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Want to win FREE Adidas KOTR 2011 Race Kit?

August 26th, 2011 23 comments


Of course you want it! And you want it bad!

So if you’re feet are itching to join this year’s Adidas King of the Road, for FREE, then this contest is for you.



Just answer these 2 questions:

- How has Powerade stepped up your game?

- Why do you love Powerade?


Contest Mechanics:

1. The contest is open to all Philippine residents only.

2. One comment per reader only. You can submit your answers to the questions only until August 30 (Tuesday), 6:oopm.

3. Two lucky readers will have one each (1) Adidas KOTR Race Kit. They can choose any race category and singlet size & color they want.

4. Winners will be announced in this blog and through my Facebook page:

Your answer is judged by its succinctness and truthfulness. Thank you in advance for joining!

Here’s the KOTR 2011 Singlet designs:

You can view of all the details of Adidas KOTR 2011 here.

Btw, if you don’t know what Powerade is, maybe you live in another planet. To know more about Powerade, read on…

Note: Those in parentheses and in Italics are my comments


  • Powerade is a scientifically formulated sports drink
  • It not only quenches your thirst but also replenishes lost fluid and electrolytes in the body after exercise or any physical activity
  • Fluid replacement is important as it compensates for those which are lost during perspiration or sweating (specially for athletes like us)
  • It’s just 84 calories per (250 mL) serving unlike other sugared drinks which people consume when they are at the gym or when in sports Powerade is a Global brand from the Coca-Cola Company
  • It is made by the Coca-Cola company and is the official sports drink of the Olympic Games and the official hydrators of the 2010 FIFA World Cup
  • Available in three flavors – Berry Ice (red), Mountain Blast (blue) and Orange Burst (orange) to encourage people to drink enough fluids in the form of a sports drink (I like the Moutain Blast flavor the most)


Powerade Flavors (Mountain Blast, Berry, Orange)


Why are Electrolytes and Carbohydrates Important?

  • Electrolytes are ions which have special functions in our body. Powerade currently has two  – sodium and potassium which help drive thirst and promotes water balance in your system. (Sodium and Potassium are very important nutrients for an athlete)
  • These help prevent being short of breath and muscle cramps so in the end make you become your best self and do better.
  • Carbohydrates in sports drink, in the form of sugar, will give you sustained energy in your sports or exercise and keep those muscles working
  • Water alone will not provide these support to step-up your game and keep playing. (I agree)
  • Athlete  can talk about his personal experience about it during practice/training and while at the game

Is Powerade and Energy Drinks the same?

Though almost all energy drinks give you the promise of feeling energetic and alive to do more, it does not really give your body electrolytes, which are necessary to keeping you hydrated.  You may be able to get a kick out of energy drinks, but you will not have the sustained energy to be able to kick that extra goal unless you drink a sports drink like Powerade.

Why is it important not to get dehydrated?

Dehydration makes exercise feel harder because your heart has to beat faster to get the oxygen and fuel to your muscles that they need. Dehydration can also result in your body temperature increasing during exercise. Sports drinks such as Powerade help to keep your body cool during exercise.

To avoid dehydration and get the most out of yourself and your sports drink, you should drink before, during and after sport. Before sport it is important to hydrate yourself and get fluid into the body. Regular replacement of fluid is the main consideration during any sports event. This can be in the form of plain water for shorter bouts of exercise, but for longer events the fluid should also include small amounts of carbohydrate and electrolytes. Drinking it after a strenuous exercise will help you recover fast so you are ready for the next game.


How much should I drink to get hydrated?

Before you can win, you need to know how much you lose. Get on the scales. Weigh yourself, immediately before and after exercise, you’ll get a good idea of how much fluid you actually lose during exercise. The difference in weight is all the fluid you need to replace.


This contest is brought powered by:

Php210 Per Kilometer You Ran?

August 11th, 2011 4 comments

“Running is free, racing is not.”

I really can’t imagine myself paying Php210 for every kilometer I ran but this is how one of the leading sports brands wants to do.

Okay, so let this blog be short and sweet.



I’m not against Runrio and I’m not against Adidas Philippines. I’m a supporter of Coach Rio and his races. I also buy Adidas shoes and apparels.

I write this because I’m kinda disturbed on how runners are reacting to every single race available in the country. Saying proudly, “Price is not an issue!” “We can afford it and we want it so what?”

But I know of some runners who would borrow money just to register to some races. How come?

And so I think that registering for a 5K race (however hyped it is) for Php1,050 is too much for me. It’s just me. I can’t imagine myself paying Php210/kilometer I ran.

If you can afford it, then go! Just be ready for the following years, I will not be surprised if we see a registration fee of Php3,000 or Php4,000. Well, Only time will tell.


Two Alternatives:

So you have Php 1,050?

Option 1: Buy an Adidas singlet, hindi nyo pa po kapareho ang libo-libong runners na may KOTR singlet. May sukli pa po yung Php1,050 nyo. Takbuhin nyo yung route ng 5K sa BGC, i-time nyo po yung sarili nyo, pareho lang po yun.

Option 2: Register po kayo sa CamSur Marathon, Runrio race din po yan. Php850 lang ang marathon distance, 42K. May sukli pa po kayong Php200, dagdagan nyo po ng Php500 may pamasahe napo kayo papunta ng Naga.

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Dear Adidas, Is It Fair?

October 28th, 2010 13 comments

Dear Adidas Philippines,

Advance Merry Christmas!

I have seen the first batch of photos from your Facebook page they are nice. I also got my official time for 21K, thanks for the quick processing. Anyway, I know that you have read my open letter so let me ask, “Why are you taking so long to answer the letter? Or am I waiting in vain?” Don’t you want to shake my hands?

Four long days have passed since I wrote the OPEN LETTER, (viewed 3,587 times and counting, shared on Facebook 686 times and Retweeted 15 times) and still no official statement. A lot of runners, your valued and loyal customers, are waiting for your reply. If you would to read the comments below the post you would see that most if not all are dissatisfied with on how you delivered the race. I hope that you also read the forums at Don’t you know that there is actually a Facebook Fan Page demanding a public apology (I didn’t create that)?

As I said before, I wrote that not because I hate (or para siraan kayo) Adidas (I actually donated my Nike shoes to your cause and used my old Adizero two days after the KOTR just to make a statement that I support you). I also know that there are things in the race that are beyond your control and I fully understand that. Still, I wrote the letter because I do not want to experience another race like that either big or small, organized by big brands or fun runs. It is my deep desire that the running community here in the Philippines would be world-class. Its a long process but I believe we can reach that. I also know that you can help fulfill that desire. Impossible is nothing, right? Or will I turn my eyes to Nike, New Balance, Mizuno, Brooks and Mighty Kid?

I am just disturbed when your Fan Page administrator started deleting negative comments and race reviews. To me its a clear statement that you do not value your customers’ feedback. I hope I am wrong. However it is said, a negative or positive comment should be valued and taken as a learning lesson. Have you forgotten  that before we placed our comments there we have to LIKE your fan page first?

Anyway, it seems that waiting for your reply is a waste of time. It’s okay if you don’t reply at all. But please answer this question:

“Is it fair for the 10,000++ runners who paid Php850.00 not to be given buffet breakfast and a reflective strap as you have once said when you are still marketing the King of the Road 2010?”

If it is fair, then I will stop bugging with my open letters.

Thank you for reading my letter. :)


James Betia
October 29, 2010

P.S. Those questions are from the comments section of my blog and I wanted to give them a reply because I value their comments. Well, technically, I got a reply but I think it is a personal reply thru a Facebook comment and I salute him for taking the time to write me. I also emailed Extribe ( and Primetime ( also no reply.

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October 25th, 2010 163 comments

Dear Adidas Philippines,

First of all, let me congratulate you for a well-attended race event. A lot says you reached your 10,000 runners target. Good job on the promotions and marketing department.

I am one of the 10,000++ runners who participated in this year’s King of the Road (KOTR), running 21K. So far, this is the most expensive event that I joined- Php850 for all race categories. Considering the premium registration fee, I deserve a premium race event. Right? Also, I expected the best as I believe “Impossible is Nothing” with Adidas.

However, my expectations were not met (Kung gaano kataas ang registration fee, ganun naman kababa yung quality ng race na ito). Let me further explain this (with corresponding tweets before, during and after the run):

Registration period. There were “commotions” on registration centers. Reports are heard that sizes of singlets are not fit for some runners. Kawawa naman yung mga may singlet pero hindi nila magagamit. I am a member of AdiNation of Runners, I have a discount from you, but I waited 3 long hours before I was able to get my race kit. Kung hindi pa naki-usap, hindi ko pa makukuha yung race packet ko. Pinababalik n’yo pa ako next week just to get my race packet. Hassle, ibinigay n’yo lang sa akin yung race kit ko when you learned that I’m a blogger. And then ask, as if ako pa yung may utang na loob to promote our “Refresh your Gear” Promo. Pero okay lang yun, I still thanked you and did ran your promotion on my site for free not expecting anything in return. That is, because I believe in Adidas products.

Baggage counter. I arrived at the baggage area 5:00am, a bit late but when I was about to deposit my bag, I saw a long line of runners, reminds me of the long lines during the registration. I counted those in-charge and they are less than 10. Simple math, how can 10 people handle 10,000 runners’ bag? Let’s just say 5,000 (as a lot of runners left their bags in their vehicles), how? It was already 5:15am and I wasn’t able to deposit my bag yet. I looked around and saw that a lot of 21K runners are still on the long queue, calculating the time, they will not be able to reach the starting line by 5:30am. Pinaki-usapan ko na lang yung mga nagbabantay kung pwede unahin yung mga 21K runners, nagsabi pa sya, “hindi naman kami ang may kasalanan nito.” Sino pala? Si Rizal? Anyway, after some time buti pumayag, I then shouted to all 21K runners in the line na i-deposit na ang bag para makahabol sa gun start. I then heard from the one in-charge (with a high voice), “Gusto n’yo iwan n’yo na lang dyan. Balikan n’yo na lang mamaya, hindi namin sagot kapag nawala.” Buti walang pumayag na runners, as far as I know.

@journeyingjames via Twitter:
10mins to 21k gun start! We are King of the Road #kotr
I just crossed d start line, 7min/km pace #kotr
This race s*cks! @adidasph 21k runners bungguan w 10k runners at km.3 #kotr lipad p850

Route. I don’t have problems kung mapadaan man sa putik or mabatong kalsada, for me its part of the fun but when I was running after some 3 kilometers I realized na single file na ang 21K because the 10K runners are running towards us. Hindi pala running because a lot started to walk na din, forced because the route was too narrow. I overheard a lady runner, “good bye PR, good bye Php850.” I feel sad for her, she was literally rubbing elbows against 10K runners, mostly men, lots of energies are wasted just like that. It was a smooth ride until KM.12-13, same thing happened 10K runners are running towards us, masikip yung route. Who’s to blame, the 10K runners? 21K runners? Si Rizal na lang. I treated this run as my LSD and training and I don’t want to walk so I jump over the other side of the road (along Flyover) so I can run and not walk.

@journeyingjames via Twitter:
Just crossed makati ave, 7k mark. Kenyan 1st 2nd c0ach rio w 2 runner #kotr
Km11 w 6km group past an hour. Kilometr markers mali-mali,anu b yan! #kotr

Hydration Station. I don’t know who really is in-charge here, is it the sponsor (Powerade) or the race director/organizer? Because I think, a good organizer ensures that the race is “organized.” The lack of hydration at kilometers 12-15 is unforgivable. I saw fellow runners pick up bottles of Powerade beside the road thrown away by other runners just so they keep hydrated. I even saw some who drank from the big bucket (used to cool the bottles). Kadiri you must say, but that’s their way of being hydrated because the organizer didn’t made sure that there are enough water and sports drink for all the runners especially for the 21K. I believe that they didn’t pay Php850 just to drink like that. Good thing, I brought my hydration belt with me. But how about others who didn’t?

@journeyingjames via Twitter:
Bungguan again at km12 w 10runners. Kawawa mga gus2 mag PR. Ubos water #kotr

Race Marshals: My friends are ranting that they saw a lot of 10K and 5K runners who didn’t follow the exact route, didn’t follow the exact turn around point. Who cares? Kulang po kasi yung marshals nyo, a lot of roads are not closed to traffic too. My friends were there too when a female runner trip off and your official photographer was just taking photos, kung hindi pa sumigaw yung friend ko natumawag ng medic hindi pa magagawan ng paraan. Good thing, a running doctor was there to be of help.

Finisher’s Medal. After running 21K, I cannot look on the my hard-earned medal. Reminds me of my elementary years, actually maganda pa yung medal ko nung elementary ako. I don’want to compare, but I paid P750 in RunRio races and I received medals way much better than my latest medal from KOTR. A friend of mine said, “Ang pangit ng medal nyo. P850?”

@journeyingjames via Twitter:
Last 600meters for d HM. 2hrs gone! #kotr pacing w jojo

Water at the Finish Line. As I crossed the finish line, what is the most important thing to do? Hydrate for faster recovery. I was handed a bottle of water, I asked, “Meron bang malamig?” What do I expect after all that happened? Well, charge it to experience.

@journeyingjames via Twitter:
This #kotr was a disaster! Water at d finish line is n0t cold.anu bang breakfast ito? Wlang kwenta!

Buffet Breakfast. Advertised as “buffet breakfast” the reason why the steep registration fee. But then after another long queuing, all I saw was a banana, 2 pieces of pandesal, 1 jumbo hotdog, jam, butter packed in a styropor. Since when did “buffet breakfast” become like this? Don’t we get a refund? At least for the advertised “buffet breakfast.” And by the way, nice choice of post-race food, so healthy- talk about hotdogs. 1 banana (P5); 2 pandesal (P6); jumbo hotdog (P15); jam and margarine (P10); plastic utensils (P2); styropor (P1), total cost: P39? I hope I’m wrong with my calculations (Sana yumaman pa kayo).

@journeyingjames via Twitter:
Runner’s post-race food according to @adidasph : 2 pandesal 1 hotdog (junkfood), butter and strawberry jam. So healthy! (insert sarcastic smiley here ___ #kotr

Loot bag. Wala? First time kong makasali sa race na walang loot bag. Okay lang naman, what would I expect after all the things that happened.

Well, here are the good points: Publishing of Unofficial Race Results on the race day itself; Cheering squads; flyover route; good weather; nice singlet; and accurate distance. Buti na lang I was able to get a Colgate plax, pandesal from Fortune, coffee, Green tea samplings, Body Shop give aways.

As a consumer of your race event I thought it wise and proper to give you a feedback. After all, I believe that you want to hear valuable feed backs from your customer, a runner of 2010 King of the Road as such. Hoping that this would be read by your good office, I have a lot of questions and I am hopeful to receive a reply. Thank you so much for reading my letter.

I write this not hindi para siraan kayo, but because I love running and I love Adidas. I hope that this would be a learning experience both to you guys and to us runners.

To runners with the same sentiments (or otherwise), please do add your comments at the comment section of the blog or spread this letter for everyone to read, I’m very much sure that Adidas will be able to read this.

Now its time to move on (damaged has been done), because I believe that we are one running community here in the Philippines and we promote running the best way we can, I trust that you will do better on KOTR 2011.

By the time you read this, I have used my retired Adizero Ace for my recovery run and have donated 2 pairs of old shoes for your Refresh Your Gear Project (just pure donation to the Hope Worldwide Foundation). Both of these done sapagkat naniniwala parin ako sa Adidas at sa mithiin nito.

Shake hands?


James Betia
October 25, 2010

Adidas King of the Road 2010 Race Results & Photos

October 24th, 2010 No comments
You can now view the Official Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) Race Results 2010 here:

21K / 10K / 5K

Photos from Adidas (Facebook) can also be viewed here (just click the links):

5K Album 1, Album 2, Album 3, Album 4

10K Album 1, Album 2, Album 3, Album 4, Album 5, Album 6, Album 7

21K Album1 Album2 Album3 Album4

Photos from Greentennial (Facebook) can also be viewed here:

Album 1, Album 2, Album3, Album 4, Album 5, Album 6, Album 7, Album 8

Tag yourself and friends too!

Please visit back for my official OPEN LETTER to the organizers of this race.

To Adidas Philippines, please contact me, I need to talk with you guys.

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