehehehehe

Running gears: COMPRESSION SHORTS and Ungas Team Singlet

Unforgettable Moment in Running: Conquering BDM 102k without injury, with pain but tolerable.

Reason(s) for running: Aside from my determination to loose weight, I would like to test my strength and limits in running.

Fave Running Quote: “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”


Post-race food: Kung ano meron yun lang kinakain ko hehehehehehe

James says "Same here! Paano kung walang makakain?"

Ambow at Cebu International Marathon pacing marathoners wanting to have a 5:30 finish time.

Ambow is also a proud member of Adination of Alabang,, Snail Runners Alabang and ULTRA Team Ungas.

More interview questions (On a lighter side)…

James: If there is one tip that you want to share to newbie runners what will it be?
Ambow: TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME! wag mag madali umangat ng distance para iwas sa injury at enjoy lang sa pag takbo. Train train train.sumakay kayo ng train hehehe

James: What do you do when you are not running?
Ambow: Nag babantay ng shop at kumain ng kumain hehehe at mag paligo ng tatlong aso namin!heheheat Makipag 2 batels sa mga balbon at mag chikang balbon bwahahahahahahaha.

James: Do you do any crosstraining?
Ambow: Wala crosstraining c ambow. Baka malunod hindi marunong lumangoy, hindi maka pag bike wala pambili ng bike. Takbo lang ako hehehe

At the finish line of the gruelest race he ever joined, Bataan Death March 102K (March 5-6, 2011)


It was really a pleasure to feature you Bosing Ambow, idolo ko sa ultramarathons! He is one of the reasons why I like to try ultramarathon soon. His down-to-earth attitude has helped and encouraged a lot of young people in Alabang and Muntinlupa to join running events.

Ultrambow, KUDOS! Hope to run with you sometime, maybe on your next ultramarathon? But please not the 102K, okay?



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