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4th PAU: Green-eyed from Tagaytay to Nasugbu

Following are some snippets from those who joined the 4th Philippine  Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) Tagaytay-Nasugbu 50K, both runners virgins & veterans) and support crew. Will also be sharing how I felt from Km.0 (Tagaytay City, Cavite) to Km.50 (Nasugbu, Batangas).

I wish I’m seeing Tagaytay-Nasugbu on foot (not on 4 wheels)

I just came from a tiring (yet satisfying) Salomon X-Trail Run at Subic, headed straight to Tagaytay because we are part of the support crew for Alabang Runners who want to test their limits. At first, I’m excited but when I saw myself at the assembly I begin to get jealous to those warming up in the cold of the morning. Why? They are on the running attire while I’m wearing a jacket, pants and VFF, this is one of those times that I wish it was just a dream. I somehow regretted not signing up for this experience of a lifetime. I really can feel my legs wanting to run with those guys. But I have to control my legs and say wait, you will have your time.

Amped at the Starting Line- Virgins & Veterans

On Ultramarathon Virgins and Veterans

Numbering 160, ultramarathon virgins and veterans, warmed the freezing temperature at Tagaytay City. After some opening remarks from the BaldRunner off they went on the grueling journey never looking back, all the trainings, hard works, hydration belt, power gels and lakas ng loob will be tested right here, right now.

Me? I’m sitting pretty inside Raymund’s van with Jojo (co-owner of PremiumSupportGroup), Anne (Van’s hubby) and Banjo (founder of PremiumSupportGroup).

We stopped every 5 kilometers to hand out sports drink, water, food and encouragements making sure that our runners finish the race within our own cut-off time, below 7 hours. We challenged them by threatening to cease assistance after 7hours. Yes, WTF! We Torture Friends! We just want to motivate them to push and push hard their limits! We waited patiently as they walk the last 8 kilometers under the arduous sun.

Now that’s just me, let’s see what my co-supporters say:

Anne Camannong: “Being a part of a support group for the first time was a privilege. It was also a mix of emotions (excitement, fun, worry and relief) from start to finish. You get to cheer, help the runners rehydrate and sometimes tease them to give a little push to help them reach their goals. One thing I’ve learned is that during this kind of event it doesn’t matter if you’re a runner or a support crew, there’s always a time to make new friends. Proud to be a part of the Premium Support Group :)”

Banjo Asiddao Jr.: “Being a part of a support team is very rewarding in the sens that you helped someone reach their goal.. To finish their ultramarathon….”

Premium Support Group- we make sure you finish the race within our cut-off time

Jojo Pauly: “I feel proud beeing a part of the ultra support crew!!!!!!its our duty as a runner to help each other mutually we are just one big family…and its the great achievement to see them smilling crossing the finish line its an honor to serve reach there dream!”


Aileen Piacos: “Our support cars had to travel back and forth to accommodate all our runner’s needs. Tith our efforts, it still feels a little disheartening to learn that some of our runners had to ask for water from the stores along the route. It still felt great to have been able to contribute to the group. Helping and offering our supplies to strangers who are not part of our group also felt awesome. Everytime we pass by someone whom we thought needed help, we always tried to stop and offer the little supply that we had. In the end, we found ourselves being thanked by faces we barely remembered.” (Photo by Irene Ong)

Wil Veluz: Masaya at may halong kaba minsan sinisigawan na and runner para bilisan pa nya ang pace nya dahil ilang metro nalang ang layo nya sa ibang runner at may tatakbohin pa syang 2km”

Wil enjoying the view while waiting for runners

Te Calleja: “First, get everything ready: water, energy/sports drink, bananas, eggs (and salt), candies, ice, sponges. In the beginning, runners will ask for what they feel they need and you have to be ready to hand it to them FAST!

By the second half of the run, runners will be too tired to think so YOU have to do the thinking for them: did they drink enough? do they need to eat? do they need a cold sponge? They are at your mercy (bwahahahahaha!) and will take anything you give them (so be nice, hehehe).”

Now, the Ultramen and UltraMaan:

Raymond Canta: “Looking back the ULTRAEXPERIENCE, I never imagined that I would be able to finish it. There are times along the route that I want to stop and try again next time. But with my friends’ push and motivation, I made it. I am a proud ultramarathoner! Yipeee!”

Vans Camannong (Bib#136): “PAU T2N was fun because of the support and push I got from My friends. Despite of the pain and severe heat from the sun. It was also the farthest Jollibee I’ve ever reached! Proud to be a finisher! Proud to be an ULTRAMARATHONER!”

Wayne Plymale (Bib#150: “The expreience of my first ultra was overwhelming. It’s not only the distance but also the camradarie of the fellow ultrarunners and support crews. Besides the beauty of the course we ran, it was a humbling experience running in an event put on by Sir Jovie (Baldrunner). Thank you everyone for a great day!”

By the way, is that Manny Pacquiao?

Leo Tugade: “Had anyone told me before that running an ultramarathon would be this fun, I would have joined one much earlier. Okay that’s a lie! Damn. Almost all the Mamaws I know have told me that. Did I listened? No! Fear inside me ate the better of me. Damn! I could have run P2P and the Pinatubo Trail but I guessed I’m really destined to run T2N.

And never had I ran a race before where a fellow runners would greet you good morning with smiles before passing you. Some are even creative enough to say “makikidaan lang po sir”, “pwede po mauna muna?”, “pauna ha, ikaw uli mamaya” “miss ko na si jolibee eh!!!”, etc. Funny, humorous lines said to me randomly by runners that always lift my spirit.

Believing in yourself, trusting God and having a wonderful support crew in my end plus the dedication and preparedness of the organizers on the other hand equals an ultra amazing experience all worth the pains and aches. Oh, and hidden between those factors is TRAINING! c” , )”

Maan Catolos (Bib#63): “What I remember most is the journey towards the finish line. The whole ordeal was tough, hard and painful, but after crossing the finish line it didn’t matter anymore. I couldn’t have done it without the help of several people, especially to my support crew. Till my next ultra :)” (Photo by: Carlyn Pamil)

Xerxis Tan (Bib#179: Ungas Lang Training Resulta Aray”

Chang Hitalia (Bib#108): “Finishing a 50k is in itself an achievement. Training and self discipline is necessary to keep you in shape. Determination to finish must also be present. Friends’ support during the race is also vital to help you finish strong. Talking about my personal experience, they were there all through out with the care, the push and the pressure … one of the reasons why I won 1st runner up!”

Allen Gaspar (Bib#99): “Ano ba yan ultramarathon na yan?? Saan ba yan?? hohohohohoho….”

Wishing this post will continue to inspire more runners to be ultramarathoners. For me, I just want to somehow immortalize their feats and someday use this as inspiration as I also want to embark an ultramarathon journey. For now, I just have to wait for my Chritmas wishes to happen, I need those for PAU training.

Congrats for a nice and successful race Sir Jovie! Congrats UltraRunners, long live!

Congrats too to MacRunners (my running group) for the strong finish you did! I’m so proud of you guys! Wish we can have our own support vehicle next time. Me; Edison (13th placer); Mang Peping (41ts placer); and Sunday (1st runner-up)

You can check the results at the BaldRunner’s site.

Thank you Jojo “the snail runner” for letting me use your shots once again. Next time, tayo na mag-uultra!

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  1. Mond Canta
    November 25th, 2010 at 11:28 | #1

    Thanks baby james!!!! It was an awesome ultra experience talaga!!!!

    teka, bakit ganun ang picture ko????!!!! thanks!


    journeyingjames Reply:

    Awesome, next time wag mo na i-try tulak yung van ha, dun ka ata naubos.hahaha changed your pic sir TL!


  2. Jojo Pauly
    November 25th, 2010 at 15:43 | #2

    nice!! nice! sure ultra na tayo hahahahah!!!!!


    journeyingjames Reply:

    yeah! bili muna tayo ng shoes..haha


  3. Kenley Jones
    November 25th, 2010 at 16:23 | #3

    Wow, very inspiring post, as I read I am sensing a great achievement not only with in the runners, but also the support crew. One can not operate with out the other. Both are of one body. I am ever so glad that I decided to wait as something of that magnitude requires lots of logistical planning and preparation. A big Congratulations to those runners who completed, and to the support crew that got them across the finish line which was one of your endeavors. Thanks for sharing this post. Have a good one.


    journeyingjames Reply:

    so true sir kenley, participating in an ultra race is more of a team effort. even competitors are treated as teammates. can’t wait to participate in an event like this


  4. Kalaban ng mga Spartan
    November 26th, 2010 at 01:55 | #4

    going ultra is no joke, you really need ultra training too. Hindi kayang i-asa nalang kay Batman.hahaha


    journeyingjames Reply:

    congrats x, 102K na kasunod nyan! hahaha kalaban ni batman si ultraman?


  5. November 26th, 2010 at 02:50 | #5

    onga kakainggit. Hmmm….ultra….ultra….hmmm…cge pagisipan ko. Hehe…

    probably ultra-support muna. :D

    nice post!



    journeyingjames Reply:

    yeah! sabay na tayo sir… lets make it a training for condura


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