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Rave Run at Mati City’s Sleeping Dinosaur

November 14th, 2012 6 comments

I visited Mati City a year ago because of a photo I saw “Sleeping Dinosaur” which is actually a hill that looks like a dinosaur sleeping (duh). Everyone visiting the city would definitely snap a photo while traveling the winding roads of Badas area.

I believe that this is Davao Oriental’s most famous landmark.

(1) Running at the Sleeping Dinosaur

Finally, I was able to run the famed hill formation when Ma’am Gelo invited me for a quick run.

The run was supposed to be before sunrise but because of some delays, we started when the sun was already up. But no worries whatsoever, it was beautiful all over:

Mati City’s Sunrise


It was a rave run because of the raw and provincial Read more…

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