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Heritage Fun Run: Run to Help Philippine Tourism

August 24th, 2010 37 comments

This is one run you should not miss! Finally, a fun run for FREE! Woot! Woot!

Not your ordinary Sunday race as this doesn’t give you a singlet or a medal or a shirt after the run. No loot bags and no timing chip. Just a fun, fun, fun run (you can bike too) along some of the historical sites in Manila.

Note for all: Please Read this from Carlos Celdran. He was the one who started this. Then, while we (#helpDOT tweeps) are having a brainstorming meeting last Friday at Department of Tourism with U.Sec Enteng Romano, I suggested that we can also have runners during that bike tour. So this fun run was born.

Don’t expect too much. This is just an advocacy run to help Department of Tourism (#helpDOT)- that’s all. I encourage runners who are interested to learn something from our own history while running (healthy na, historical pa).

What will I gain here? Nothing. Just a genuine support to our DOT. Meet runners and tour Manila for free. I believe SMART Philippines will cover this event too!

Any help I can do? Join us! Promote! Promote! Blog about this! Tweet! Facebook this! Make a shout out! O btw, we need photographers so we can make this thing viral.

Date: September 5, 2010 (Sunday), 6:00am (be there at 5:45am)
Meeting Place: Manila Film Center (its near PICC, CCP and Sofitel)
Distance: 6 kilometers more or less (for those who are having an LSD we can retrace the route 2-3 times)
Route: Starting at the Manila Film Center then around Malate, Ermita, Intramuros, & Binondo and back again.
Hydration: Please bring your own.
So, are you in? No need to pay anything (meaning its FREE), just leave a comment below (so we know how many to expect that day). And pray it doesn’t rain that morning.

Will keep you updated thru this blog. For now, be a Fan of HelpDOT on Facebook.

Shout out goes to @carlosceldran, @TeamManila, Fung Yu, SMART Philippines, YEHEY and many more for creative ideas to help Philippine Tourism!

See you there runners (I think I will wear the blue personalized singlet)! And together let’s discover anew the streets of the Old Manila. This will be a blast!

One thing more, we will be needing volunteer pacers and more photographers while we run. Please leave a comment below or email me at <> if you plan to help out. Thanks a lot for spreading the word. See you there!

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Snapshots Thursday: TBR Dream Marathon

August 19th, 2010 8 comments
It’s has been a while since I last posted something about running. Its just that I’m finishing my backpacking stories. But because The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2o11 has an official date already (March 20, 2011) let me remember my most unforgettable race.
At the finish line, TBR Dream Marathon (May 22, 2010)
The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2010- my very first marathon (42.195K /26.2 miles). My face shows all the hard work and pain my body and mind have gone through. Those short 5-second moment at the finish line is still memorable up to this very day, when you raise your hand in celebration of victory, high-five those your fellow marathoners, be congratulated by your friends and thank God for the strength He gave.
Unexplainable and indescribable for marathon virgins.
Those are moments that fellow marathoners would forever cherish.

To those who are planning to join TBR Dream Marathon 2011, all the best. To my TBR DM Classmates, let’s pay it forward and be of help to the second batch of first-time marathoners. Bravo Ms.Jaymie for another “dream race” coming!!

May these quotes inspire each of us to continue running and
finish your first marathon:

“Our running shoes are really erasers. Every step erases a memmory of a past failure.
Every mile brings us closer to a clean slate. Each footstrike rubs away a word, a look,
or an event which led us to believe that sucess was beyond our grasp.”
- John Bingham
“The marathon’s about being in contention over the last 10K.  That’s when it’s about what you have in your core.  You have run all the strength, all the superficial fitness out of yourself, and it really comes down to what’s left inside you.  To be able to draw deep and pull something out of yourself is one of the most tremendous things about the marathon.”
– Rob de Castella

thanks for reading journeyingjames- my running stories and travel discoveries–
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1st Triple A Cup

August 18th, 2010 1 comment
NO, this is not a bra size or a battery…
Read on if you wanna know…

I want to invite everyone out there especially those residing in South Manila and nearby provinces to:
1st Triple A Cup Aquathlon

Event: Aquathlon (Run-Swim-Run)
Lite: 2.5K run – 400m swim – 5K run
Extra Lite: 2.5K run – 200m swim – 2.5K run

Registration Fee: P300 <includes race bib, finisher’s shirt & medal, freebies>

Date: September 12, 2010, (Sunday) 6:00am
Venue: San Beda College, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

For inquiries/registration please contact:
Vangie (0921-695-1986) or Rachelle (0918-929-7351)

Sponsors: Women’s Health, Pascual Laboratories, Dole Philippines, Sun Life Financial and Pascual Laboratiories

Hurry up and register! This is your opportunity to meet new friends and start off your journey to being an IronMan. Don’t be intimidated to join, this will also be my first time to try aquathlon so I’m doing the extra-lite category. Hope to see you in the water! 
I got a feeling that this will be a success because the organizers are doing their best to make this memorable for every participant. Kaya, tara na! Practice your swimming skills na.

Download the reg form: 

Before I end this post, I want to make a shout out to ANR Alabang members (Coach John, Will and Potch) who will join CamSur Ironman 70.3 this weekend. Stay safe and have good transitions.

thanks for reading journeyingjames- my running stories and travel discoveries– 
let’s walk, run, climb, ride, swim and fly. 
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Nature Valley Tree Planting and Maple Tree Foundation

August 15th, 2010 5 comments
“Going the extra mile seems hard at first but simple endeavors make a big difference
when done with all your heart.” -journeyingjames

May its roots grow deep, its leaves bloom and its trunks a refuge to many.

Most believe that one of the ten things you must do before you die is to plant a tree. And so together with more than 200 tree planting volunteers on the morning of August 7, I planted some Molave and Ipil-Ipil trees at the Ipo Dam, Norzagaray Bulacan. I am thankful to Nature Valley Philippines for this “make a difference” project. Each of the volunteers planted about 5 trees after 1 hour of hike. It feels good to be doing something not only for yourself but for your kids, you future, for nature. I just hope and pray that the Dumagats and DENR would be serious to nurture the trees we planted.

The volunteers on their way to the mountain
Start of the 1 hour hike
We are happy to plant trees
TBR Marathon Classmates

The advocacy started when 11,200 runners joined the Nature Valley Run last May 30, 2010. I’m glad that Nature Valley is true to their words as this tree planting activity is already the part 2 of the 3-part tree planting endeavor. Thankful that I’m part of this worthy advocacy.

With some Dumagats & fellow volunteers (Odie, Leo and Odette)

On a personal level, I joined because I love nature, the mountains, the trees and I’m an outdoor person. It would break my heart to climb a deforested mountain. Also, I learned that this would benefit the Dumagat tribes that are living near the mountains. During college, I have had a lot of opportunities to help the Dumagats of Aurora province and I think this is a good follow up, this time the Dumagats of Bulacan. For more info, you can visit the Nature Valley website.

After the tree planting, Nature Valley kind enough to give us loot bag. Double Kudos to Nature Valley! I was looking for the Haagen Dazs ice cream but there is none.hahaha

How I wish all ‘runs’ that are being organize are like this. This is really what we call run the ‘extra mile.’ But of course you also want to be part of it. Sorry, but the activity already ended. Maybe I can offer you some suggestions to start in your own little way:
1. Stop littering and teach others to do the same.
2. Segregate and Recycle.
3. Bring your own bag when going shopping.
4. Bring your own mug at Starbucks/CBTL.
5. Stop using straw in fastfoods, its plastic. Its cool to drink without the straw.
6. Buy 1.5L of Gatorade instead of the usual 500ml bottle.
7. Help my friend Kassy. Read further for more details…

Let’s hold our hands together, go the extra mile- for NATURE, for the FUTURE!

Kassy, a marathoner friend is running her 2nd Marathon at the SC Standard Chartered Marathon on December 5, 2010. She will do this for the benefit of The Mapple Tree Foundation. She is raising some bucks “to help deprived and underserved mountain communities live healthy, productive, and peaceful lives with sustainable resource development programs that provide basic services, livelihood development, and education.”

Please check out her blog HERE and help put smile on the faces of the kids living in the mountains. You don’t need to do something BIG or be FAMOUS in order to make a difference. small things make a BIG difference when done with all your heart.

Note: Some pictures are from Odie, a fellow runner and tree planting volunteer. Nice meeting you guys!

thanks for reading journeyingjames- my running stories and travel discoveries– 
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Run for Peace and Human Rights

August 6th, 2010 2 comments
This is one out-of-the-box race schedule! Its a Thursday, August 12 2010.
In celebration of the 11th International Youth Day they are organizing a Youth Fun Run for Peace and Human Rights. I support this kinds of advocacies- youth, peace and human rights. Of course, even if you are 65 years old you can still join the race.

Race Event: Youth Run for Peace and Human Rights
Race Distances: 3K and 5K
Registration Fee: P200 for students P300 for non-students
Registration Areas: see HERE

Race Information and Mechanics
1. Date and Venue: August 12, 2010, Thursday at Quirino Grandstand, Roxas Blvd.,  Manila.
2. Assembly time: Assembly starts at 5:00am. Please make sure that you are checked in by the race marshals before the race. The race officially starts at 6:00am. Only those who have officially registered, signed and submitted the waiver and checked in properly are entitled to win the race.
3. Race Category: The race is composed of 2 categories (3K and 5K). Runners may choose to participate in any ONE category only.
4. Baggage Booth: There will be a baggage booth located near the start/finish area. The race organizers will assume no responsibility for loss and or damage of items checked in.
5. Aid Stations: Water is available at the start and every 1.5 kilometers then. There will be (2 to 3) aid stations on the course where water and medical assistance will be available. To keep the aid stations from being congested, continue on the last table and ¬please keep moving.
Warning - Inadequate training, failure to pace, and disregard for the importance of taking liquid has resulted in life-threatening conditions such as heatstroke in both experienced and first time road runners. If this is your first race or first experience in warm, humid climate, take fluids at each of our aid stations. Should you experience difficulties, stop and ask for advice or assistance from the medical personnel at the aid station before continuing.

Finish Line – Upon crossing the line, you will be timed and directed into a chute where the bar code tags on your number WILL BE REMOVED. Move through the chute as quickly as possible but do not pass other runners. Please do not talk to the timers while the race is in progress as distraction can cause errors to be made. Please exit as soon as you are able. Once you have passed through the finish area, do not return. Be courteous and make room for other finishers. The finish line and all support services will be close 10:00am.
6. Runner number and Shirts: Shirts with the runner number positioned front top center, must be worn throughout the race. The number MUST be visible at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS will be allowed. Runner numbers are not transferable. You and the runner wearing your number will be disqualified. NUMBERS CANNOT BE PICKED UP ON RACE DAY.


7. Checkpoints: Your number will be recorded at several checkpoints along the course. Make sure your runner’s number is clearly visible. You may be disqualified if there is no record of you passing through the checkpoints.

8. Race Curfew: Each race category has its own official curfew. Race marshals will pick up participants who fail to finish the race within allotted time. 

9. Drug Testing: Athletes who participate in this race may be subjected to drug testing in accordance with the PATAFA rules and the IAAF Rule 144. Athletes found positive for banned substances, or who refuse to be tested will be disqualified from this event, and will lose eligibly for future competitions. Some prescriptions and over the counter medication contain banned substances.

10. Protests: Protests related to actions of any race official runner will be accepted only in written form. We will not respond to verbal protest.



Astig di ba? May drug testing pa. And look at the warning (see above in red)! Hmmm… Well, let’s respect the distance (3K and 5K). Lastly, may checkpoints at curfew din! Seryosohan diba? Sali na! 

thanks for reading journeyingjames- my running stories and travel discoveries– 
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