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Barefoot Beach Run at Lingayen Beach

January 15th, 2012 No comments

“It’s elevating and humbling at the same time. Running along a beach at sunrise with no other footprints in the sand, you realize the vastness of creation, your own insignificant space in the plan, how tiny you really are, your own creatureliness and how much you owe to the supreme body, the God that brought all this beauty and harmony into being.” -Sister Marion Irvine, 2:51 PR and 1984 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier

Whenever I find myself in a new place especially a new beach, I will make sure that I find time to run (even if I didn’t bring my running shoes). And run, I did! This time in the historic Lingayen beach, Pangasinan.


After about a kilometer of walking from the President’s Hotel in Lingayen Pangasinan towards the beach, I did some stretching and warm up. I was amped to run so I did some 2K warm-up.

Warm up (used my 10-sec timer)

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Bliss Run: Barefoot Running at Dahican Beach, Mati City, Davao Oriental

June 27th, 2011 2 comments

Barefoot Running in Dahican Beach

As I said in my previous post, I was away for 16-days backpacking Mindanao and during those 16-day journey I just ran thrice. Boo! I should have ran in the 10 provinces I set my feet on.

Anyway, I managed to run twice at Dahican White Beach, Mati City, Davao Oriental.

The morning run was one of a kind. The beach was unspoiled, the sea breeze uplifting and the sun welcoming. It was bliss at every stride and all endorphins in my body was flowing like crazy. It was like I was transported in another dimension. How I miss this feeling. My feet was just smiling as they were connected to the ground I’m treading.


BLISS at every stride.

Since I don’t have a Garmin, I just estimated the coastline and I think its about a mile long. I did 4 sets of run. What a perfect way to start my Skimboarding day!


Running Stats:

Date of Run: June 16, 2011 (Thursday)

Route: Dahican Beach (back-and-forth twice)

Distance covered: 6.2 Kilometers

Pros: The beach was unspoiled. I was the only one running and local fishermen were smiling whenever I pass by them. The sand was very fine and the sea breeze was invigorating. The morning sunshine is just starting to kiss the earth.

Cons: NONE whatsoever!

Time: 45:04 (7:16/km)

Temperature: 24°C

Running Apparel: No singlet, no socks, no shoes, just a boxer brief & Billabong board shorts


Merrell Launches Barefoot Trail Shoes

April 19th, 2011 No comments

The long wait is over as Merrell takes off the curtain and launches its Vibram-soled Barefoot trail shoes. I was invited on the event that happened last April 8 at Merrell Concept Boutique, Market Market.

RUN, WALK, HIKE with Merrel Barefoot Shoes

Merrell offers 2 choices from their collection for both men and women trail runners.

Men can choose from Trail Glove or True Glove

Women have the Pace Glove or Pure Glove

I tried the Trail Glove and its like wearing a VFF Sprint with added cushioning. It felt great on my feet and I will definitely buy this one.

Some features of the shoes are:



Thumbie Remigio, a trail runner and trail run organizer said that “this is the best shoe he ever worn.” He wore the new Merrell Trail Gloves during the race where he finished strong at 3 hours 28 minutes and 38 seconds and placed 2nd in his age group and 8th overall. The Pilipinas Akyathlon required athletes to cover 21 kilometers of mountain trails 3,000 miles above sea level. He also plans to use the shoes on the his next international race event in Sabah.

Merrell Barefoot

March 3rd, 2011 2 comments

Looks like barefoot running is the "in" thing nowadays as a lot of shoe manufacturers are turning on barefoot shoes.

Now Merrell debuts the 1st and free Barefoot Running Training and Education iPhone Application-

iPhone Training Program Takes Runners from Traditional Running to Barefoot Running Form in Forty Days

Continuing to focus on the importance of proper running form and technique with its launch of its barefoot shoes, Merrell introduces the first-ever barefoot running training and education application for the iPhone. The free and fun application takes enthusiasts on a forty day adventure into the world of barefoot form. From posture tips, body alignment and barefoot walking, the ultimate challenge for barefoot newbies will end with a 1.5 mile barefoot run. Barefoot enthusiasts are invited to download the free application and start the barefoot challenge at app dovetails with Merrell’s Bareform Training Technique that incorporates proper running form, body strengthening and a flexibility regime for top condition training. For further information on technique, training and form of barefoot adventure visit Merrell’s comprehensive barefoot education site

Click the photo to watch a short video of the Merrell Barefoot- Correct Running Form
Click the photo to watch a short video of the Merrell Barefoot- Correct Running Form


Our forty day training and education app is built to help those that want to start barefoot running and adventure in a safe, fun and easy way,” said Craig Throne, vice president of global marketing at Merrell. “An added bonus are iTunes mixes that allow people to literally run to the beat of their own feet by matching foot landing with a 180 beat per minute cadence of natural form running. We hope all of the educational and training tools we build will emphasize the fun of barefoot adventure and getting outside for people of all athletic abilities.”

Note: The Merrell Barefoot Collection will be available soon in the Philippines. For now, you can download the free application. :)

Let’s go barefoot, Merrell Style!


Merrell® is a brand within the Outdoor Group, a division of Wolverine World Wide, Inc. Merrell believes in encouraging everyone to get outside, be active and have fun.

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Barefoot Running in Sta.Monica, Siargao Island

May 30th, 2010 11 comments
Remember my post on Running or Surfing in Siargao Island? I was able to do both! This is one of the perks of being a youth minister- I am able to travel (and run) while helping young people by sharing them God’s purpose in their lives. 

This is one of my rave runs in Siargao Island. Lot of things I love in one setting: Running, Beach, Travel, Experience, Youth, Sunshine, Breeze and Being Free.
Half-Naked and Barefoot Runnin’ at Garcia Beach, Sta.Monica

My youth group watching me run after our prayer time.

Since I started running, it would be impossible for me not to try the grounds of which I am standing. Call it addiction to running? I call it a way of life. I feel free when I run. I experience God in every step that I make, appreciate God’s design for my body in every stride I make. I am thankful because I can run.

Runnin’ Barefoot makes me free. I love to step on the sand feel the earth. I love the waves on my legs, the fresh air, the coconut trees that add green, the summer breeze, the sunshine over my face, the perspiration all over my body, the parked boats, the drift woods & dried seaweeds and the picturesque clouds. How I wish there are beaches near Manila or Laguna where I can run barefoot too.

I want to tell more stories but I guess the pictures would better tell them:
Look at the sand with all the dried seaweeds and drift woods- so virgin!
I love my form here plus the small waves kissing my legs and feet
Even I ran back and forth a lot of times, “boring” never came to my mind.
My footprints in the sand. How I wish I’m with someone special during this rave run.

- – - o 0 o – - - 
Stats during the Run:

Place: Garcia, Sta.Monica, Siargao Island about 250meters of sand.
Date: May 15, 2010 (Saturday AM)
Distance covered: 2.5 kilometers
Time: 20:43
Pace: 8:17/kilometer
Running Surface: The Beach dude! Powdery White Sand.
Temperature: 29-30°C

Thanks Imo for lending me your digicam.

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