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Sapphire Run Race Results and Photos

November 3rd, 2011 5 comments

Sapphire Run Official Race Results are now available for download (just click the link below):

3K Race results (576)

5K Race results (673)

10K Race results (555)


Congrats to the winners, especially to my friend Karylle Tatlonghari for placing 8th on the 5K category. Way to go!

Karylle on the podium, 8th placer for 5K


You can also download some photos on Sapphire Facebook Page, by clicking this photo:


If you joined Sapphire Run, do let us know your feedback so we can do better next time. Thanks, I appreciate your comments!

Run United Iloilo: 21K for only 20 Minutes

October 6th, 2011 No comments

This is my fastest 21K finish and I just walked!

How would I explain that…

So I went to Iloilo (from Manila) for the Run United Iloilo 21K. I even stopped partying at 1am so I can still take a nap before the gunstart only to find out that the race was cancelled.

Oh oh…



Starting Line, 5:09am




Finish Line, 5:29am


I’m so sad… But I understand their reason, the winds are so strong it trampled everything in Iloilo Sports Complex. They say its for our own safety…

I just hope that Run United Bacolod would have a nice weather.


No run today, just get back to sleep James...


Here’s what I read from Sir Boy Ramos from Unilab Active Health and RunRio (via

Dear Ilo-ilo runners, we from Unilab Activehealth and Runrio Inc. regret to inform you that today’s (Oct2) RunUnited Iloilo event is CANCELLED. This is due to the fact that the hard rainfall and strong winds pose great risk to both kids and adult runners. We have gone through tremendous lengths to prepare for this event but we have decided to prioritize the safety of the runners. Kindly await for the rescheduled event date of RunUnited Ilo-Ilo. Thank you for your understanding.



CamSur International Marathon 2011 Race Results

October 2nd, 2011 2 comments

Finally, the Camsur International Marathon race results are out now!

CamSur International Marathon Race Results:

Download here (42K, 21K, 10K & top winners)

Now I have a new marathon PR of 04:39:54, finishing 102th place out of 322 42K finishers.


If you haven’t read yet, here’s my Race Review for CamSur International Marathon:

6 Things I Love about CamSur Marathon 2011

6 Things I Love about CamSur Marathon 2011

September 29th, 2011 2 comments


Pounding bass speakers. Fireworks. Excited Runners. This is what you can see at the starting line of the most attended race event in the Philippines outside Manila.

Tweet: “3minutes before gunstart. Fireworks to light the sky of CWC.”

Here’s what makes my CAMSUR Marathon experience worth it.

C- Cheering Locals. Those high-fives with kids especially in small towns are like free sports gels, the only difference is that it makes your spirit stronger. I love it when townsfolk get outside of there houses just to see what’s happening. Very much encouraging.


A- Amazing Scenery. The majestic Mt. Isarog and ricefields on my left and right are always there (okay some creepy scarecrows too). I really love the scene as it feels I’m close home as my training ground is usually IRRI and mt. Makiling.

Tweet: “So dark, so peaceful running along ricefields, 8.5k ”

Tweet: “20k at 2:15, Mt. Isarog is on the right and the locals are doing high fives. Still strong”

M- Medal. I got a sili medal! This is my second “sili” medal as I already got a 21K medal a year ago. It was also the time that I promised to go back and run full.


S- Supportive Staff. The organizing staff can make or break any race but if its RunRio, you are sure that everything will be right. Thanks for the cold (Summit) water and fresh bananas, and the sports gel at KM.36 is very helpful.


U- Unselfish Cause. 10 trees for each runner made this run so worth it. I just hope that “EL VERDE Movement” would plant more and more trees. I also wish that I can plant a tree myself like what we did before in Norzagaray with Nature Valley.


R- Refreshing & Breathable Air. I’m no fan of air pollution, that is why I really don’t join Marathons in Manila, sorry. I love my lungs than the 42K finisher’s medal. So, CamSur Marathon is really a breath of fresh air.


At the finish line, thanks for the photo Katie B.


Tweet: “DONE! Sub 4:40″

My target time is 4:30, I was late 10 minutes but that is just fine because I really lack long runs. I’ve got to train more and run more.

Congrats to every finisher! Kudos to Gov. L-Ray Villafuerte and Coach Rio for staging another successful event.

An Unbelievable 21K Finish at Run United 2 2011

August 22nd, 2011 5 comments

The 2nd leg of RUNRIO Trilogy was a success in all areas. I can’t imagine how you guys can manage the 14,000 runners plus families and friends in one eventful morning. hats-off!

Thanks to Unilab’s commitment for an active lifestyle- people from all walks of life and all ages come together united not only to run but to bond in the Active Health village after the race.


7minutes before gunstart with Snail Runners Alabang


Positive Notes:

-Long lines of water and Powerade.

-Cold sponges and banana was superb. The sponges became my bestfriend and helped me a lot during times of over-heating.

-Active Health Village. Each kiosk was a box office hit.

-Lotsa freebies and activities post-race.

-Medics, marshals and photographers are all over the area.

-Kilometer markers were a big help especially for runners without Garmin.


Some Wishes:

-I hope that they would bring back the waves (21K, 10K, 5K, 3K) at the starting line. I was surprised when the countdown for the half-marathoners’ ended; it seemed like the runners are not moving, only to find out that there are 5K and 10K runners even if they are to run some minutes after.

-Route was a bit crowded at the first 2 kilometers. Maybe because there are about 3,00 (if I heard the announcement right ) 21K-ers and the route was full of u-turns. It was hard to accelerate but of course this is still manageable. I miss the Heritage route though.



Patience at Kms.0-5

It was still dark and accelerating was a bit hard as I share the road with more than 3,000 runners. I need to be patient and conserve energy. I don’t mind others who are over-taking me. I was glad to stay on the 6:00-6:10/km pace.

Perseverance at Kms. 6-10

I can now feel the tiredness at this time but I always psychologize my body and muscles by thinking of nice thoughts and smiling. I need to continue with the pace. I also did some fast walking as I near water stations to rest my muscles.


Trailing Behind Rovilson Fernandez at Kms. 11-16

I want to thank Rovilson for the steady pace he has from the moment I saw him running at Km.11 til Km.16. He was really fast even with his heavy body built. I have to admit that I was having a hard time keeping at his pace but was still persevering to just go with it. I know that if I stayed on that pace I would finish less than 2:01.


Faster pace from Km.17-20.5

After I ate the banana around Km 15 I was feeling great. Trying to enjoy the rest of the run and smiling when I feel tired, that helped a lot. I was a bit worried because I forgot to bring some Hammer gels, I supposed to take one at Km.14. Good thing, I had a high-quality diet the past weeks coupled with perfect sleep. I think that helped me to run faster. I always check my running form as I have the tendency to heel-strike when tired.

I was accelerating during these times as I have budgeted my energy well. Always telling myself that I can do it.


All-out at the last 500meters

My training includes an all-out finish, teaching my muscles to add more speed at the last few meters and running as fast I can at the last 200meters. This I apply at the last few seconds of this run. I believe people saw me sprinting, giving my best to finish at sub-2hours. And yes, I reached the finish line at exactly 2:00:01, it’s still sub-2 because I remember crossing the starting line after 2minutes gunstart.


Last 150 meters, almost flying. (Photo credit: Gey Enriquez)


Last 100 meters sprint, now flying? Look at my feet (Photo Credit: Gey E.)


1:57:41. Oh yes, that was a sweet finish, the finisher’s medal was a relief. I re-rehydrated and ate everything I can find from the give-aways.


Now smiling and showing off my 21K medal, with Jerry Brucelo (Photo credit: Randy P)


Ayan Gey, may photo na tayo sa wakas. Thanks ha!


My Official Race Result= 1:57:41. Sub-2hours baby!


Post-race food trip at Mercato centrale.

I joined the Snail Runners as we talk about each of our experiences. It was a fun time to be re-UNITED with my running group. Thanks Sir Jess (Lipad) for the ride till Alabang. Sayang ‘di natuloy yung treat ni Mauie sa Manong’s. hahaha Thanks Sir Toel and the rest of the crews! I still await the photos.hahahaha



OFFICIAL PHOTOS will be available soon…

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