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Runner’s World Philippines April-June 2012

Q: What can I say about the RW Philippines April-June 2012 issue?

A: Best ever issue yet!


Here’s some of my thoughts and observations on the latest issue of Runner’s World Philippines:


1. The Best of Running. Javy Olives does a great job of compiling these little known facts and trivia about the sports we all love! Nice to read some of my running inspirations like Pre, Geb and Terry Fox.


2. 10 Runner’s, 10 Cities. Although not all destinations are cities (Lucban, Boracay and Nasugbu), I like the idea that RW poses each Manila-based runner that there are places in the country where you should experience running too.


3. Keeping the Code. Just in time for newbies! Happy to remind myself these code of ethics while running. I just hope runners who are just starting out take time to read these 12 must-remember during races, especially codes 2, 3 and 4. I love this statement, “If you need to stop for any reason (tie your shoe laces, receive a phone call, or take a picture) give a hand sign first then gradually decelerate, veering to the side of the road.


4. The Global Runner. Happy to see RW featuring a legend- the “Father of Ultramarathon in the Philippines.” I like the tenacity, focus and passion of the team. Continuing against all odds, even without much corporate support they found a way to continue the Global Run across Europe. To the Global Run Team, “Kudos and I hope you guys finish what you started. Thanks for inspiring us!”

5. Time to Rest? I’m a fan of resting and believes that it is an integral part of training. Hope every runner pay attention to the 10 body indicators to gauge when to run and when to say, ‘rest.’



1. I’ve seen more sports company creating shoes on the barefoot and lightweight category. See the NB (Minimus), Brooks (Pure Project), Nike (Free), Merrell (Road Glove) and Saucony (Kinvara 2), and even Sketchers (GOrun) advertorials. Now there are more choices for lightweight shoe users like me. I hope Diadora takes the cue from these shoe companies.

2. Its good to see that running is becoming popular in other major cities of the country like Cebu, CDO, Davao. Photos of races from all over the Philippines is a welcome sight for me.

3. Glad to see more of the local touch, local runners in this issue. Unlike before where most of the articles feature international runner and writers. Now, I’ve seen more local faces and writers which is good because its Runner’s World Philippines anyway.

Can I make a request?

Things I Wish to See on the Next Issue:

1. I want to see a more exotic place for Rave Run and not a well-known route and runner like Noy Jopson.

2. I want to see trainings for ultra and for those transitioning from running to multi-sports

3. I want to read what Filipino elites thinks of races nowadays.

That’s it pancit!

Would I recommend it? Yes!


RW Philippines April-June wit pro-triathlete Ani de Leon on the cover

Runner’s World is still available on your favorite bookstores at Php150.

Thank you Summit Media for sending one. I love it and and gave it away to our running coach so he can share what’s in their to the team.


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