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3rd Camaya Coast Aquathlon and Trail Run Race Results & Photo Essay

March 31st, 2011 1 comment

 As I said, I was one jealous runner when I arrived at Camaya Coast last week, but sometimes its good to have a different perspective while at races. So this are some of the pictures taken by me and my friend, Banjo (ULiKblog Runner).












All Photos can be downloaded at JOURNEYINGJAMES Facebook page. Please give credits to the Photographer, Banjo. Better yet, visit his hilarious running blog- ULiKblog Runner - its a different approach to running/runners. Thanks a lot!

Race Results are also available for download:  3rd Camaya Coast Aquathlon and Trail Run Race Results

 Good job Philippine Skyrunning Association (PSA)!


*For the more story behind the photos, you can read Aquathletes and Trail Runners Debut


_____ _____ _____

Special thanks to Sir Edcel and Z for inviting me and Banjo (ULiKblog Runner) as OneSport magazine representatives for this thrilling event. Until next time?!



Aquathlete and Trail Runners Debut at Camaya Coast

March 27th, 2011 8 comments

3RD CAMAYA COAST AQUATHLON & TRAIL RUN (stories of a jealous trail runner, that’s me, on the trails of Camaya Coast)

One of the many stream-crossing during the Extreme Trail Run, Camaya Coast 2011. For some this is where they slow down, it is stepping hard on the gas pedal for me.


The sun was already up when we arrived at a small port at Mariveles, Bataan where boats going to Camaya Coast park. The organizer said that every year they see new faces, this ear the participants doubled. They are amped to try new challenges whether it be aquathlon (swim & run) or trail running.


On its 3rd year, Camaya welcomed athletes on its white coast for a new and exciting challenge. About 150 participants, mostly newbies, are getting ready for an adventure the metropolis cannot offer- mountain trail routes, open-water swim and white beach run.


 Trail Runners, as they start to enter the exciting trail ahead


I found myself wanting to join them, a lil’ bit jealous as I don’t have a race bib. I was there as an active spectator. All I can do was to stare and cheer my friends (shout out to XTRM TRI, Team Ungas and Snail Runners Alabang) as they do last their minute stretching; the gun just minutes away to be fired. All I want is to wear my running shoes, ready to run as fast as I can because I’m really addicted to the dirt and the different high it gives.


 That steep upHELL cannot be ran… WARNING: Not for everyone


Not wanting to be filled with more jealousy, I asked one of the organizers, Ms.Nina, if I can run a few kilometers so as to take pictures of the trail runners. Good thing, I was allowed to. I initially plan to run with the Extreme trail runners for about 2 kilometers. Those 2 kilometers were not enough so I decided to run the whole loop, a challenging 6 kilometers of sand, dirt, boulders, river-crossing, steep hills and tall dry grass. I was sweaty, breath-catching runner wanting to have just a portion of what those runners experience. It was my first time to try the trails on Camaya Coast and I love it! I want to be back next year, not as an spectator but a challenger- aquathlon event or trail run, only time would tell. We’ll see…


I was observing the faces (and legs) of runners and all I can say is that they are terribly tired, but extremely happy. They were high-fiving at the finish line for an accomplishment not everyone can do.


 Jenny, one of the adventure trail runners and the 2nd-placer for Men’s Aquathlon all smiles amidst the scorching heat


What I love about out-of-town race events is that the participants are only a handful, you will be able to meet & make new friends. The buffet lunch was a time to fellowship, to exchange cards, congratulate winners and celebrate victory. It was one brotherhood of adrenaline-junkies just wanting to chill out and enjoy life. A community where newbies and veterans are treated alike.


 Michelle Estuar after finishing the swim leg and off to the trails, she bagged the 1st place for the Aquathlon Event


Good job Philippine Skyrunning Association (PSA)! I definitely enjoyed covering the event. It was definitely one of the most unforgettable races this 2011. See you guys on other events.


Photos and results of the event will be posted soon on this site and on my Facebook Page- journeyingjames.


_____ _____ _____

Special thanks to Sir Edcel and Z for inviting me and Banjo (ULiKblog Runner) as OneSport magazine representatives for this thrilling event. Until next time?!

Run with the Light Level UP

March 25th, 2011 No comments

Another running event in Alabang is scheduled to happen! Level Up?

Date: April 16, 2011 (Saturday)
Location: Alabang Town Center
Race Route: Ayala Alabang Village

Run with the Light Level UP

Categories: 3K (for Kids with Obstacle) / 5K /10K / 15K

Registration Fee: P450.00 (P500 on race week)

Registration Area: The Athlete’s Foot and Planet Sports Alabang Town Center

Singlet Design (and Models?):

Contact Person (for inquiries): Alvin Mendoza – 0927 898 2534; Joy Mendoza – 0915-558 5788

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Tagaytay: Running Against the Wind

March 21st, 2011 4 comments

The sun already peeked when I woke up, I immediately went towards my sun deck, took a deep breath while enjoying the scenic Tagaytay morning, a bit chilly, scenic and perfect for a RUN.


The famous Taal Lake, view from my room’s window.


After lacing up and a quick muscle stretch I found myself running on Aguinaldo Highway, staring from my hotel, Summit Ridge Hotel, this is the same road where PAU 50K Tagaytay-Nasugbu was done where I was green-eyed from Km.0-50.


This is my starting line



I did an out-and-back route. As I don’t have a Garmin, I just relied on the kilometer markers, Summit Ridge Hotel is exactly at Km.58 and so it is very easy to measure my run.


These are some icons I saw while running:





Five kilometers on slightly rolling hills and back, my turn-around was kilometer marker 63, where I have a nice view of the Tagaytay hills below.





Going back after 5 kilometers, was a RUN AGAINST THE WIND. The gushing wind is blowing against me, making it harder to run. I love this as this helps in training and it feels like I was running on air- another rave run. I was glad I ran as oppose to getting extra sleep. The run lasted an hour and 9 minutes (1:06).




I used my VFF Sprint here as I was traveling. What I love about my VFF is that it is an all-around footwear, I can use it while walking, running, malling, practically anywhere I go- off-road, beach, pave roads.


On my way back to the hotel, I just placed my camera on the road railing, 10-sec timer.


Ending the run at Robinsons Promenade just beside the hotel. Now I’m ready for a breakfast buffet at Classic Cuisine (C2)… (till the next rave run)


 Run ended here, Robinsons Promenade just beside the Summit Ridge Hotel


Running Stats:

Date of Run: March 16, 2011 (Wednesday)

Route: Summit Ridge Hotel Tagaytay, 5kms to Nasugbu via Aguinaldo  Road (out and back)

Distance covered: 9.8 Kilometers

Pros: The weather was chilly, fresh air, scenic lake view, slight rolling hills perfect for leg strengthening, winds going back was a challenge too.

Cons: The vehicles are king of the road, take a good eye while crossing as they don’t use brakes.

Time: 1:06 (6:44/km)

Temperature: 16°C or 61°F

Running Apparel: Vivo Barefoot singlet, Craft running shorts, no socks.

Shoes: VFF Sprint (Red) 


____ ____ _____


Special thanks to Summit Ridge Hotel Tagatay for a very nice stay, the SeriAsia Signature massage the night before the run was a welcome treat for a runner like me. Love my room, 803, the view of Taal Lake was just refreshing.


For inquiries or reservations, call (632) 240-6888; 0922-852-6800 or visit their website


*I will be sharing more of my experience with Robinsons Malls (Veranda & Promenade) on my travel blog: JOURNEYINGJAMES next week, so keep an eye.

BDM 102 Thru the Eyes of a Support Crew

March 17th, 2011 2 comments

I should be sound asleep because I will run 21K at United Run1 the following morning but I found myself cheering the 102K virgins and veterans as they start their travail on the 6th night of March, 2011. I was at the Bataan Death March Km.0 post to support my friends who are "crazy" to run 102 kilometers within 18hours.

The following are my tweets (in blue) during the loooooong and butt-numbing trip from Km.0 to Km.102. Along with pictures from Raymund, Banjo and Julito who are also part of the support crew for Alabang Snail Runners.

Also included are tweets from my hilarious runner/blogger friend Banjo of ULiKblog Runner (tweets in red and mostly in Tagalog). Please check hie site, a funny look on the Manila running scene. He also has a post about th BDM 102, you gotta read Part 1 and Part 2.



  • just arrived at mariveles,bataan… ultrarunners are getting ready, i can feel excitement and "kaba" here


They are still smiiling here, let’s see what will happen after 50 kilometers…

  • the travail to kilometer 102 just started. blinking lights, reflectors, headlamps line-up from km1-2

It was pitch black and a must to would-be 102ers to bring headlamps and reflector vest for safety.

  • Nakalagpas na ang mga snail sa km.6 with killer uphills.. We’re now waiting sa Km 10..

Nice get up UltraRodel, you can serve as traffic enforcer afterwards… :)

  • Update km 10: Ding, Sir Gil, Ambo, Xtian, Sir Toel, Vans and Rodel.. Si Sir Toel ang kulit gusto ata pumodium.. On our way to KM 14

Looking at the his watch, "Can I still make it to the top 3?" Peace Sir Toel

  • the alabang snail runners just passed km32. the lead runner is 7k ahead. camila leads the women,followed by tin

Somewhere along the route, for support crew, you have to find ways to kill boredom. Or maybe the best time cam-whore, no we didn’t.

  • the sun began to shine, most runners have crossed the 50th marker. weather is perfect, blue skies and cold air. atleast 1 DNF
  • KM 50 na! All snails nagbihis at nakakain na ng agahan..

After this kilometer marker, legs began to be stiff, minds and hearts of runners will lead them to the finish line.

Look who leads the team? Follow the eldest, ayyyy, the leader pala. :)



  • toel & rodel just crossed bataan-pampanga border. vans, ronald & ular of team boring 10mins behind them. temp around 36C. go ultrarunners!

 Massage. Massage. Massage.

The Support Crew of Team Alabang Snail Runners.

UltraToel & UltraRodel


  • After almost 18hours on the road running, we salute 102K ultrarunnners Toel, Rodel & Vans

Wearing proud, the Survivor 102K Finisher.


  • Tapos na ang race! Pauwi na kmi ng manila! Congrats SIR TOEL, VANS and RODEL for a job well done..
  • on our way home… all snail runners finished the race within cut-off time, injury-free. ready for 160k next year?

Again, my congratulations to the 102K Bataan Death March Ultramarathon and to the Sir Jovie aka BaldRunner for organizing this one-of-a-kind ultramarathon experience.

Special thanks also goes to Run with Ronald Support crew, to Sir Jess and co and all the people who helped and prayed the team.

All photos from Banjo A. and Jojo P’s facebook albums. Salamat ng madami mga ka-suso!

Race Results can be found at BaldRunner’s site.

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