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Top 10 Philippine Races of 2010

December 29th, 2010 13 comments

Disclaimer: This is my conclusion according to the races, marathon and fun runs I joined. All of these are my personal opinion. If you don’t agree with one or all of the things I said here, please don’t get mad at me.  If you still are, run 50K and I’m sure you will feel better. :) Cheers for the New Year!

So without further ado, (drum rolls please). You can also click the Race Title to view my race experience/review.

10. Century Tuna Superbods Run (The Fort) – 21k.

I’m one of the 11,344 runners. At that time, it was the most attended race in the Philippines. Congrats by the way to the runners & organizers of 10.10.10 for making it to the Guinness Book of World Records. Anyway, I love this run because this was my first  half-marathon. The longest I’ve ran before that was 16K, 2 weeks before the actual race.

It’s also my first time to use a cap, a pair of sunglasses, a hydration belt during an actual race, and a timing chip (see pic above). And yes this was the first time I blogged (and reviewed) my race.

Organizer: RunRio  / Time: 2:03:18

9. Merrell Adventure Run (Montalban, Rizal) - 15K, Trail run.

My reward for this race: 4 blisters, 2 scratches (knees and legs) & a finisher’s medal.

I love running in the outdoors. I even trained in Mt.Makiling for this. But when I saw the trails this is what I concluded, “Unrunnable terrain” -mountaineers have their edge on this. Luckily, I conquered a lot of mountains before ‘running.’ This should be called “Run, Hike, Trek, River-cross Race.”

This is also my first official trail run. And the first time I met this cool runner/bloggers D-Loner-RunnerRunning Atom, RunnerIshi and Minnie Runner. Thanks again for the taho Irish. :)

Organizer: Thumbie Remigio  / Time: 2:19:25

8. PSE Bull Run 2010 (The Fort) – 10k.

All I can remember is that this was my first 10K race. The longest training run I did was 8.5K. There was no photo and I don’t know anyone yet. This was my second time to race in Manila and I was happy because I didn’t get lost.

I timed 53:35, faster than my target of 1:00. It took me months to finally beat this PR, and I beat it in #7 race, which is…

Organizer: AdEvents Manila  /   Time: 53:35

7. Celebrate Running Anniversary (The Fort) – 10k.

I’m celebrating my 7th monthsary with running when I ran my 5th 10K during’s  Runfest. I’m so happy because I’m a member of So thankful for this new sports that I don’t call it a sport anymore, it has been part of my life now, my travels are not complete without running.

I would like to again congratulate Mr. Jinoe Gavan for a very successful Runfest. Looking forward for next year’s celebration! PS. I really like the idea of the personalized singlet.

Organizer: LeadPack  /  Time: 52:49

6. Salomon X-Trail Run (Subic, Pampanga) – 24K, trail run

Fresh na after the shower, rejoicing with some members. Thanks for the parteh, parteh!

Here’s my memorable experience,

The first kilometers were on the golf course, then to the trails, its so hot that I’m forced to walk, run, walk. But even though I was struggling on the first 7 kilometers because of the upHELLS (running on hills while the sun is super hot), I was enjoying it because its anew experience. Then came the river crossing at Km.10 then up to the summit. Boy I was mesmerized at the summit, the beauty of the mountain ranges was a relief for after some 13K. That was also the time were I picked up my pace until kilometer 19 where I did fartlek. Yes, I was doing fartlek on the last 5K. The Hammer Gel I took really kicked-in and I was able to do a negative split. Then came the final 100 meters, and I would say that this is the most treacherous last 100meters I ran in my entire life. As in, I was stuck in a knee-high mud and I don’t have a choice but to take off my shoes and walk bare-foot till the finish line. Man, that was cool! Hats off Salomon, Suunto and Neville!

Organizers: Salomon, Neville & Co.  / Time: 2:54:14

5. Men’s Health Urbanathlon (BGC, Taguig City) – 10k

With Alabang Runners “MEN” – We are URBANATHLETES after 10K.

I only saw this on Men’s Health magazine the year before. I was so jealous because this is the kind of race that I wanna join. Glad that I became an “Urbanathlete.”

Regarding the race, the obstacles are challenging, especially the low crawl. But I really love the wall, I hope there will be additional walls next year (and taller maybe?), longer balance beam, and more tire dumps. How about making it 10K and 16K next edition?

Thanks to Summit Media for sponsoring an event like this.

Organizer: LeadPack  /  Time: 54:30

4. CamSur International Marathon (CWC, Camarines Sur) – 21k

Look at the lovely sunrise at the background! Will definitely run CamSur Marathon again this 2011.

It was one epic CamSur weekend! It was indeed a blast I was not expecting. Everything was a surprise, this will not be possible without the help of good friends Kassy, who offered Reylynne’s 21K race kit; Reylynne for giving me her race kit; Team Logan for the ride to and from CamSur, Theo & Katie for the couch on the first night and a wonderful time at Daruanak; and Estan for letting me stay on his very cozy CWC cabana the night before the big event.

I only spent Php1,500 (thats all the money I got) for 3days in Naga City. I was able to try wakeboarding too. I was able to set an new 21K PR too.

Organizer: RunRio  /  Time: 2:00:44

3. Globe Tattoo Tiger Race (Burnham Park, Baguio City) - 10k

TRIUMPH: One of my fave running pics

This particular road race is somewhat different and unforgettable for a lot of reasons. This is also my come back race after 2 weeks of zero running due to my left knee injury. Anyway, I want to share with you why it was an unforgettable one for 3 first-time reasons:

a.  It was my first time to run in Baguio City. Talk about high altitude running without enough time to adjust on the weather.

b. It was my first time to run with a “team.” I run with Team Logan. To some who do not know who Team Logan is, they are composed of American couples Craig & Michelle with their 9-year old son, Justin. Craig and Michelle take turns to push Justin on his stroller because Justin has a cerebral palsy.

“I enjoyed and was pumped up on having the opportunity to push Justin’s stroller a lot of times during the race most especially on uphills.”

c. It was my first time to join a race with a P50 registration fee.

Organizer: Globe Tattoo /  Time: 1:25:00 (route was 13K)

2. RunRio 3: Unilab Run United 2 (BGC, Taguig City) – 32k.

Proud 32K finisher! Feeling may “maskels”

Everything was perfect for this run. We toured Global City and beyond on foot. Ample water stations (read: bumabaha ng Powerade and cold water), lotsa medical services, no traffic among runners, route is close to traffic, weather was fine, bananas and hammer gels also available.

Organizer: RunRio  / Time: 3:27:50

1. The Bull Runner Dream Marathon (Nuvali Sta. Rosa) – 42K.

The BEST race ever! From the preparation (trainings, seminars and support) to the post race it was worth it. Signing up for this race was one of the wisest things I did this 2010. This also encouraged me to be religious in following the training plan and blogging about my runs and trainings.

For those who are running the TBR Dream Marathon 2011, congrats! As a 2010 graduate (marathon finisher), I can assure that its all worth it.

Here’s some of the memorable notes I wrote before and after the big day:

12 hours before the gunstart: Open Letter to Mary

Part 1: I’m a Marathoner!

Part 2: We are Marathoners!

Part 3: A Million Thanks!

Organizer: The Bull Runner  /  Time: 5:00:02

Now that 2010 is about to end, let me thank everyone whom I met, I ran with, I thank you also for reading my blogs. Let me wish you MORE MILEAGE, MORE MILEAGE this 2011.

For races this coming 2011, you can check the Running Calendar.

If you like my blog post (or kahit hindi rin), please share or tweet it (just click the buttons above). Salamuch! :)

You can also share my Facebook page:

You can also catch me at Twitter: @journeyingjames

How about you? Whats on your list? Can you give me your top 3?

Your Christmas Gift from RunHigh Shirts

December 23rd, 2010 7 comments

Merry Christmas from JourneyingJames & RunHigh Shirts!

So how do you want this “endorphin-producing” dri-fit shirt as our Christmas gift to you?

If this is posted on Facebook, I know you will “LIKE” it and maybe make a comment saying, “I want it bad” or “I love it.”

This holiday, RunHigh is giving away two (2) Gray RunHigh dri-fit shirts to lucky readers of “On A Shoestring by JourneyingJames.”

Would you like to wear this one kick-ass shirt this New Year?

Here’s how to win one:
(contest available for Philippine residents only)
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5. 2 winners will be chosen thru and will be announced on 01-11-11.

The winning entries will be given a one (1) gray “RUN” dri-fit shirt each, size of their choice. Promo runs until January 11, 2011 at 11:11am.

What are you waiting for? “Friend, Like, Download, Upload and Tag” as fast as you can!

Upload this photo to journeyingjames Facebook Page:

Can’t wait to wear this cool shirt? Place your order now at RunHigh Facebook page.

RunHigh shirts are made of tri-coat fabric. Design: Gray with black print. Sizes available: XS, S, M, and L.

Have a Prosperous New Year of running!

A Year in Review: 1000 Miles and Counting (and Christmas Greeting too!)

December 22nd, 2010 7 comments

1 mile = 1.6 kilometers

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Confucius

1,000 Mile Club

Okay, so I have done a MILEStone last December 14- I have officially ran 1,000 miles (or 1,600 kilometers) since I started to log my runs beginning of the year 2010 (I started running seriously December 2009). If you are lazy about logging your runs, make it one of your New Year’s resolution and you will be surprise to see progress (even regress) in training, speed, agility and endurance. Do I have to say “and gain more running friends too?

DailyMile (share your training with friends and stay motivated)

C’mon! Cut some slack and register to DailyMile. This is not only for runners but also for multi-sport athletes or just plain adrenaline junkie like you and me. Very easy to use and you can log your workouts along with the weather condition, effort and photos too! But wait, this post is not about  DailyMile, right? But I’m so much thankful to it, because its like Facebook for runners.

Here’s how my workouts look like as of December 22, 2010 10:30am:

2010 Workouts courtesy of DailyMile

Notice the spike up on April because I’m training for my first Marathon that month, and it was my peak month. Then come June, where my mileage is at its slowest (not including December) because I got an injury. Gladly I was able to come back and I’m happy with the progression from August to October, then probably my worst training (or none) month is December where all I did was to pigout and carbo-load hiding it with the words “OFF-SEASON” as if I’m an elite runner. Okay, you can laugh now! hahahahahahaha

Anatomy of 1,000miles

So you where thinking how long a 1,000 miles is?

To have a better perspective, it like starting from the northernmost island of the Philippines to the southernmost tip of Mindanao.

Virtually, I have ran the Philippines from North to South! Hoorah!! Same distance if you will travel from Manila to Ho Chih Minh City, Vietnam or if you are more familiar with USA, its approximately the distance from New York City to Florida.

Sa totoong buhay (In real life), you may ask, ” Where did you ran those miles?”

I would say, I usually run in my hometown, Los Banos, Laguna particularly in UPLB where the weather is colder than Manila and the routes are diverse- I can have hills in the morning and the track oval in the afternoon, paved roads on weekdays and mountain trail on weekends. But wait, there’s more! I had my longest in Nuvali, Sta.Rosa City (my first ever marathon) and most races are in the Fort.

Here are my running places:

Boracay. Ran here twice, one nirvanic and the second one rave!

Wawa Dam, Montalban, Rizal. After, I felt I was “kawawa” because of the bruises and blisters, see the trails of Wawa dam.

Siargao Island, Mindanao. Ran barefoot on a virgin beach and it was freeing!

Cebu City. Didn’t know where particularly but I managed to ran somewhere in Cebu City before my flight back to Manila.

Baguio City. One of the most memorable races I joined because I was running with Team Logan, it was also a race comeback after suffering from a knee injury. It was a blast! Again, thanks for the healthy breakfast!

Lipa City. I ran in a Restricted Area aka Airbase Runway. This will not happen again.

CamSur, Bicol. Fortunately, I was able to run the CamSur Marathon, 21K (broke my 21K PR) with my friend Reylynne giving me her race kit, Team Logan tagged me to go with them and Estan offering a couch.

Corregidor Island. Thanks to CIHM organizers and for this awesome running experience. It’s hard to run in the 1:30pm heat much more if you just eaten buffet lunch. Some pictures of the Corregidor test run. More test runs to come?

Western Visayas Series. You have read about my roadXtrail adventures at Mambukal Resort; my short but “Sweet” Run in La Carlota City; my ala-Baywatch Run at Roxas City; and finally another run in Boracay.

Subic, Pampanga. Then I ran another trail, it was the most diverse trail I ever experienced. Thanks to Salomon for the über challenging race.

El Nido, Palawan. Yes, but not that much, more of sprints on the lovely Ipil Beach.

Los Banos. Lastly, I experienced another rave run, what they call “runner’s high” back in my playground when I ran in 12midnight. Nothing freaky and the experience was priceless!

Dami noh? Konti palang yan compared to my international marathoner slash marathon maniac Scientist Runner who runs marathons like everywhere in the world.

On Shoes…

Oh, I have used 4 shoes during these runs. 3 I bought and one sponsored.

Nike Slat. My first ever running shoes, still a jogger when I bought it on 2008 and continued to use until it died a natural death, January of 2010. RIP. I got injured here, maybe because of too much abuse, sorry swoosh. Status: RIP

Adidas Adizero Ace. Bought this on sale and used it on my very first half-marathon and had a proud finish during the last 10K of my marathon (I changed shoes at kilometer 32, thanks Ms.Nao for helping me change shoes and singlet- the memories). One negative thing, it gave my dead toe-nails everytime I use it beyond 18 kilometers, maybe because of the narrow tip. Still, I love the simple design and very light-weight. Status: Retired!

New Balance MR92. Bought on sale too! My fave shoes, so far! I have used this shoes in most races and in the out-of-town runs I did. I so much loooooove this shoes because it didn’t give me any injury. Sad thing is, he is about to retire as well. Hope I can still find another pair as its already phased out. Status: About to Retire.

VFF Sprint (I named her Sienna). Had this during the VFF launch, at first I was having problems with it because its painful but them our love story, errr running story is bound to a happy ending (not yet). I’m using her not only in running but more so on my travels. I love Sienna because I can bring her anywhere and of her all-around use. I use her on my trainings, while snorkling, while walking on the beach, and practically anywhere. Oh btw, Sienna and me did a sub-Piolow run (46:20) at the Resort’s World fun run. Woot Woot! Thanks again BarefootWear Inc. Status: In a relationship (and growing).

I have yet to experience Mizuno, Asics, Brooks and my dream shoes- Saucony Kinvara. I hope the good Santa Claus aka marketing manager can read this. My running fund is already depleted because of my incessant travels this 2010. I do accept Christmas gifts even if its late. Btw, I’m size 10, nuetral and lightweight. :) Thank you very much in advance!

On Running Groups… runners. Thanks for supporting the Heritage Run. More free runs this 2011!

Alabang Runners. Thank you for being Ohana, I miss you guys! Special greeting to Ms.Nao, Madz, Adelle, Deng, Rach, Teh, Cindy & Saul, Rainier, Banjo, Eman, Karl (who gave me a very nice idea!), Sir Leo, Jojo, Mond, Ambow and the Balbons and the rest of ANR! Hope to run with you soon.

MacRunners Sports Inc. My running team in Los Banos, you guys are blazin’ fast! Thanks for the company and the motivation to run faster and longer.

Want your 1,000 miles too?

Let me remind you of what Confucius said in the opening quote!

Cheers for another year of running! Here’s to another 1,000 miles this 2011! Let’s try to run from Mindanao back to the northernmost Philippines island. Come, run with me!

Before I end this post, let me share my Christmas greeting poster to you my dear reader:

Here’s to more years of running! Thank you!

Bull Run 2011 Race Packet Winners

December 21st, 2010 5 comments

And the PSE-Megaworld Bull Run Race Packet winners are…

16. Cris Dela Cruz


19. John Brian Pacia

Congats Cris and John Brian for winning one race kit each. I will contact you to on how you are going to claim your race packets. Please let me know what distance you want to run and your singlet size. Merry Christmas!

To all those who joined, thank you so much for tagging you friends in this one exciting race, PSE-Megaworld Bull Run 2011.

Hope you guys would continue to read “On A Shoestring,” or maybe we might bumped into each other during the 2011 races…. But wait, because I’m celebrating my birthday today and its Christmas season, you might want to join again to another exciting contest on my blog. Just visit back this week and win a ____________.  Suspense! You will like this Christmas giveaway too! That’s for sure, “gusto ko ngang manalo!” But those are for my readers! :)

Again, we want to thank the organizers of Bull Run 2011 for partnering with JourneyingJames!

You can also check the Runners who joined the Bull Run Race Packet Giveaway

For more information about the Bull Run 2011: Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya, please visit their official website: PSE Bull Run 2011

Corregidor International Half Marathon Photos and Race Results

December 20th, 2010 12 comments

JOURNEYingjames thinks that he is destined to see action in Corregidor Island. I was part of the group who were invited by Ivan Henares to tour The Rock. Without thinking twice, I said I’m in. So that’s the reason I came not with my “running attire” but with pen and travel journal. Just thankful that Jojo lent me his camera so I can take some shots while I was jealous of the runners we pass by.

Here are some PHOTOS I took:

Getting Ready for the ROCK

Some stretching, hearts all pumping!

Pseudo-Coach Rio at the beginning of the race

Queen of the Rock, Michelle Estuar in action

The "real" Coach Rio

For the whole album, check JourneyingJames Page on Facebook

CIHM Album 1,
CIHM Album 2,
CIHM Album 3,
CIHM Album 4

My photographer friend, Estan, also has a Gallery of Corregidor 21K Runners.

You can also download the results:

Male Finishers: CIHM Male Finishers 21K (752)

Female Finishers: CIHM Female Finishers 21K (761)

Over-all Finishers: CIHM Finishers 21K Over-all (711)

My appreciation to Sun Cruises, especially to Sir Bobby for generously accommodating us during the tour.

Should you want to revisit the route or bring your family for a day of historic learning, do visit Corregidor Philippines website. There’s more to do and experience in this important island.

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