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10 Things To Do While Injured and Cannot Run

So you are injured? Now, what to do to keep yourself motivated or still be active in the running scene. Here are some suggestions that can be of help if you are nursing an injury right now.

I’m speaking from experience, I’ve been injured twice- the first was when I forced myself to race 10k just a week after finishing my first marathon. The second one was just 3 weeks ago when I forced myself to run with like hell, trying to beat my fastest time after a 4-month running hiatus. Crazy, I know.

So here ae some of the things you can do:

1. Eat healthy. I don’t want to talk about having a good and right pair of running shoes. You know that already. Maybe just a reminder to eat healthy because runners have this tendency to eat whatever they like and tell themselves, “it’s okay I will burn this on my next LSD.” Watch your diet dude.

You will never go wrong with salad


2. Build your core muscles. This is the perfect time to build you core. Do some sit-ups, pilates, plank exercise, push-ups, squats, stability balls or yoga. Just be easy with yourself, you don’t want to injure yourself again while doing some work outs. And while you are at it, don’t forget to get your personal injury claims. I’m sure you are covered by your company.

Yoga at the beach.


3. Start blogging. Yep! Why don’t you start a blog? Start a running blog, a ports blog, a food blog, a blog that showcases your passion. Use that extra time to write, to some its therapeutical, to some its a nice way to let time pass by, or you can write about your injury so others won’t experience the same.


4. Read a good marathon/running book. It’s also the time to read your dusty running books. Born to Run, Terry Fox and His Marathon of Hope, Duel in the Sun, Run Less, Run Faster, Marathoning for Mortals, The World’s Greatest: The Haile Gebrselassie Story, Chi Running and Ultra Marathon Man are good books. If you don’t have a running book yet, use the money to buy one, you are not paying for an expensive race anyway.


5. Volunteer on races. Help others by volunteering on races. Helping beginners in their first marathon, cheer you friends or give some sports gel, water or maybe massage the stiffened muscles of your ultrarunner friend.

6. Take photos of races, be at the finish line. You will be inspired if you watch runners cross the finish line. Imagine first-time marathoners crying as they take the last meters of their marathon, the sweet couples as they cross the finish line holding each others hand, a marriage proposal, an 80-year old finishing strong after running 21K and many more.


7. Swim/Bike. Maybe its time to try a new sports. Swimming and biking are good cross-training as these sports develop other muscles that you aren’t using when you are running. Swimming has less impact too. Who knows, you are born to be a triathlete when the injury is fully healed?


8. Watch marathon/running movies. Rent a DVD, maybe start with Spirit of the Marathon. I love Ultramarathon Man, Marathon Challenge, Prefontaine, The Long Green Line. Don’t miss the classic Forrest Gump. If you are into tagalog movies, you can try Thelma.


9. Walk slowly. A forgotten cross-training. Walking also develops some muscle groups that you don’t use when running. Walk for 20-30 minutes so you don’t get fat. It’s like running, just slower and I mean slooooooooower.


10. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose hope, you will get well soon. Use this time to process, plan, recuperate and become stronger. Focus on getting well and be prepared to run again.


If you are injured today, I feel you. Please don’t get depressed.


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