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Team Diadora in Total Fitness Philippines June 2012

June 16th, 2012 No comments

A quick announcement!

Just happy to see myself inside a health and fitness magazine- Total Fitness June 2012 issue.

I wanna thank Diadora Philippines for choosing me as one of their brand ambassadors in the Philippines.

As the caption says, Team Diadora Philippines is composed of Bave dela Cruz of Kain. Laboy. Takbo, Alfred V aka Running Atom, Sam the Running Ninja and Alan Ray of Running Free Manila. I’m on the far left of the photo (sorry quite dark and blurry.)

You you might also want to check out our Team Fan Page: Diadora Philippines Running Team.

That’s all for now, Total Fitness magazine is available at Php120, check your favorite bookstore.

PS. Hello sexy Marian Rivera on the cover:

And before I forget, Read more…

Filipino Runners Tabal and Duenas won 21K of Singapore Sundown Marathon 2012

June 3rd, 2012 1 comment

Seems everyone is busy on what happened on the impeachment and so somehow these two Filipino runners’ feat in Singapore where not even in the news. Or did I miss it? I guess not as I’m all eyes on TV, Twitter and newspaper.

So, here’s my simple congratulatory note to Mary Joy Tabal and Coach Philip Duenas who both emerged champions on the 21K category in the recent Sundown Marathon held in Singapore.

Mary Joy Tabal and her coach Philip Duenas (Photo grabbed from Yahoo Sports SG courtesy of HiVelocity Events)


I’m proud of you guys! I hope you guys make it on TV, maybe on GMA’s Good News with Ms. Vicky Morales. Our country needs good news, inspirations like you two!

Here’s what John Philip Duenas has to say, “Lipay kaayo ko sa ako daog kay didto nako nakita nga nalipay sad ang ubang mga Pilipino nga nakadaog ko. The Filipinos were very supportive. Halos mag lukso-lukso na sila sa kalipay labi na pag awarding.” (I’m very happy  because I see that fellow Filipinos were very happy  with my victory. The Filipinos were very supportive, they like to jump to rejoice with me during the awarding ceremony.)

Mary Joy Tabal on the other hand said, “I was very intimidated before running this race. There were international runners there. But after that race, I realized, maka-compete man sad diay ta ug mga lig-on nga runners.” (But after the race, I realized that I can now compete with elite runners.)


Thanks to runner friend, Sir Leo “Toel Toel” for giving me a heads up!

Here’s more of the results:

21km Men’s Open
1.    John Philip Dueñas, 25 (PHI) 01:14:28:92
2.    Stuart Mclay 01:17:32:93
3.    Ivan Low, 28 (SIN) 01:18:43:95

21km Women’s Open
1.    Mary Joy Tabal, 22 (PHI) 01:25:28:69
2.    Lim Baoying, 30 (SIN) 01:33:59:23
3.    Rachel See, 30 (SIN) 01:34:41:69

42km Men’s Open
1.    Alex Ong Seng Lee, 25 (SIN) 03:03:33:60
2.    Kwong Man Lau 03:05:17:81
3.    Russell Ericksen 03:05:45:30

42km Women’s Open
1.    Susan Arbuthnott, 38 (UK) 03:23:02:08
2.    Pui Yan Chow (CHN) 03:31:14:58
3.    Stella Lee, 37 (SIN)03:37:23:36

Official website of

Read more about this at: Yahoo Sports SG and Sunstar News


Runner’s World Philippines April-June 2012

June 3rd, 2012 No comments

Q: What can I say about the RW Philippines April-June 2012 issue?

A: Best ever issue yet!


Here’s some of my thoughts and observations on the latest issue of Runner’s World Philippines:


1. The Best of Running. Javy Olives does a great job of compiling these little known facts and trivia about the sports we all love! Nice to read some of my running inspirations like Pre, Geb and Terry Fox.


2. 10 Runner’s, 10 Cities. Although not all destinations are cities (Lucban, Boracay and Nasugbu), I like the idea that RW poses each Manila-based runner that there are places in the country where Read more…

Philippine Kayak Explore 2012- 1st leg at Ternate Cavite

June 1st, 2012 1 comment

So how about kayaking? I love water sports and the beach, so when I was invited by my friend Zinnia of My Odyzzey to join the 1st leg of the Philippine Kayak Explore 2012 in Ternate, Cavite I didn’t hesitate to say “YES.”

So how was the event?

It was so much FUN!

Here’s the 6-minute video I made that will summarize the event:

What I love about it was the Read more…

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