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Philippine Dragon Boat Team: Dragon Warriors, Kudos!


Before anything else, I’m sharing this (I got from a friend’s status on Facebook):

PH Azkals: 0 Golds, 0 trophies, 5 TV ads, 20% Pinoy
PH Dragonboat team (2011) : 5 Golds, 0 commercials, 90% Pinoy

PH Azkals: with sponsors
PH Dragon boat team: inutang at KKB pamasahe.

PH Azkals: complete outfit
PH dragon boat team: nanghiram pa ng sagwan sa kalaban.

Sasagwan ka ba sa KARANGALAN o sisipa sa PAPOGIAN?

kawawa ang hindi gwapo…

Sino mas-astig: Dragon Warriors or Azkals?

Sino mas-astig: Dragon Warriors or Azkals?

Anyway, I don’t want the comparison but I can’t help but wonder WHY? I just hope this is not true….

I even tried searching for the “Dragon Warriors” Photos and look what I saw:



I even  tried paddling last Tuesday morning at the Manila Ocean Park to somehow see and feel how it is hard to train. My back hurts until now…


Now let’s get to the main thing:

I just want to make a quick note of salutation to you guys- DRAGON WARRIORS! I just want to say that I’m proud of you all for bringing glory and honor to our country.

I also want to note what I got form their official website:

A member of the Trinidad and Tobago team which had earlier claimed that holding a world championship without the Philippines would be like staging the World Cup of football without Brazil said “its a phenomenal team. We kept trying to keep with them, we aspire to be like them. They are our heroes.”


Even their opponents have high regard for them. How I wish the Filipino people would put them on a higher pedestal than the Azkals.


Before I end, I hope that the Php5,000/Congressman bonus would be given soon! Para naman matikman ng DRAGON WARRIORS and pagiging KAMPEON nila.


Last Wish: I hope to see you Dragon Warriors on the TVC when I turn-on my TV.


Philippine Draon Boat Federation Logo


Philippine Dragon Boat Website: http://www.pdbf.com/

Facebook Fanpage: Dragon Warriors LIKE them?

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  1. August 19th, 2011 at 04:30 | #1

    Some says na hindi “di hamak na mas mahirap mag-football kesa mag paddle.. ”
    The question is: Alam ba nila ang tunay na buhay at disiplina ng isang rower?
    Tara! sumama kayo sa Manila Bay, tingnan natin kung nasan yung sinabi nila “MADALI LANG”


    Ronnie Reply:

    regardless kung alin ang mas mahirap, the question is sino ba ang mas magaling sa kanilang larangan at mas nagbigay karangalan sa kanilang bansa. clearly, it’s the dragon boat team. sana mas madami ang sumuporta sa kanila dahil sila ang mas nangangailangan nito.


  2. alvin
    August 19th, 2011 at 05:56 | #2

    ang rower pwede lumaban kahit lasing kagabi, or nag uminum habang nag cocompete. ang football need complete na tulog kasi takbo ng sa boong laro. ang dragon boat minutes lang ang labanan ang fooball pagod na pagod ka na hindi pa nakakascore. ang dragon boat kahti sino pwede kahti napulot mo lang sa kanto. ang dragon boat na nananlo ngayun lumaban sa newbei kaya nanalo, sana lumaban sila sa katapat nila.


    yan Reply:

    try mo kaya sumagwan na may hangover kung hindi ka mahuLog sa banka…


    journeyingjames Reply:

    ahahaha! tumpak YAN! in any sports, you do not succeed if you have a hang-over.
    unless you’re a druken master? or si efren bata reyes na kailangan uminom ng sanmig (di maglasing) bago lumaban.


  3. September 27th, 2011 at 05:25 | #3

    i pity people comparing two teams representing the Philippines… as an athlete yourself, you know how hard it is to compete.

    before the attention Azkal is receiving now, the team is receiving meager budget too. they are financing their own training. people doesnt give a f*ck about them too. but through hardwork, they revived a sport literally. for me, that’s enough. so what kung walang medal, at least we are progressing. hindi kasalanan ng Azkals if they have tons of endorsements.

    about the PDBF, i’m happy for them. they are philippine pride. but you should know, that they are not a national team to receive anything from the govt. the POC/PSC offered them something pero the PDBF declined kasi ayaw nilang magpa-under sa Philippine Kayak and Canoe Fed (or something like that). i could go on with my facts but that would be nonsense. you can always google it. just so you know, Cobra Energy Drink is sponsoring the PDBF now. and Dragon Boat is not an olympic sport.

    i believe anyone can support a team without bashing the other.

    btw, kudos to the Smart Gilas for finishing 4th on FIBA Asia Olympic Qualifiers.


  4. Happy gay
    February 20th, 2012 at 05:23 | #4

    Ang sasarap nila….. I love!


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