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Love, Courtship, Dating, and Marathon Running (Part 2 of 2)


Love & Marathon Running Part 1 was an instant hit! Thanks for all those who shared what they think about it. Honestly speaking, I wrote that for one person…

Anyway, here the second part (I wrote this to another person).


Let’s look into how courtship and dating happens right now, courtship happens through SMS/Facebook (and for Phil Younghusband, Twitter, sorry for the example), I can’t say it’s bad but I think it’s too impersonal. I mean, how can relationship grow via a FB message (even saw some of my highschool students flood walls of sweet messages)?

ASKING LOUDLY…. How does a “mwah” feel through BBM? Do you really think you eat lunch together through Skype? Sending each other Twitpic 30times a day is thoughtful but it doesn’t develop a “real” and “lasting” relationship. I think girls need “real” ears to listen (and sometimes bite), shoulders to cry on, body to hug and hands to hold. Or for runners, a “buddy” or “personal pacer” to run with.


Phil Younghusband tweets:

“@143redangel Hi Angel! This Phil. How are you? I was just wondering if you are free for Valentines day?”

Angel Locsin replied:

“hi! this is angel☺ Congrats on your win last night! Tnx for the invite but I have work on valentines.. Let’s try another day☺”

I can’t imagine someone running virtually, doing some fartleks online. How about some 50-meter laps via Firefox as part of your cross-training? Oh and imagine you drinking a virtual cheery-flavored-Gatorade. Funny ayt?


When you run, you run on the road (treadmill for some), never online. Same is true with courtship and dating right? Have you ever dated someone online? Maybe some couples meet online, but they do EB after some time. In running, the rubber shoes must meet the road. In courtship, the boy’s hand must meet the girl’s to know if there is “magic” or a tingling effect. Or for the “more mature,” its with the first kiss of the night. Okay, don’t get me started…



When I’m running, I want to feel the road, the fresh air, the trees around me, the thought of me being able to run. When I’m in love, I want to see her, to talk to her face-to-face, look into her eyes and feel her heartbeat. That’s it!


You want a part 3?


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  1. Isa
    July 19th, 2011 at 02:44 | #1

    Hmmm…. That’s how a runner’s love goes. In love?


    journeyingjames Reply:

    me? im always in love! hahaha


    Isa Reply:

    keep that feelin’ ;)


    journeyingjames Reply:

    love is my religion -bob marley :)

  2. Ishi
    July 19th, 2011 at 03:46 | #2

    yes part3 please ;))


    journeyingjames Reply:

    hmmm….. maybe if others would ask for it, i will! mukhang runners are not interested sa topic. hahaha


  3. ;)
    July 19th, 2011 at 04:29 | #3

    …hmmmm… don’t know what to say though..i do get your point. It’s LUCKY for those who can be with their partner all the time, but some situations aren’t like that. I would love to find a partner whom i can be with anytime i want, who doesn’t? But SOMETINES WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO ACCEPT THE REALITY OF BEING IN A LONGDISTANCE RELATIONSHIP..virtual relationship for you.. but for us, it is something Real.. ;)


    journeyingjames Reply:

    it happens, a lot of times… and i dont want to questions its validity. what im just saying is that love is a relational thing. and i think that all relational thing should be personal, face-to-face. :)


  4. July 19th, 2011 at 04:32 | #4

    Uyyy… kakaiba ito James… dedicated talaga for someone. hahaha.


    journeyingjames Reply:



  5. nikki valenciano
    July 19th, 2011 at 15:11 | #5

    ah… this time i felt na bitin pa yung thoughts mo on these.. hehe.. on the other hand, i get your point.. syempre, wala pa ring tatalo kung nahahawakan mo kamay at lalo kung nayayakap mo ang taong mahal mo..

    on the other hand again, hindi lahat ng tao ay sinasang ayunan ng panahon at pagkakataon.. minsan, kahit hindi man nais, may mga panahon na kailangan (o kinailangan) na magkalayo ang dalawang nagmamahalan..

    batid kong iba/mahirap o naghahatid man ito ng kakulangan na magkasama, hindi pa rin ito sapat para sabihin na bitin ang uri ng pagmamahal.. sa paniniwala ko, hindi matatawaran ang tunay na pag ibig ng tao.. fb/twitter/mobilephone o kahit bangkang papel at eroplano man ang naging paraan ng pagpahiwatig ng pagmamahal, alam ng puso kung ito ay buo at tapat..

    sa makatuwid, patuloy lang na magmahal sa paraang alam at kaya.. ubos, buhos, lubos..

    love like you’ve never been hurt before.. :)

    kung inlove ka, maswerte ka.. :)


    journeyingjames Reply:

    that’s sad noh? yung mga taong di sinasang-ayunan ng pagkakataon… parang kanta, “we had the right love at the wrong time.” haha oldskul yan na song!

    to add to that, “love hurts but sometimes its a good hurt, and it makes me feel alive.” (kanta din yan), haha too much sound trip ata..
    thanks for your input nikki! pinag-isipan ko talaga ang isasagot sa mga sinabi mo.

    in love? me? -LOVE IS MY RELIGION! :)


    nikki valenciano Reply:

    sad? hindi noh? its MORE THAN SAD! its even BEYOND SAD! hehe.. its like having mornings na parang di ka na lang sana gumising; its like you’re alive but you’re like a “dead-man-walking”.. alam mo yung feeling na kahit pigain mo utak mo to understand things, hindi mo talaga maintindihan.. hai.. (eto na naman ako).. yah, right love at the wrong time (its my song too)..hehe..

    love hurts but its a good hurt? totoo naman yun.. kasi nga sabi nila, magpasalamat ka kung nasaktan ka dahil nagmahal ka.. sa ganun daw, alam mong naging totoo ka sa sarili mo.. sa paniniwala ko, walang talo kapag naging totoo ka sa bawat tibok ng puso mo..

    pero ang totoo, “easier said than done”.. bigat kaya sa dibdib kapag inatake ng sakit sa puso.. haist.. lalo kapag akala mo ok ka na.. tapos biglang ayun, may panibagong relapse na naman..

    ayan.. dami ko na naman sinabi.. haha.. at pinagisipan mo talaga ang isasagot? haha.. inlove ka nga noh?

    if love is your religion (bob marley), to love is my purpose.. :)

    haha.. di kaya batuhin tayo ng mga readers mo.. OMG, baka isipin nila, coverted na si runner-journeying-james to love-doctor-james.. :)


  6. mela
    December 29th, 2011 at 12:17 | #6

    part 3!!! part3!!! part 3!!!!


    journeyingjames Reply:

    wait lang, im still thinking of a sub topic and one good inspiration.


  7. May 30th, 2012 at 21:32 | #7

    I say cheers for part three! this is the first time i read this post… don romantiko ka din minsan noh?!:)


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