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Dash for Dad: A Benefit Run

January 28th, 2011 9 comments
Another FUN RUN for a CAUSE.
This is like hitting two birds in one stone:
You were able to run (good health) and help (good heart).
Have both! Let’s run! Share to your running friends too!


Race: Dash for Dad: Fun Run for a Cause (5K / 3K)
Date: February 13, 2011Venue: Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
•Race entry fee is P200 (two hundred pesos).
•Each race entry comes with a corresponding raffle ticket.
•Participants below 18 years of age must have their entry form signed by a parent or a guardian.
•Registration will be open until supplies last.
•Race entries are non-refundable and non-transferable
For registration, please contact:
Manny Balmoris –0927-2222754
Christian Oting –0927-4056574
Donna Mae Santiago –0906-4784666
The following cash prizes will be awarded to both the 3K and 5K finishers in the male and female categories:
1stplacer: P2,000
2ndplacer: P1,500
3rdplacer: P500
Raffle prizes will also be given away so keep your race bibs/raffle tickets.
Race Proper:
•Participants are not obliged to complete the course by a specific time. The race course will be open as long as there are registered runners on the route.
•Race bibs must be clearly visible at all times during the race. Bibs should be pinned in front of the running shirt.
•Gun start for the 5k run is at 6:00 AM and for the 3k run, at 6:15AM.
•Assembly time is at 5:40AM.
•Loop cords will be given to runners at specified checkpoints. Without this, a runner will not be considered as having finished the race.
•Water stations will be strategically placed along the route and at the start/finish area. Runners are encouraged to dispose of cups at designated receptacles.
•Medical assistance will be ready and on standby in case of emergency.
•Finisher’s certificates and other giveaways will be presented at the finish line.
•Race results will be posted online.
•Protests with regard to any aspect of the race involving officials and/or runners will only be accepted in written form.
Follow on Twitter: “D4DFUNRUN”
“Like” on Facebook: “d4d”
Invitation comes from: Duzon E&H AM-PM Teachers and Team Leaders
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Trail Running at the “Via Crucis,” Camiguin Island

January 26th, 2011 2 comments

The Uphill Route to the “Via Crucis” (Way of the Cross), Camiguin Island

It was not a planned route nor a planned run. I came there just to see the Old Camiguin Volcano which devasted most of the town of Catarman, including the Cemetery and the Church. Actually, the grim natural disaster was started by an earthquake which happened more than two centuries ago, 1871. As a result the cemetery was swallowed by the sea and the magnificent church was turned into ruins.

Anyway, I thought it was a nice place to somehow add mileage while traveling. So even it was already hot, as in 33°C hot, I sneaked in some trail run… slow but perspiring, tiring and dehydrating.

What is amazing on this spur of the moment run is that the view on top was AMAYZING (yes with the Y, font 72), it took my breath away:

Overlooking the Sunken Cemetery below and the coconut tree plantation where the lava flowed towards the sea.

My route was the Via Crucis/Via Dolorosa or “The Way of the Cross,” one of the tourist spots in Camiguin Island. The terrain was rocky, the lava rocks are still evident which makes the route path hotter as it absorbs so much heat.

Here are some of the pics I took during the run:

My starting line: Uphill all the way to the turn around point

First Station: Jesus is condemned to death

Station 15: Resurrection of Jesus (my turn-around point)

The Rocky Lava Trail

Sienna, my VFF loves the trail much. She actually wants more.

Thanks to the ever faithful 10-sec timer during my solo rave runs while traveling

Running Stats:

Date of Run: January 21, 2011 (Friday)

Route: Walkway Entrance to Station 15 and back (Old Camiguin Volcano)

Distance covered: 3.5 Kilometers

Running Surface: Cemented pavement on the start until Station 4 then rocky trails uphill, lots of lava rocks too.

Pro’s: The view above is amazyzing! The rich vegetation down low and the big Cross Marker of the Sunken Cemetery.

Time: 34:04 (9:42/km)

Temperature: 33°C or 93°F

Running Apparel: Condura Run 2011 shirt, Colombia shorts and Nike cap.

Shoes: VFF Sprint (Red)

143 GO: A Run for the Philippine Heart Center

January 25th, 2011 3 comments

I think every couples would like to make this run their date…

For non-couples, you can also run or better yet, find someone to run with you on February 27. Your highschool crush maybe?


143 Go: A Run for the Philippine Heart Center
Run the Miles. Share the Love.

A RUN for the benefit of

3K | 5K | 10k | 3K COUPLE’S RUN


P450 [Inclusive of (1) singlet] for the 3K, 5K & 10K events.
P800 [Inclusive of (2) singlets] for the 3K COUPLE’S RUN.

Show a valid school ID and proof of enrollment for this Semester/School Year and pay only P400!


(January 24 – February 26, 2011)
8AM – 5PM Monday to Saturday; 6 – 11AM Sundays

(January 24 – Feb 26, 2011)
Mall hours
-SM Mall of Asia
-SM Megamall
-SM North EDSA
-Robinson’s Ermita

-Market! Market!

(January 24 – Feb 26. 2011)
Office of the Social Services Division
9AM – 5PM


You can also “LIKE” them on Facebook:

or Visit their Official Site:

JULIO TUASON (09178965997|
RANDALL GARCIA (09173244084 |


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Benefits of Running

January 21st, 2011 9 comments

There are two kinds of people- those who run and those who should.-Brooks Running

This is to encourage would-be runners to choose a healthy lifestyle we call “RUNNING”

Following are some answers to my question I posted on Facebook and Twitter:

“Its the one thing that can clear my head.
It helps me get my thoughts in order and after a run when all the
adrenaline is present, I’m in a much better state of mind in where I
can make smarter decisions/reactions. Running is like the gift that
keeps giving. All of the physical benefits should be reason enough!
But on the flip side there are the great people you meet, better sense
of nutrition (you actually start to care because you become aware),
cheap and easy sport to get in to, etc. Health is wealth and if
running is free, i think we’ve got ourselves a great deal! :)

-Mia Bayuga (DJ, Magic 89.9)

Sa pagtakbo ko na nilalabas lahat ng galit ko sa mundo.:D

-Noelle de Guzman (

Running is my training when I climb. With running I was able to build my endurance, proper breathing, and strength which I used to climb the toughest and highest mountains in the Philippines, Mt. Guiting-Guiting and Mt. Apo.

-Alexis Estenor (Teacher / Mountaineer / Triple A Cup Aquathlon Champion, Extra-Lite division)


Whole being not just physically but overall- including self direction; career, goal setting, friendship. Not just physique. Emotional and perspective in so many things.

-Kassy Pajarillo (

Nakatulong ang pagtakbo ko para maiangat ko ang prinsipyo ko sa buhay na kahit ako ay isang dukha lamang kaya kong maki-pag-kapwa-tao! Datapwat sinasabi ng iba na magastos lang ang pagtakbo doble naman na benipisyong naiidulot nito sa buhay natin at napapalakas nito ang ating kalusugan. Ang pagtakbo rin ay isang seryosong paraan upang maiangat natin ang kalidad ng ating ekonomiya at mag silbing inspirasyon tayo sa mga kabataan na nalululong sa mga masasamang bisyo!

-Jojo Pauly (Half-Marathon Junkie)

My mind is more alert…and I’m actually happier!

-Shing Saracin (Writer)

Running made me experience the best things in life – the sunrise and the sunset, the fresh (and polluted) air, and a lot more!

-Deng Perez (

reduced pounds and better health

-Estan Cabigas of (Multi-awarded photographer, Blogger & Traveler)

Running is my therapy. Hence, it made me a better partner, mother and person.

-Julie Reyes of (Dancer/Entrepreneur/Mother)

“I feel free inside and out while I’m running. And it gives me hope in many ways.”

-Vangie Britanico (the one with the cap; Mother / Runner)

Foremost benefit of running to me is that it has kept my hypertension in check. My BP has always been normal coz of running. In addition, it has given me added focus and determination in other aspects like career and personal endeavours.

-Jan Mike Cruz (

I lost 20 pounds and gained so many friends.

-Maan Catolos of (Ultramarathoner)

I gained friends, TONS! Made me a happier person, and of course- healthier lifestyle.”

-Aileen Piacos

Running makes me fit, disciplined, happy and focused in everything I do.

-Mira Tan

Running makes me appreciate life more!

-Banjo Asiddao Jr. (Sexy Runner / Premium Support Group, Founder & CEO)

It took me to different places. Dropped my weight from 157lbs to 141lbs and gained a lot of friends. I met Madz too.

-Reinell Tuiza

How about you, how did you benefited from running?

Please share this to your non-running friends. Post it to their Facebook walls so they will be encouraged to run too!

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Dear JourneyingJames…

January 18th, 2011 7 comments

Last year, I received a letter…

Dear JourneyingJames,

I am your avid fan. Even before the was born, I had been following your adventures on I took note every single detail during your 14-day backpacking trip, ready to challenge – if not exceed your Php 250/day budget. I was unsuccessful though, because when I had my trip to Mindanao, I spent an average of Php 980.20/day – far beyond what you had. But I was never disappointed; bet I took your trip as my end goal that I hopefully able to accomplish sooner.

I was even more excited when your was launched. You see, running is my second passion (traveling is my first). I keep all your tips, recommendations and ideas by heart and perhaps that’s the reason why I want to run my first pikermi now, when I used to be contented running 5KM.

I want to keep this letter brief so as not to bore you or any of the readers, but I am so darn desperate to win that endorphin-producing shirt as your Xmas present (consider that a birthday gift for me, too!) that I decided to write to you. And, I’ll share another secret: my boyfriend thinks I have a big crush on you because I keep on talking about you, your blog and your adventures, especially when we had our own version of Visayas backpacking trip. See? That’s how much addicted I am to your blog, so please let me win the shirt!


This kind of letter would really make your day. It gives you encouragement to continue sharing stories thru the site.

Thank you so much Adel for the heart-warming letter. You are very much appreciated! If only I can convince the RunHigh Shirts winners to give their shirt to you. haha I hope RunHigh Shirts can read this too! :) About your boyfriend, please tell him not to be jealous of me. :) He can buy you a shirt instead. :)

I love to give you a RunHigh Shirts but my budget is almost depleted already because of my unceasing lust for travel.

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