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What to Expect at Pinatubo Columbia Eco Trail Run?

October 10th, 2012 5 comments

Are you ready for Columbia Eco Trail Run Pinatubo? Well, THINK AGAIN!

As I was researching about the route a week ago, I saw this on Columbias Facebook Page:

Columbia Trail Route (Click the image to enlarge)

The places mentioned sounds familiar to me as I was able to visit these places during a Lakbay Norte 3 Tour last January 2012.

Without further ado, I just want to share 10 photos I took during my visit at the race venue. Aboard 4 x 4 jeeps we are juggled while clinging on the vehicle’s frames at the back. How much more if we run this on foot?

One word: EPIC!

Look at that stream crossing. The venue is also a haven of our Aetas brethren

Look at the dust from the Pinatubo ashes. You should bring something to cover up

How the 4 x 4 are dwarfed by the magnanimous rock-covered shrubs formations. Really amazing!

Prepared to get not only wet, but muddy!

Its scenic but unforgiving… PREPARE!

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