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IBTOR Challenge 2011- Triathlon with a Twist

November 3rd, 2011 5 comments

I was surprised when I was reading this funny triathlon race happening on December 17 (Saturday) at Rosales, Pangasinan. Continue reading to know why I was all smiles…

IBTOR Challenge is a triathlon match with a local twist of the three sports disciplines: swimming, cycling, and running. It kicks off at the Acop Dam and loops around our Eco-Tourism Area, passes at the heart of the municipality and culminates at the SM City Rosales.


The IBTOR Challenge comprises of the following:

• SWIMMING – the pair of swimmers has to carry with them a banana log in crossing the Acop Dam with the distance of 350m. It is necessary for them to surrender the banana log in order for them to qualify for the second leg which is running.


• RUNNING – subsequently the participants will have to run the 9.5km trail of rough and mountainous road.


• CYCLING – for the third leg of the match, the cycling stage exposes the Rosalenian culture. Pedicabs are being utilized instead of the commonly used mountain bikes to negotiate the distance of 15km. The participants (in pairs) must take turns in steering the pedicab.


• RUNNING – in the last leg of the event, the participants will have to run the 10km distance to be able to finish the race. The participants will be tied by a rope on each opposite hand in order for them to reach the finish line together.



A hefty prize awaits the winner and the names of the finishers will be engraved in the IBTOR Landmark which is a tangible legacy for those who completed every IBTOR Challenges. In this wall, their names will be inscribed at the stone tablet and be carried through in the years to come.


COOL ayt?


Where? Rosales, Pangasinan

When? Saturday, December 17, 2011 at 6:00am

Registration Fee: P300.00/team (includes finishers shirt, race bib and will be provided with pedicab)

For up-to-date info’s, do like IBTOR Challenge page on Facebook.

You can also contact the Tourism Officer of Rosales, Pangasinan- Aila Seradoy at

Let’s Rock! Whiterock Triathlon Race

September 30th, 2011 2 comments


The White Rock Triathlon 2011, will welcome 161 Triathletes to join the longest running and most popular triathlon event in Philippines on Saturday 1st October 2011 in Whiterock Beach Resort & Water Park in Subic Zambales.


October 1, 2011

Whiterock Beach Resort

2Kms. Ocean swim

90Kms. Road bicycling

21Kms. Run






Organized by Extribe Inc. since 2004, this is the 8th annual White Rock Triathlon.  The course is known for being challenging and features a 2 km open sea ocean swim from the beach at White Rock Beach Resort, a 91 km out and back bike course through scenic Zambales, and a 20 km run course into Subic, which will challenge athletes with a hilly section tagged “Heartbreak Hills” and a long flat open section christened the “Microwave” before they are welcomed back to the finish line at White Rock Beach Resort.



Athletes come from all walks of life to vie for places as the top 3 male over-all, top 3 female over-all, and the top 3 male and 3 female for each age group.  So popular is this event that some athletes are competing this year for the 8th time.  The race became known as triathlon “Rockstars.” Athletes and competitors are mixed top executives, entrepreneurs and young professionals belonging to market class ABC1. These events are also family-oriented as family members; friends and supporters commonly accompany participants.


The event is made possible in partnership with Whiterock Beach Resort & Water Park, Province of Zambales, City of Olongapo and Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. Supported by Powerade, Wicked Active Gear, David’s Salon, Blue Cross, Speedo, Kameraworld, Total Fitness Magazine, Fitness First, Paragon, Mister Cool Misting Fans, New Balance and Chris Sports.  Let’s Rock!

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December 10th, 2010 4 comments

So it was exactly 12:25am when I left home for some midnight run.

here if you must…

The UPLB night was chilly and I passed these college students who are anything but best in what they usually do- drinkfest! The looks in their eyes are like this one is one crazy man. Some shook their heads in amazement. I ran away, as if I saw some zombies.

It was not a starry starry night, the sky was devoid of heavenly bodies, even the moon was no show. I wonder why? Still, I ran… away, as if I was being chased by flying brooms with black hats. Scary? No, just an imagination. Run you freak!

The road was mine. Well-lit and ready for my feet’s pounding. The hills saw my huffing and puffing, did he smiled? I believe so, it is as if he was saying words of gratefulness as he sees his use not only for rubber tires but my shoes rubber soles.

The trees are not green. It was bordering to black. Black-green if there’s something like that. It doesn’t sway or obey the silent blowing of the wind. It stands erect, stout and mighty. Observing every stride, every feet strike, every hand movement. Allowing their leaves to release oxygen. And yes, they smiled too! Or maybe its the runner who smiled?

The run was like poetry, oh maybe deeper than that- an über deep poetry. Solitary and farouche as I am during the run, I loved it, yes loved the spur of the moment. When the mongrel dogs are the only witnesses when you left and patiently waits for you so as to  exercise its barking power.

The harmony and interaction of limbs, joints, muscles amazed my mind. The eyes look forward as if there is a battle in front, the hands sway naturally as the legs make each stride, the lungs act like fire, fueling the carbs eaten, the mind only thinks of one thing- FORWARD.

The run was a little bit of nostalgia, nirvana, rave, rush -unplanned route, no route actually, no timing device, no kilometer count, no minding of miles to be logged on DM. I was pure. Too pure to be discussed here, still placed here as the runner believes that EVERY RUNNER must and ought to experience this kind of run.

This is not the run of the century but definitely “the” RUN for me.

Or maybe it is something like my favorite running vid:

How about you? Anything like this before?

i ran

December 9th, 2010 No comments

i ran…











and it felt damn good!

Triple A Cup: Lots of Fun and Lesson too!

September 13th, 2010 6 comments

Someday, I want to hear the words, “Congratulations! You’re an IronMan!” But that won’t happen if I just pound and pound the roads and be contented with running a marathon. I must take the second step to pursue that dream.

Ready, Legs Go!

The successfully concluded TRIPLE A Cup (Amphitrite Alabang Aquathlon) helped me in realizing this dream. Now I can proudly say that I’m an aquathlete. The event I joined was  Extra-Lite category. Wherein you have to run 2.5K then swim 200meters and finish strong with another 2.5K run. I was confident that I can finish the race, the only problem is that I was grasping for air after the 1st kilometer in the run leg because I foolishly paced with the fast runners. Anyway, just charge it to experience.

The Fast "Runner" (Abs kung Abs)

It was already engraved in my mind that I’m there to join the fun and a good time finish would just be an extra to my aquathlon debut.

Some Photos from the Event (Click the image to enlarge)

So, here are stuff that made the race FUN, FUN and FUNNY and some Lessons too:

  • Days before the event, I was broadcasting on my Facebook status that I will drown those who will overtake me in the swim leg. No one dared to come swim near me during the swim part. Lesson: Bullying works (not in school but in aquathlon). Good thing, no one get drown.
  • At the first plunge, I drank some Palms Country Club Pool water (sosyal)- seems like water from the hydration station in not enough for me. This slowed me down in the process. Lesson: relax on the swim leg, you don’t need extra hydration.
  • Funny to see fellow racers run even the swim leg. I don’t want to name names, but it was fun seeing them stride not glide in the pool. Lesson: I will practice striding in the water next time- its gets you faster and exert less energy.
  • I was running 4:15/Km during the first run leg because of the adrenalin rush. It was zoooooom!!! Later did I paid of the lost energy because I was already walking some parts of th 2nd run leg. That slowed me down and took most of my energy. Lesson: Don’t get overly excited. I need to distribute my energy and the burst of my adrenalin.

We are Aquathletes

Run - Swim - Run (Lite: 2.5K - 400m - 5K) (ExtraLite: 2.5K - 200m - 2.5K)

Thank you so much Ms.Tiff Batilo and Co. for organizing a “labor of love” event to people like me. Now I can proudly say, “I’m an AQUATHLETE!”

Lastly, this event would not be successful without the faithful support of our sponsors and partners: The Palms Country Club, Filinvest Corporate City, Vitamin World, Scorecard/Sports Media, Sunlife, Dole, Global Era Logistics Inc., 5 Aces Restaurant, Gourmet, Globe Telecoms, Gloprints, Powerade, Pharex BComplex, Men’s Health, Women’s Health & Runners World. We hope that this is just the beginning of our partnership in the multi-sports world. Thanks to all of you!

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