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5 Tips for people to get most out of their workout


1.Don’t forget to stretch. Start and end your training sessions with stretching exercises to avoid any injuries. Injuries can have unfavorable effects on your training schedule and render you incapable to continue your bid to run.


Don't forget to stretch your muscles


2. Warm ups are important. After stretching at the start of your training session, proceed with a 5-10 minutes of warm up – either an easy jog or a walk would do. This will loosen up your leg muscles to achieve maximum efficiency in your actual training.


3.Acclimate gradually. During exercise, do not increase your speed instantly. You have to acclimate to the heat gradually and safely to warm-up and condition your body.


Have an easy jog or brisk walk before doing your tempo run


4.Dress light and loose. Wear lightweight, loose-fitting and light-colored clothing. Choose sports-specific synthetics over cotton. Tight clothing can be uncomfortable when damp with sweat and dark colors absorb the sun’s light and heat.

Dress properly.

5. Get wet. Don’t forget to drink water to aid yourself in cooling your body during your runs. It’s also refreshing to pour cold water over your head especially when doing endurance training like running or biking long distances. It is more important to replenish lost fluids, carbohydrates and electrolytes with a Sports Drink like Powerade.


Pour water on your head



These tips are brought to you by Powerade.

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