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Run United 2 Photos & Race Result

November 21st, 2010 3 comments

Just want to quip a quick note on the just finished RunRio Trilogy.

Official Race Results and Photos are now ready for downloading, see below.

The Alabang Runners (mostly 32K survivors) happily smiling in spite of leg pains and sore muscles

Previously posted from DailyMile:

Everything was perfect for this run. We toured Global City and beyond on foot. Ample water stations (read: bumabaha ng Powerade and cold water), lotsa medical services, no traffic among runners, route is close to traffic, weather was fine, bananas and hammer gels also available.

I had fun running with Alabang runners at first 5K, as usual Jojo paced with me. Still fresh after 22K and started having problems with the last 8K as I am already overheating. Run-Walk-Run strategy at the last 6K and super strong finish at the last 1.5K. Finished the race with an unofficial time of 3:28:++ (I targeted 3:30) Still strong after the run. And very relaxing time at the “Refresh Area (muntik na akong makatulog).”

Great great great job Coach Rio for the very well-organized race. Kudos to you and your team!

Me suggests that Adidas KOTR learned from the RunRio Team. I give them 10/10 for spoiling us. You are true to what you said.

Hats off also to Unilab for your commitment to provide an avenue for healthy family bonding in style. Good job guys!

OFFICIAL PHOTOS from Photovendo are now ready for download: PHOTOVENDO

Some PHOTOS can be viewed and tagged here:

Unilab Active Health Albums:

Click the photo to view the entire 3K runners’ album

Click the photo to view the entire 10K runners’ album

Click the photo to view the entire 21K runners’ album

Jojo’s Album: Day 1 & Day 2

Alex’ Album: Day 2 only

Greentennial Run Albums: Day 1 & Day 2

RACE RESULTS can be viewed HERE (just click the link)

RUNPIX ANALYSIS can also be viewed HERE.

More pictures and more stories on the  next post as I need to rest and re-load on carbohydrates first. Rest well runners and don’t stop hydrating Powerade. Hope you had a blast!

Now, I can smell another RunRio Trilogy this 2011. Let’s run again :)

Check the remaining races this 2010 here.

Heritage Group Run/Bike: Flashback, Fast-Paced and the Future

September 7th, 2010 2 comments

Flashback. How did this bike/run came into being? This happened when a group of people on twitter began using #HelpDOT (hash-tag Help Department of Tourism) and share something beautiful about Philippines, something like these. So people became interested and DOT U.Sec Enteng Romano scheduled a meeting/brainstorming for the Manila-based twitter people to make one step forward- do something on promoting tourism starting in Manila and hoping that others will share the idea. So this is a volunteer-led thing.

Some runners while waiting for the start run

During the brainstorming meeting, Carlos Celdran (who offers Intramuros Tours and Imelda Tours) was sharing his plans of having a bike tour for free tarting at the Manila Film Center, then around Malate, Ermita, Intramuros, and Binondo and back again. He likes to “to outline a potential bike/pedestrian tourism corridor between these areas. I would love to see a clean, green, and beautified beltway that links the CCP complex all the way to Chinatown.” He adds that, “It would be very beneficial to tourists if we can find a way to link together all our historical spots through proper landscaping, public art, pedestrian paths and bike lanes.”

I really don’t know why I was there at the meeting, but when asked what I will contribute, I said, “I’m a runner and I can invite friends to run with you guys.” – Yeah! I’m a runner and I’m proud of it! \m’

Starting Line, The Manila Film Center

And so I started giving teasers on my FB account and sharing the ideas to friends thru other social network sites and then finally making a blog post about it to make it more official. Noelle (KikayRunner) picked up the idea and promoted the run too! Thanks to her! I also posted this on (Forums on Philippine running). And people started to get excited on the idea. Credits to Boss Jinoe, Argonaut, Noelle and a lot of people who promoted and shared the link. They made the group larger and so in the morning of September 5 about 50 runners and 100 bikers met at The Manila Film Center.

ABS-CBN reported more than 500 bikers join this. Terribly RWONG, RWOGN! WRONG!

FAST-PACED. I really thought this is an LSD (Long Slow Distance) but since I was running with Kikay Runner, it became a tempo run. Her LSD is my tempo run..haha (she is blazin’ fast maaaaan!). So I got a 3K warm-up (7:00/km) before the run started then a 11K tempo run (5:15/km) and another 4K slow run (6:45/km) for a total of 18K.

Feels like we are the lead pack because of the motor escort

The Purpose? Run/Bike along the historical streets of Manila and help promote tourism. But because of the hostage-crisis that happened weeks ago that shocked the whole nation and killed 8 HK tourists and Mendoza (the hostage taker), we also want to do something that will help heal and rebuild the nation. We had one major stopover- at Intramuros to have moments of silence- to pray.

Excerpt from my Prayer

The Route: Start at Manila Film Center – CCP Complex - Roxas Boulevard - Intramuros - Escolta - Plaza Lawton -Luneta Monument - Film Center. This is about 15 kilometers. Others did only half on this, about 7K.

Post Run Class pic

THE FUTURE. Going home, I was talking with Macy. And she was thankful

Good job guys!

for a nice run. Thank God I haven’t heard any complains yet (except for the longer route and being fast). She was asking if there would be part 2. That brought me to thinking of organizing a race with a twist. It will be called “Tour de Santiago” (Tour of James). Maybe I would do that next year. I just hope I can get sponsors for this event. Hmmm? I want something that is not expensive, something that will promote tourism and traveling. A race organized not to make money but to make friends. This would be fun. I hope this will materialize. If you are interested with this or know someone who wants to do something like this, please let me know.

Thanks to all who participated in this bike/run! Blessings form Jah!

Note: Photos grabbed from, Argonaut, Racs and JB Pacia’s FB account. Thanks for the tags!

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Race Review: Merrell Adventure Run

April 21st, 2010 9 comments
Merrell Adventure Run (3K/5K/15K)
April 17, 2010 (6:00am) at Wawa Dam, Montalban
Race Fee: Php350 for all distances 

Beneficiary: None
Organizer: Mr.Thumbie Remigio

Score Rating
5-Excellent   4-Very Good   3-Average 2-Needs Improvement   1-Terrible

Registration: 3 – They placed their registration areas in their concept shops from Trinoma Mall (QC), Market! Market! (Taguig), Festival Mall (Alabang), Marquee Mall (Pampanga) and Ayala Center (Cebu). This should be 5 as you can also register even if your from the Visayas. I just hope that the race packet are already available once you register. I came thrice to Market! Market! just to get my race packet. Hassle for me as I come from Laguna. Thanks still the staff are very accommodating. They also limited the participants which is very good to make the event manageable.

Singlet: 4.5 - Superior material used for the singlet except that the lower part is quite wide, I would like it more body hugging. nice choice of color. Maybe next time they should put a date on the singlet design.

Starting Time: 5 – They started on time. Bad me as I came to the event 5:50am. No time to warm-up.

Route, Markers and Marshals: 2 -
They promoted this run to have difficult trails, some boulders, river-crossings, and a breathtaking outdoor landscape. Well it is a very difficult course. 
I tried the 15K- the first kilometer is a steep uphill then going down would lead you to the mountains where you cannot overtake runners in front of you. Then a series of sands where you will find it difficult to run. River-crossing? Prepare to get wet, I lost count after crossing 6 rivers. The last kilometer was the most challenging of all, you will jump from one big boulder to another. 
Three words to describe this course: punishing, hardcore and dangerous. I think the denuded mountains are not that scenic and breathtaking as they said in the promotion.  
First Kilometer: tough and steep uphill
First turn-around point, going down was knee-punishing.
Into the mountain- hello bushes, roots, dried, rocks in every sizes, leaves etc.
Single-file only, overtake at your own risk
Patience is a virtue. Again, overtake at your own risk!
“Unrunnable terrain” Mountaineers have their edge on this. Luckily, I conquered a lot of mountains before ‘running.’ This should be called “Run, Hike, Trek, River-cross Race”
Gravel, sand, dirt, expect the worst!
Get wet, plunge into the water
The last kilometer: The hardest part

There are no kilometer markers, just tarpaulins and ribbons to guide the runners. There are enough marshals but most of them do not know what they are doing. 

One conversation with the marshals along the way is something like this:
James: (After about 1:30 hours of running) “Sir, malayo pa po ba?”
Marshal 1: Malayo pa, doon pa yun.” (Very helpful indeed)
James: (After 1:45 hours of running) “Sir, mga ilan kilometro na?”
Marshal 2: “Malapit na” (Very helpful indeed)
James: (after 2:00 hours of punishment): “Sir, malapit na ba?”
Marshal 3: “Malapit na.” (Again, very helpful.)
So I decided not to ask question from them until I reached the finish line at 2:19:25.

I also learned that most 5K runners got lost, no marshals at that particular point. They were there for around 15 minutes or more. The reason why most of them didn’t get the finisher’s medal because there’s a cut off time: 15K (2:45 hours); 5K (1:10 hours); and 3K (40minutes).

Some 5k Runner get lost

Start/Finish Lane: 4 – Large chutes for everyone, clock is very visible but is for 15K runners only.
Runners getting ready for the gun start.

Restrooms/Change Area/Baggage Area: 4- Enough for male and female participants. A wash-up facility was also available after that grueling adventure race. Enough water for washing dirty shoes and even taking a bath.

Water and Aid Station: 3 – I just hope that water stations are placed every 2 or 3 kilometers especially for the 15K. Good thing I brought my hydration belt I just used the water to cool my head. The village folks offered water to some runners. Thanks!

Freebies and Finisher’s Medals: 2 – Freebies include a Merrell bag, P500 off coupon when you buy shoes from any Merrell outlet and a bottle of 100plus. I got my finisher’s medal but the back of it was just a poor “15K sticker.” I hope its also carved like the Merrell Adventure Run on the front and more freebies after that ‘killing” trails.

Photos/Race Results: 2 – I already sent them a message regarding the race results. Until now there is no official result. Good thing I looked at the clock as I cross the finish line so I got my unofficial finish time.

Over-all Rating: 3.2

More Pictures:
I came, I saw, I conquered 15k! YEAH
My reward for this race: 4 blisters, 2 scratches (knees and legs), a finisher’s medal and meeting bloggers (below):
Runners/Bloggers: D-Loner-RunnerRunning Atom, and Minnie Runner. Thanks for the post-race fix, taho.

Special Mention: Thank you very much Jai and Madz for the pictures. You can check out more pics from Jai’s Multiply Site.
You can also read race recaps from MinnieRunner and Running Fatboy.
You can also join Merrell Adventure Run’s fan page on Facebook to view the race results for 3K/5K/15K.

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