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Team Diadora in Total Fitness Philippines June 2012

A quick announcement!

Just happy to see myself inside a health and fitness magazine- Total Fitness June 2012 issue.

I wanna thank Diadora Philippines for choosing me as one of their brand ambassadors in the Philippines.

As the caption says, Team Diadora Philippines is composed of Bave dela Cruz of Kain. Laboy. Takbo, Alfred V aka Running Atom, Sam the Running Ninja and Alan Ray of Running Free Manila. I’m on the far left of the photo (sorry quite dark and blurry.)

You you might also want to check out our Team Fan Page: Diadora Philippines Running Team.

That’s all for now, Total Fitness magazine is available at Php120, check your favorite bookstore.

PS. Hello sexy Marian Rivera on the cover:

And before I forget, can I ask for a minute of your precious time to show some support? I’m one of the Finalist for this year’s Globe TattAwards under the EXPLORER category.

Hope you can show some lovin’ by casting your vote and sharing it to your friends:

> Log in www.TattAwards.com/vote  >  Click the Explorer Category  >  Log in via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and click Vote under my name James Betia.

Note: You can cast your vote once every hour until June 20 (Wednesday) so make your vote count!

Here’s 3 reasons why I deserve to win this award: BIGGER THAN WINNING THE GLOBE TATTAWARDS

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