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Run United Iloilo: 21K for only 20 Minutes

October 6th, 2011 No comments

This is my fastest 21K finish and I just walked!

How would I explain that…

So I went to Iloilo (from Manila) for the Run United Iloilo 21K. I even stopped partying at 1am so I can still take a nap before the gunstart only to find out that the race was cancelled.

Oh oh…



Starting Line, 5:09am




Finish Line, 5:29am


I’m so sad… But I understand their reason, the winds are so strong it trampled everything in Iloilo Sports Complex. They say its for our own safety…

I just hope that Run United Bacolod would have a nice weather.


No run today, just get back to sleep James...


Here’s what I read from Sir Boy Ramos from Unilab Active Health and RunRio (via

Dear Ilo-ilo runners, we from Unilab Activehealth and Runrio Inc. regret to inform you that today’s (Oct2) RunUnited Iloilo event is CANCELLED. This is due to the fact that the hard rainfall and strong winds pose great risk to both kids and adult runners. We have gone through tremendous lengths to prepare for this event but we have decided to prioritize the safety of the runners. Kindly await for the rescheduled event date of RunUnited Ilo-Ilo. Thank you for your understanding.



An Unbelievable 21K Finish at Run United 2 2011

August 22nd, 2011 5 comments

The 2nd leg of RUNRIO Trilogy was a success in all areas. I can’t imagine how you guys can manage the 14,000 runners plus families and friends in one eventful morning. hats-off!

Thanks to Unilab’s commitment for an active lifestyle- people from all walks of life and all ages come together united not only to run but to bond in the Active Health village after the race.


7minutes before gunstart with Snail Runners Alabang


Positive Notes:

-Long lines of water and Powerade.

-Cold sponges and banana was superb. The sponges became my bestfriend and helped me a lot during times of over-heating.

-Active Health Village. Each kiosk was a box office hit.

-Lotsa freebies and activities post-race.

-Medics, marshals and photographers are all over the area.

-Kilometer markers were a big help especially for runners without Garmin.


Some Wishes:

-I hope that they would bring back the waves (21K, 10K, 5K, 3K) at the starting line. I was surprised when the countdown for the half-marathoners’ ended; it seemed like the runners are not moving, only to find out that there are 5K and 10K runners even if they are to run some minutes after.

-Route was a bit crowded at the first 2 kilometers. Maybe because there are about 3,00 (if I heard the announcement right ) 21K-ers and the route was full of u-turns. It was hard to accelerate but of course this is still manageable. I miss the Heritage route though.



Patience at Kms.0-5

It was still dark and accelerating was a bit hard as I share the road with more than 3,000 runners. I need to be patient and conserve energy. I don’t mind others who are over-taking me. I was glad to stay on the 6:00-6:10/km pace.

Perseverance at Kms. 6-10

I can now feel the tiredness at this time but I always psychologize my body and muscles by thinking of nice thoughts and smiling. I need to continue with the pace. I also did some fast walking as I near water stations to rest my muscles.


Trailing Behind Rovilson Fernandez at Kms. 11-16

I want to thank Rovilson for the steady pace he has from the moment I saw him running at Km.11 til Km.16. He was really fast even with his heavy body built. I have to admit that I was having a hard time keeping at his pace but was still persevering to just go with it. I know that if I stayed on that pace I would finish less than 2:01.


Faster pace from Km.17-20.5

After I ate the banana around Km 15 I was feeling great. Trying to enjoy the rest of the run and smiling when I feel tired, that helped a lot. I was a bit worried because I forgot to bring some Hammer gels, I supposed to take one at Km.14. Good thing, I had a high-quality diet the past weeks coupled with perfect sleep. I think that helped me to run faster. I always check my running form as I have the tendency to heel-strike when tired.

I was accelerating during these times as I have budgeted my energy well. Always telling myself that I can do it.


All-out at the last 500meters

My training includes an all-out finish, teaching my muscles to add more speed at the last few meters and running as fast I can at the last 200meters. This I apply at the last few seconds of this run. I believe people saw me sprinting, giving my best to finish at sub-2hours. And yes, I reached the finish line at exactly 2:00:01, it’s still sub-2 because I remember crossing the starting line after 2minutes gunstart.


Last 150 meters, almost flying. (Photo credit: Gey Enriquez)


Last 100 meters sprint, now flying? Look at my feet (Photo Credit: Gey E.)


1:57:41. Oh yes, that was a sweet finish, the finisher’s medal was a relief. I re-rehydrated and ate everything I can find from the give-aways.


Now smiling and showing off my 21K medal, with Jerry Brucelo (Photo credit: Randy P)


Ayan Gey, may photo na tayo sa wakas. Thanks ha!


My Official Race Result= 1:57:41. Sub-2hours baby!


Post-race food trip at Mercato centrale.

I joined the Snail Runners as we talk about each of our experiences. It was a fun time to be re-UNITED with my running group. Thanks Sir Jess (Lipad) for the ride till Alabang. Sayang ‘di natuloy yung treat ni Mauie sa Manong’s. hahaha Thanks Sir Toel and the rest of the crews! I still await the photos.hahahaha



OFFICIAL PHOTOS will be available soon…

Run for Clean Air, Run the Greenfield City Run

April 30th, 2011 No comments

Do you still remember last year’s Greenfied City Sunset Run? Here’s my account of last year’s Sunset Run.


This year’s run is quite different as this is the first advocacy run for Greenfield City- its for Cleaner Air.

This is what I got from the Bloggers’ Launch–


Greenfield Clean Air Runwill be held on May 29, 2011 at Greenfield City, Paseo de Sta. Rosa. This event features 4 race categories: 500m dash (for children 5 to 12 years old), 5km,10km and 21km.




Online registration period is from April 29 to May 15, 2011 only. Delivery of race kits will start on May 6, 2011.

Regular In-store registration period is from April 29, 2011 to May 15, 2011 only at the following venues:

  • R.O.X. – Level 2 R.O.X. Bldg. Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City (12nn–8pm, Tel # 8564638)
  • Toby’s SM Mall of Asia – G/F Entertainment Mall, Roxas Blvd., Manila(12nn– 8pm, Tel # 556-0445)
  • Planet Sports Glorietta – 2F Glorietta 3, Makati City (12nn – 8pm, Tel # 8177896)
  • The Athletes Foot Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City ·
  • Planet Sports Trinoma – 2nd level, Trinoma cor. North EDSA, Quezon City(12nn– 8pm, Tel# 9167451) ·
  • The Athlete’s Foot Robinsons Galleria – 3F Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Pasig City(12nn – 8pm, Tel# 6363162)
  • Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna (Tel# 046-5412845, 02-4208003)

Late registration period is from May 16 – 22, 2011 at the following venues:

  • R.O.X. – Level 2 R.O.X. Bldg. Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City (12nn–8pm, Tel # 8564638)
  • Toby’s SM Mall of Asia – G/F Entertainment Mall, Roxas Blvd., Manila(12nn– 8pm, Tel # 556-0445)
  • Planet Sports Trinoma – – 2nd level, Trinoma cor. North EDSA, Quezon City(12nn – 8pm, Tel# 9167451)


Race Category & Registration Fee

500M dash (Php250)/ 5K (Php600) / 10K (Php600) / 21K (Php750)

Race Features

500M dash- Race Kit (Bib No. & Timing Chip), Discount coupon from Planet Sports, Toby’s & RUNNR Store, Vicinity map, Brochures

5K- Race Kit (Singlet, Bib No. & timing Chip), Finisher’s Kit, Race Analysis & Discount Coupon from Toby’s, RUNNR & Planet Sports, Vicinity map, Brochures

10K- Race Kit (Singlet, Bib No. & timing Chip), Finisher’s Kit, Race Analysis & Discount Coupon from Toby’s, RUNNR & Planet Sports, Vicinity map, Brochures

21K- Race Kit (Singlet, Bib No. & timing Chip), Finisher’s Kit, Race Analysis, Finisher’s Token & Discount Coupon from Toby’s, RUNNR & Planet Sports, Vicinity map, Brochures


For those coming from Manila, Greenfield offers bus rides on a “first come, first serve basis” only. You have to tell the staff that you need a bus stub (one per registered runner) when you register (one stub per registered runner) at the stores mentioned above. They will give you a stub like the one below which you will be required to show when you board the bus come May 29 at 3:00am.


Meeting place is can be found below:


Security and safety concerns remain a top priority in all Runrio races, therefore to manage the crowded lanes we will implement starting time in waves.


Race Category / Assembly Time / Gunstart

500M / 4:00am / 5:55am

5K / 4:00am / 5:45am

10K / 4:00am / 5:35am

21K / 4:00am / 4:45am


LOCATION MAP (How to get to Greenfield City)



  • Registration may end earlier than announced deadline therefore, race kits may run out before May 22, 2011.
  • A valid ID must be presented upon registration. For group registration, a photocopy of any valid ID must be presented by the representative.
  • Singlet size availability will be on a first come first served basis.
  • A disposable timing device will be used by all participants during the race.
  • Finisher’s kits will be given upon finishing the race.
  • For questions and inquiries please contact (call only) any of the following Runrio hotline numbers from Monday to Friday (9:00am – 6:00pm). Landline: 02-7031736 / Globe: 0915-7827126 / Globe: 0927-3990043

I registered for the 21K, hopefully, I will beat my PR because the route here is dead flat. :) See you there!

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Condura Skyway Marathon 2011: Marathon-turned-21K-run

February 7th, 2011 5 comments


I was slated to run 42K or marathon but because of busy travel schedules and sickness I thought it was a bad idea to do the marathon. What I did was settle to a shorter distance of 21K. It was a painful decision, the night before the race I was still debating myself that I can run that distance 42K but it prevailed that I don’t want to punish myself. My respect for the marathon distance is so much that I don’t want to just run it. I needed to prepare myself physically, psychologically, mentally… Running the marathon is no joke.

Look at the 42K result, my name is highlighted. Top20? I wish!

Worst 21K Result

Anyway, let’s go back to the 21K race- It was my worst time (2:24:30) but still happy to finish it. I was not aiming for PR naman, I knew it already before the race that in no way I can run fast because the longest run I did the past 3 weeks was 10K. Anyway, feels good to finally ran on the Skyway.

Also, one of the things that slowed me down was that I’m not wearing an E-PASS. :)

At the finish line, I went to the 21K booth and was asking for a 21K medal giving my 42K medal stub. Of course, I will not be given a 21K medal with that stub, staff pointed me towards the 42K booth and I have no choice but to get the medal (well, I didn’t wear it) and the freebies (thanks to the sponsors).

Special note: It was like a reunion seeing my friends from the South on the Finish Line near Honda after finishing my worst-timed Marathon-turned-21K-run. So proud of you guys! And I’m loving the Snail Runners Alabang shirt with my logo at the back. Thanks to the team who made this possible. Kudos Sir Toel, TL Mond, Master Graphic Artist Ed & Snail Printer Jojo!

Official Race Results of Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 can be downloaded:

2011 Partial and Unofficial Race Results

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Top 10 Philippine Races of 2010

December 29th, 2010 13 comments

Disclaimer: This is my conclusion according to the races, marathon and fun runs I joined. All of these are my personal opinion. If you don’t agree with one or all of the things I said here, please don’t get mad at me.  If you still are, run 50K and I’m sure you will feel better. :) Cheers for the New Year!

So without further ado, (drum rolls please). You can also click the Race Title to view my race experience/review.

10. Century Tuna Superbods Run (The Fort) – 21k.

I’m one of the 11,344 runners. At that time, it was the most attended race in the Philippines. Congrats by the way to the runners & organizers of 10.10.10 for making it to the Guinness Book of World Records. Anyway, I love this run because this was my first  half-marathon. The longest I’ve ran before that was 16K, 2 weeks before the actual race.

It’s also my first time to use a cap, a pair of sunglasses, a hydration belt during an actual race, and a timing chip (see pic above). And yes this was the first time I blogged (and reviewed) my race.

Organizer: RunRio  / Time: 2:03:18

9. Merrell Adventure Run (Montalban, Rizal) - 15K, Trail run.

My reward for this race: 4 blisters, 2 scratches (knees and legs) & a finisher’s medal.

I love running in the outdoors. I even trained in Mt.Makiling for this. But when I saw the trails this is what I concluded, “Unrunnable terrain” -mountaineers have their edge on this. Luckily, I conquered a lot of mountains before ‘running.’ This should be called “Run, Hike, Trek, River-cross Race.”

This is also my first official trail run. And the first time I met this cool runner/bloggers D-Loner-RunnerRunning Atom, RunnerIshi and Minnie Runner. Thanks again for the taho Irish. :)

Organizer: Thumbie Remigio  / Time: 2:19:25

8. PSE Bull Run 2010 (The Fort) – 10k.

All I can remember is that this was my first 10K race. The longest training run I did was 8.5K. There was no photo and I don’t know anyone yet. This was my second time to race in Manila and I was happy because I didn’t get lost.

I timed 53:35, faster than my target of 1:00. It took me months to finally beat this PR, and I beat it in #7 race, which is…

Organizer: AdEvents Manila  /   Time: 53:35

7. Celebrate Running Anniversary (The Fort) – 10k.

I’m celebrating my 7th monthsary with running when I ran my 5th 10K during’s  Runfest. I’m so happy because I’m a member of So thankful for this new sports that I don’t call it a sport anymore, it has been part of my life now, my travels are not complete without running.

I would like to again congratulate Mr. Jinoe Gavan for a very successful Runfest. Looking forward for next year’s celebration! PS. I really like the idea of the personalized singlet.

Organizer: LeadPack  /  Time: 52:49

6. Salomon X-Trail Run (Subic, Pampanga) – 24K, trail run

Fresh na after the shower, rejoicing with some members. Thanks for the parteh, parteh!

Here’s my memorable experience,

The first kilometers were on the golf course, then to the trails, its so hot that I’m forced to walk, run, walk. But even though I was struggling on the first 7 kilometers because of the upHELLS (running on hills while the sun is super hot), I was enjoying it because its anew experience. Then came the river crossing at Km.10 then up to the summit. Boy I was mesmerized at the summit, the beauty of the mountain ranges was a relief for after some 13K. That was also the time were I picked up my pace until kilometer 19 where I did fartlek. Yes, I was doing fartlek on the last 5K. The Hammer Gel I took really kicked-in and I was able to do a negative split. Then came the final 100 meters, and I would say that this is the most treacherous last 100meters I ran in my entire life. As in, I was stuck in a knee-high mud and I don’t have a choice but to take off my shoes and walk bare-foot till the finish line. Man, that was cool! Hats off Salomon, Suunto and Neville!

Organizers: Salomon, Neville & Co.  / Time: 2:54:14

5. Men’s Health Urbanathlon (BGC, Taguig City) – 10k

With Alabang Runners “MEN” – We are URBANATHLETES after 10K.

I only saw this on Men’s Health magazine the year before. I was so jealous because this is the kind of race that I wanna join. Glad that I became an “Urbanathlete.”

Regarding the race, the obstacles are challenging, especially the low crawl. But I really love the wall, I hope there will be additional walls next year (and taller maybe?), longer balance beam, and more tire dumps. How about making it 10K and 16K next edition?

Thanks to Summit Media for sponsoring an event like this.

Organizer: LeadPack  /  Time: 54:30

4. CamSur International Marathon (CWC, Camarines Sur) – 21k

Look at the lovely sunrise at the background! Will definitely run CamSur Marathon again this 2011.

It was one epic CamSur weekend! It was indeed a blast I was not expecting. Everything was a surprise, this will not be possible without the help of good friends Kassy, who offered Reylynne’s 21K race kit; Reylynne for giving me her race kit; Team Logan for the ride to and from CamSur, Theo & Katie for the couch on the first night and a wonderful time at Daruanak; and Estan for letting me stay on his very cozy CWC cabana the night before the big event.

I only spent Php1,500 (thats all the money I got) for 3days in Naga City. I was able to try wakeboarding too. I was able to set an new 21K PR too.

Organizer: RunRio  /  Time: 2:00:44

3. Globe Tattoo Tiger Race (Burnham Park, Baguio City) - 10k

TRIUMPH: One of my fave running pics

This particular road race is somewhat different and unforgettable for a lot of reasons. This is also my come back race after 2 weeks of zero running due to my left knee injury. Anyway, I want to share with you why it was an unforgettable one for 3 first-time reasons:

a.  It was my first time to run in Baguio City. Talk about high altitude running without enough time to adjust on the weather.

b. It was my first time to run with a “team.” I run with Team Logan. To some who do not know who Team Logan is, they are composed of American couples Craig & Michelle with their 9-year old son, Justin. Craig and Michelle take turns to push Justin on his stroller because Justin has a cerebral palsy.

“I enjoyed and was pumped up on having the opportunity to push Justin’s stroller a lot of times during the race most especially on uphills.”

c. It was my first time to join a race with a P50 registration fee.

Organizer: Globe Tattoo /  Time: 1:25:00 (route was 13K)

2. RunRio 3: Unilab Run United 2 (BGC, Taguig City) – 32k.

Proud 32K finisher! Feeling may “maskels”

Everything was perfect for this run. We toured Global City and beyond on foot. Ample water stations (read: bumabaha ng Powerade and cold water), lotsa medical services, no traffic among runners, route is close to traffic, weather was fine, bananas and hammer gels also available.

Organizer: RunRio  / Time: 3:27:50

1. The Bull Runner Dream Marathon (Nuvali Sta. Rosa) – 42K.

The BEST race ever! From the preparation (trainings, seminars and support) to the post race it was worth it. Signing up for this race was one of the wisest things I did this 2010. This also encouraged me to be religious in following the training plan and blogging about my runs and trainings.

For those who are running the TBR Dream Marathon 2011, congrats! As a 2010 graduate (marathon finisher), I can assure that its all worth it.

Here’s some of the memorable notes I wrote before and after the big day:

12 hours before the gunstart: Open Letter to Mary

Part 1: I’m a Marathoner!

Part 2: We are Marathoners!

Part 3: A Million Thanks!

Organizer: The Bull Runner  /  Time: 5:00:02

Now that 2010 is about to end, let me thank everyone whom I met, I ran with, I thank you also for reading my blogs. Let me wish you MORE MILEAGE, MORE MILEAGE this 2011.

For races this coming 2011, you can check the Running Calendar.

If you like my blog post (or kahit hindi rin), please share or tweet it (just click the buttons above). Salamuch! :)

You can also share my Facebook page:

You can also catch me at Twitter: @journeyingjames

How about you? Whats on your list? Can you give me your top 3?

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