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Run United 2 Photos & Race Result

November 21st, 2010 3 comments

Just want to quip a quick note on the just finished RunRio Trilogy.

Official Race Results and Photos are now ready for downloading, see below.

The Alabang Runners (mostly 32K survivors) happily smiling in spite of leg pains and sore muscles

Previously posted from DailyMile:

Everything was perfect for this run. We toured Global City and beyond on foot. Ample water stations (read: bumabaha ng Powerade and cold water), lotsa medical services, no traffic among runners, route is close to traffic, weather was fine, bananas and hammer gels also available.

I had fun running with Alabang runners at first 5K, as usual Jojo paced with me. Still fresh after 22K and started having problems with the last 8K as I am already overheating. Run-Walk-Run strategy at the last 6K and super strong finish at the last 1.5K. Finished the race with an unofficial time of 3:28:++ (I targeted 3:30) Still strong after the run. And very relaxing time at the “Refresh Area (muntik na akong makatulog).”

Great great great job Coach Rio for the very well-organized race. Kudos to you and your team!

Me suggests that Adidas KOTR learned from the RunRio Team. I give them 10/10 for spoiling us. You are true to what you said.

Hats off also to Unilab for your commitment to provide an avenue for healthy family bonding in style. Good job guys!

OFFICIAL PHOTOS from Photovendo are now ready for download: PHOTOVENDO

Some PHOTOS can be viewed and tagged here:

Unilab Active Health Albums:

Click the photo to view the entire 3K runners’ album

Click the photo to view the entire 10K runners’ album

Click the photo to view the entire 21K runners’ album

Jojo’s Album: Day 1 & Day 2

Alex’ Album: Day 2 only

Greentennial Run Albums: Day 1 & Day 2

RACE RESULTS can be viewed HERE (just click the link)

RUNPIX ANALYSIS can also be viewed HERE.

More pictures and more stories on the  next post as I need to rest and re-load on carbohydrates first. Rest well runners and don’t stop hydrating Powerade. Hope you had a blast!

Now, I can smell another RunRio Trilogy this 2011. Let’s run again :)

Check the remaining races this 2010 here.

Running in Laguna: 14 Towns in 4 Long Runs

I was getting bored running in my usual route in UPLB so when schedule permits I would try to run on the roads of Laguna (mostly concrete and asphalt, some times dirt if the vehicles would not give way). After 4 Long Runs I was able to cover 12 towns in Laguna, 1 City and 1 town in Batangas. I learned a lot of history and culture just by observing the towns people along the way. Running became a means of discovering new things in  my home province, running has become a journey. Running with food sampling. Running on the roads of Laguna was fun. I still have a lot to cover but for now I want to share what happened in these 4 long runs.

Map of Laguna, Places I already covered are with check on the left side.
(Click Image to enlarge)

Laguna Road Run 1.0This is the first time I tried running on Laguna’s national highway. I was just testing the roads, trying to find out if it will be doable, dangerous, etc.
Distance: 11 kilometers after 1:06 (6:00/km)
Route: Los Banos - Bay - Calauan
Food/Hydration: Water, Taho, Tiger biscuits and Pineapple. 
Date: April 1 (Thursday), 7:00-8:06am
Significant Thing: Enjoyed the sweetest pineapple in the country (found in Calauan) after the run. Yummy!
Sweet Pineapples from Calauan (P5/slice or P100/3 pcs.)

Laguna Road Run 2.0- I love this run because I ended the run seeing the campaign posters of politicians running in Batangas meaning I crossed from Laguna to Batangas. After this run, I went to my auntie’s house in Lipa City because it is nearer than going back to our house. My cousins were shocked when I told them I came running from Laguna to Batangas.

Distance: 24 kilometers after 2:36 (6:30/km)
Route: Calauan – San Pablo City – Alaminos – Sto. Tomas, Batangas
Food/Hydration/Nutrition: Tiger biscuits, 1 Gatorade (500ml), 1 bottle of water (500ml), 2 bananas, 1 Hammer gel
Date: April 5 (Monday), 5:30-8:30am
Significant Thing: I ate my favorite food in Batangas- a big bowl of Batangas Lomi plus 2 buns. Busog!
This is good for 2-3 persons, but because I’m tired and hungry, it’s just good for James. Price only P45

Laguna Road Run 3.0- This is a different experience as I was still running at 8pm, running in the province is kinda awkward  bacause almost everyone looks at you as I pass by, in curiosity maybe? Every baranggay has a basketball league which tells me that basketball is still the game in our country. Will there be a day when every town will have a running event?

Distance: 28 kilometers after 3:10 (6:47/km)
Route: Sta. Cruz – Nagcarlan – Rizal
Food/Hydration/Nutrition:  Choco Mucho, 2 Gatorade (500ml), 1 bottle of water (500ml), 2 Graciosa bread, 1 Cheese bread
Post-Run Food: 2 cups of rice, Tofu with Tausi and boiled egg and chocolate drink
Date: April 21 (Wednesday), 4:30-8:15pm
Significant Thing: I visited Nagcarlan’s Underground Cemetery, one of the historical landmarks in Laguna.

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery – this was also used by the Katipuneros as secret meeting place.

Laguna Road Run 4.0- This is the 20-miler (32K) that I just did yesterday (my longest so far) in preparation for my first marathon on May 22. I still cannot believe that I was able to finish this distance because of the sun’s scorching heat. Blame the alarm clock, I started an hour late. I thought this was easy, at Km.24 I bought an ice pack to cool my head, shoulders, and legs. It proved to be of great help until Km.30. After 28K my legs were becoming jello. After Km30 I want to quit but I finished it with a big smile knowing that I am now ready for the marathon.
Distance: Tiresome 32 kilometers after 4:01 (7:31/km)
Route: Victoria, Pila, Sta.Cruz, Pagsanjan, Lumban, (Caliraya), and Cavinti
Food/Hydration/Nutrition:  1 banana, 1 Gatorade (500ml), 1 Powerade (500ml), Taho, 2 Graciosa bread, 3 bottles of water and 2 Hammer gel.
Post-Run Food: 2 servings of rice, Cara-beef steak, Chicken Afritada, Mountain Dew, Gatorade.
Date: May 4 (Tuesday), 4:55-9:35am
Significant Things: I tried closing my eyes (12 seconds the most) while running specially in Sta. Cruz as there were no vehicles most of the time. I think I love running with eyes closed, I can feel the serenity and spirit of running. It was “nirvanic!” 
Saw for the 1st time the Pagsanjan arch which was built 1878-1880.

Saw 2 Lakes -Laguna de Bay (natural) and Lake Caliraya (man-made).
Laguna Lake- Its watershed spans 14 cities and 17 municipalities located within the whole province of Laguna and Rizal, and parts of Batangas, Cavite, Quezon, and Metro Manila. 
Man-made Caliraya Lake

While I was eating lunch, I met ‘Koya’ a 6-year old who is graduating from pre-school (I gave him something as my gift). I hope he will do his best in his studies.

I slept under a big tree in Japanese Garden, Cavinti for about 2 hours after eating brunch. maybe because I am so tired. This place is very relaxing, entrance is P10 only.
Japanese Garden, Cavinti, Laguna (about 2 kms away from Caliraya Lake)

I hope that you were encouraged to run in Laguna too! Or better yet, schedule your long run in your own province and share your experience. Better still, its FREE and you get to discover a lot of your towns rich history and heritage. I love this kind of journey/run, it reflects title of my blog.
By the way, I do not have a Garmin or any gadget to measure the distance I have run. Wondering how I measured my mileage? Will let you know on my next post. 

- – - o0o – - -
Photo Credits: (Pinepple) Mickey I Flicker Photostream, (Lomi) Nikita2471 Flicker Photostream, (U.Cemetery), (Pagsanjan Arch) Diego Danila, (Laguna Lake) Rayvelline Flicker Photostream, (Caliraya Lake) CM Lopez, (Japanese Garden)
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