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Runner’s Profile: Wayne Plymale

July 31st, 2010 1 comment
As I want to balance my posts refraining me from blogging about myself and my runs I want to add another feature to the blog, (loud drum roll please…..  tadadadahhhhh) may I present to you the 1st among many RUNNER’S PROFILE.
Note: Every last Saturday of the month starting this July, I will feature a RUNNER or a BACKPACKER on my blog. So, be sure to visit back to learn from them.

Of course, I will feature runners here but not just an ordinary runners as you would see in this particular post. I haven’t met him in person but he is one of the runners who encouraged me in my training runs (thru Daily Mile) and blogging about those. I just hope that you get inspired on track record of the 1st featured runner. So without further adieu, I have all the pride to introduce to you a fellow runner, blogger and friend, WAYNE PLYMALE

Photos by Ben Chan

Name: Wayne Plymale
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Age: 58
Years of Running: 42 years
Training Ground (fave route for training): I have several.  My training runs from my apartment to Golden Gate Park and back as well as those from home to the Presidio and the Marina are enjoyable.  

Favorite Runner (if any):  My favorite runners have to be Bill Rodgers and Joan Benoit Samuleson. They’ve given me advice back in the 1990s. Also in the mix are Jeff Galloway and Steve Scott.    
Favorite Race: My favorite race is the Bay To Breakers 12K.  In the top five is the Bahaginan 15K that I ran in the Philippines in 2008. It was on a nice course and it’s one that I’ll always remember.
Fave Running Quote:  “The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.”  -Juma Ikaanga of Tanzania

Best 5K Time: 17:47 at the Carlsbad 5000 in March 1996
Half-marathon PR:  1:15:55 at the Avenue Of The Giants Half Marathon in May 1974.
Marathon PR:  3:14:46 at the Napa Valley Marathon in Marck 1984
How many full marathons have you finished:  24 (whew!)

Fave running shoes: My favorite running shoe was the Nike Elite back in 1974-1975.  It was the greatest shoe I’ve worn.  I’ve worn the Mizuno Wave Riders and the New Balance 901 which were among my favorites.
Running gears (if any): I don’t have a specific type of running gear.  As long as they’re comfortable, I’ll wear it.
Unforgettable Moment: Running my first and only Boston Marathon to date in April 1999.  My second was the reception that I received before my first of two races in the Philippines in November 2008.  I’ll never forget the race, the day and 11 days I spent there.
Reason(s) for running: There are many.  The camradrie of meeting other runners, places and the different distances are an inspiration.  It helps with the stress from a workday. Also, one feels better after a workout.  
Worst injury: Slight tear of the right achilles tendon in 2007.
Post-race food: (breakfast) – French Toast  (dinner) –  Seafood

Additional questions:
James: If there is one tip that you want to share to newbie runners what will it be?
Wayne:  Rome was not built in one day.  There will be good days and not so good days.  Keep at it.  As a runner, I had other runners who told me this.  Now, it’s my turn to share it with you.  As long as I know runners, I’ll be there to encourage and inspire.

James: What do you do when you are not running?
Wayne:  There are many things that I like to do.  I do some photgraphy work, love movies, music and follow sports.  I recentlly met a lady per a co-worker from work. We’re friends and we see each other a couple of times a week.

James: Do you do any crosstraining?
Wayne: Yes.  Right now, I bike for about an hour and / or swim for about an hour once a week.

Thanks a lot Sir Wayne, can’t wait to see you and train with you when you get here in the Philippines for the second time! Enjoy running and hope you continue to inspire fellow runners.

Too know more about Wayne, you can visit his blog at

If you know a runner/backpacker that is worth to feature here, please let me know. You can email me or just put a comment.

thanks for reading journeyingjames- my running stories and travel discoveries– 
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TAKBO.PR during TAKBO.PH’s Runfest 2010

July 26th, 2010 2 comments

I’m celebrating my 7th monthsary with running when I ran my 5th 10K during’s  Runfest. I’m so happy because I’m a member of So thankful for this new sports that I don’t call it a sport anymore, it has been part of my life now, my travels are not complete without running. Before continuing, I would like to again congratulate Mr. Jinoe Gavan for a very successful Runfest. Looking forward for next year’s celebration!

Adding to my celebration is a new PR (personal record) for 10K (52:49), shaving 46 seconds to my previous PR.
I learned 3 basic things to shave some time on my PR:
1. The lighter you are, the faster you become. After some travelling around Western Visayas, I lose about 1kg, this I think is the reason why I got a faster time. Try it guys, lose weight and eventually you shave some time to your PR.
2. The fresher legs, the better. I realize that I over-trained on some of my races. Looking on my mileage the past 2 weeks, they were both 25K each. The longest run was just 8K. Just enough for me to finish the 10K with some more energy to join the happy celebration and program after the race.
3. I love running on grass. If you saw someone running on grass, that’s me. I don’t know why I really look forward on that running surface. My trainings are on cemented roads and asphalt. But as I look back on my fast runs, I remember that there were grasses (Century Tuna Run). Maybe because its low impact on my knees and I feel fresh when I feel the earth beneath me- therefore, I get faster. Anyone there who has a picture of me running on grass?

I’m at the far left, so thin.

There are somethings worth mentioning regarding this event:
1. The marshals and volunteers wearing Takbo Runfest were a great encouragement. I get boost every time they would cheer me. I saw a lot of friends and familiar faces. So thanks to each one of you. Especial thanks to AR and Mojo (friends you cheered me up!) volunteers who shouted at the top of their voices when they saw me running.
2. The ANR-Alabang group. I’m a proud member of’s AdiNation of Runners Alabang. Although, I’m not present every Tuesday night (because of my travels), I rejoice with the fact that ANR Alabang is like a family.  The call me “Baby James” with reasons I still don’t know.haha I also enjoyed your dance number- especially Jigs and Alex hilarious costume. Everyone of you guys ROCK! Ms.Nao, my kudos to you on how you lead the group. PhotoJojo & PhotoAlex, I gave up tagging my faces on your FB accounts sa sobrang dami ng pictures.

3. Sir Patrick aka The RunningShield. Sir, I don’t think you know this but I was following your pace until KM.5. Thanks for the pull and eventually a PR. Nice to run with you too!

with Sarah and Shing after the run

Also, happy to again meet friends (Sarah and Shing) and runner/blogger, RunningAtom, JazzRunner, LifeRunner, Rainier, Maan, Argonaut, Sheerwill, and finally I met Estan of and (an award-winning photographer and blogger). Pre, isama mo naman ako sa mga shoot mo, kahit taga-dala lang ng tripod at lenses. I want to learn from a pro like you. He had a nice run too, you can view his account here.

3 things I love on this Runfest:
1. The personalized singlet- I love the color and the perfect fit.
2. The route- it was a nice route, perfect for PR (water stations are rightly in placed).
3. There was no queuing, or only a few. Galing! Thanks for other sponsors like Nature Valle, SanMig Coffee and others.

Kudos too for a fast release of Race Result and Photos! View it HERE.  

Some more pics:

Sexy shorts, look for the Zohan!
The beauties!
Sa wakas, my pic with the tarp!

When will be my next 10K race? I want a sub-50mins time.
Again, to each one of us, Happy 2nd Year Anniversary! More running years and miles to come!

Photos from Jojo, Shelley, Alex, Carlo Serrano.

thanks for reading journeyingjames- my running stories and travel discoveries– 
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A Must-Run: Makiling Challenge 9

July 24th, 2010 4 comments
Just a week after the Biodiversity Run we find again another race in UPLB. That’s good news for runners in the South of Manila and the neighboring towns- Sta.Rosa, San Pedro, Calamba, and San Pablo.
On its 9th year, MAC Runners (Makiling Campus Runners – UPLB) 
presents (drum roll please……….) 

Race Event: Makiling Challenge 9: Harapin ang Hamon sa Ika-Siyam na Taon
Race Date: September 12, 2010 (Sunday)
Venue: Baker Hall, University of the Philippines- Los Banos (UPLB)
Route: Road (asphalt and cement). UPLB is known for its killer uphills too so be sure to have hills training. I mean a lot of steep hills training.
Assembly: 5:00am at Baker Hall, UPLB
Race Categories: 5K / 10K / 16K
Race Fee: P200 for 5K and 10K (students); P250 for 5K and 10K (open category); and P300 for the 16K.
Race Organizer: Makiling Campus Runnners

Singlet Design:

I lived in Laguna for 11 years now but I haven’t run the Mac Challenge yet on that long stay. I guess I am not into running those years. Anyway, I said that this race is a must-run for me (and hopefully for you too.) for the following reasons:

1. New Route. When I chat with fellow runners here in LB, they always ask me if I ran the Mac Challenge? I haven’t. Too bad even if I just live within the area. So I also learned that they don’t recycle routes. Very good! So this is it! I want to run the 16K.

2. Fresh Air. I have run a lot of races already- the worst pollution was when I did the 21K last July 4  during the 34th Milo Marathon, especially when we passed the road near Baclaran. Free carbon dioxide! Here in LB we don’t have pollution like that of Manila. We have fresh air because we take care of our mountains and trees. You can feel the cold breeze too, so c’mon join us on the 12th of September.

3. Its Damn Cheap. So you don’t want to register for super duper extra expensive Manila race fees. P300 is not bad for 16K. Plus the fare and food? around P500 and you get to experience an out-of-town race, a new route and fresh air. Dude, its sulit!

4. Yogurt, Chocomilk and Buko Pie. So after the run, why not enjoy a runner’s treat by buying some yogurt or choco milk from PCCI or DTRI just waking distance from the finish line. Dude, its damn cheap. A 200ml of yogurt is only P30 and a P200ml of chocomilk (Runner’s World says its the best post-race drink) is only P15. Talk about post-race food. Then as you get back home try our specialty- Buko Pie for Pasalubong. You should also bring home Pineapple pie which is my personal favorite (try Lety’s they are better than The Original’s). 
If you are taking the bus going home, you can ask the conductor to buy you a pie. Yes, you can. A lot of people do that including me, you dont need to give a tip. Just be sure to give him the money to buy it and pay your fare.

Directions going to UPLB:
Its best to commute, you dont pay the toll free and you relax & enjoy the ride! You have your driver pa!
Fare from Buendia (Greenstar Bus going Sta.Cruz) to Los Banos is P99.
Fare from Cubao (HM Transport going Sta. Cruz) to Los Banos is P107.
Fare from Alabang (HM bus to Sta.Cruz) to Los Banos is P51.
From Junction, Los Banos, you can take the jeep (P7) to Baker Hall or just walk for about 1.5K until you find yourself at the starting line. A nice warm-up di ba?

Don’t worry if you’re not from LB, you can register in Manila (just look for the Mac Runners) after the ff races:
07/31/2010 PBA Powerade Run for a Cause 3/5/10K (MOA)

08/01/2010 The Rexona Run 2010 3/5/10/21K (MOA)
08/15/2010 Philippine Red Cross – Run for Humanity 3/5/10K (Pasay)
08/22/2010 Global Run 2010 3/5/15k (Fort)

Download the Registration Form HERE.

You can also register online HERE.
Join there Facebook Page.
Visit their official website.

See you at THE MAKILING CHALLENGE 9. Uphill Training starts now!

thanks for reading journeyingjames- my running stories and travel discoveries– 
let’s walk, run, climb, ride, swim and fly
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Biodiversity Run 2010: Run for Biodiversity, Run for Life

July 22nd, 2010 3 comments
Bored running in BHS/MOA? Tired of the pollution and traffic? Sick of the expensive registration fee? Let’s run at UPLB! New route, Fresh air and Cheap registration fee!
Join the simple but timely advocacy:  RUN for BIODIVERSITY, BIODIVERSITY is LIFE, RUN for LIFE! 
Rarely would I promote races, but this one is something different that I not only joining but also promoting. I will run this because its a Saturday, its near my home and the registration fee is not that expensive. No pollution, new route and all-terrain experience. You can also enjoy the simplicity, beauty and glory of Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve.

Race Venue: Forestry Campus, UP Los Banos, Laguna (less than 2 hours away from Manila)
Date: September 4, 2010 (Saturday), 5:00am assembly time, 6:00am gun start
Running Route: Uphills & downhills, trail & dirt, and flat road.
Race Categories: 5K / 10K / 21K
Registration Fee: P250 (5K & 10K) P350 (21K)
Race Organizer: MacRunners Sports Inc.
Beneficiary: ASEAN Biodiversity Fund (ABF)

from their website:
This year 2010 marks the celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB) with the theme “Biodiversity is life.  Biodiversity is our life.” The Year aims to raise public awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the consequences of its loss to human survival. The Philippine Government, in support to the IYB celebration, has proclaimed 2010 through Proclamation No. 2003 as the National Year of Biodiversity where everyone is enjoined to initiate activities to support the celebration.
In support of the celebration, ACB is organizing the Biodiversity Run 2010 with the theme “Run for Biodiversity, Biodiversity is Life, Run for Life”. The race is scheduled on 4 September 2010, 6:00 a.m. at the Forestry Campus, UP Los Banos, College, Laguna.
The Biodiversity Run 2010 is an advocacy race aimed at promoting the rich biodiversity of Mt. Makiling Forest and nearby ecosystems. The race promotes road running as an affordable avenue to physical fitness, mental well-being, ecological awareness, and enhancement of local tourism.
Proceeds from this event will go to the ASEAN Biodiversity Fund (ABF), an endowment fund developed and established to support the implementation of biodiversity-related programs in the ASEAN region. Contributions to the ABF are open to governments, the private sector, organizations, foundations, and individuals.

Participants to this activity will help to raise funds for biodiversity programs and will serve as your participation in the global celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity. It will also be your response to the national proclamation of the Philippine Government, enjoining everyone to initiate and involve in activities to support the celebration.

Trophy: Top 3 OPEN MALE / FEMALE 5K, 10K and 21K
Medals: 4th-10th Place OPEN MALE / FEMALE 5K, 10K and 21K
Special Awards: Medals: Youngest and Oldest Finisher – 5k, 10K and 21K; Executive MALE / FEMALE 5K; Media MALE / FEMALE 5K
Registration Form can be downloaded
Please submit the registration form together with a copy of the deposit slip at the ACB Office, 3/F ERDB Building, Forestry Campus, UPLB, College, Laguna or at the ACB Annex Office, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, North Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. You may also send it through fax at tel. no. (63 49) 5362865,
Attention: Ms. Grace Rodulfo or Ms. Angie Metin or email scanned copy at or or . 
Entry fee may be deposited at ACB Bank Account as follows: Account Name: ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity; Account No. : 0913-2481-04; Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI); Bank Address: Los Baños Branch, National Highway, Los Baños, Laguna.
ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity
Rey Molina                09285509807,
Grace Rodulfo          09174775308,
Myra Luz Abueg       092188257742,
Benjamin Garcia, Jr. 092088309144,
Or visit the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity website at
- – - o 0 o – - -
To those who are too busy to go to UPLB to register, I will visit their office tomorrow to get some registration forms so I can bring it with me on Sunday during the Runfest. I can register you if you want… Just approach me on Sunday after the race.

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34th Milo Marathon: My 4th Half Marathon on the 4th of July

July 5th, 2010 6 comments
Race Event: 34th Milo Marathon Eliminations
Race Distances: 42K / 21K / 10K / 5K / 3K
Race Venue: Km.0 Roxas Blvd., Luneta Park, Manila
Date: July 4, 2010
Race Organizer: Rudy Biscocho of RACE
Beneficiary: Poor and marginalized kids given new shoes.
Race Results HERE
Compare yourself with other runners HERE thru Runpix Race Analysis (for 10K, 21K & 42K)
Race Photos can be downloaded HERE (you need your race bib number)

Having the opportunity to participate on the biggest and most prestigious race in the country is no big joke, you have to be serious so as not to sacrifice the precious time spent on trainings. 
I don’t know where will I start my 1st Milo Marathon experience. Or maybe I just want to get back on the starting line and re-run my Half Marathon. I should have prepared a race plan. Maybe I’m too confident because this is my 4th 21K and it somehow has a flat course.

Pumped Up! I was pumped up on the start and as I glanced on my watch it registered a fast 5:35 on the 1st kilometer. I have to slow down, but my mind and body can’t be controlled so I just continued the pace.

Still smiling here, no injury yet…Thanks Jigs for the picture

Running with Donna Cruz-Larrazabal. After some 1.8 kilometers I saw Donna Cruz. Knowing her 21K time, I said to myself if I just run with her, I will reach my sub2:00 target time. So at kilometer 2 to 8, I was not looking on my Garmin (‘coz I don’t have one, hahaha). I was just focused on my running form and breathing, stopping on water stations to sip cold water and pour some on my head. Donna was consistent on her strides and pace, always looking on her watch to check her time. Oh btw, she was wearing an apple green Nature Valley’s tech shirt, compression tights and cute pink Saucony (if I’m not mistaken).

Porta-Potty break at KM.9. You wish,  I don’t want to blog about this. 

ANR Alabang Support at Km10. I was really excited to pass by our support group because of tow things, 1. I needed some motivation on the 2nd half of the course. I think the heat and pollution started to make its toll (I hate pollution! Who doesn’t? I live near Mt.Makiling that is why air is clea in green in my training ground). 2. With no Photovendo around, I want a picture of myself running my first ever Milo Marathon. 
Thank you so much ANR Alabang, especially to Ms.Nao, Captain Chit, Anna and Adel. Way to go guys! Pasensiya absent muna ulit ako sa mga susunod na Tuesday runs.

Thanks Chit for the photo.
Xerxes while applying petroleum jelly on his feet
Not just water & Gatorade, ice bath too. Sarap Mond!
Jojo, happy with banana!
One of the Powerpuff boys smiling at the sight of cold water.
Not only H20, Gatorade, Petroeum Jelly, Ice bath. Chit’s banana and Hammer gel too!
Alex motivated by the cheers and clap of the support crew
The Bald Runner,
Coach Rio on yellow! I heard he placed 5th 21K.
Coach Pojie,
Luis aka GBM of
Noelle aka kikayrunner (look at the pinky finger). Happy Birthday!
Nice pose Prince!
Team Logan “Kaya Mo Yan with Christ!”
Papi Jet,
Sir Jonel of FrontRunner,
Oldest 42K runner? Pang-ilang Milo Marathon na kayo ito ni tatang? Look at the shoes.

Left-knee injury. I was running consistently on a 5:30-5:50/km pace until KM15 when I felt my knee acting up again. I tried having short walk breaks in hope that it will subside. But it started to get painful as I run on more kilometers. Looks like I have to say good-bye for my sub-2:00hrs dream and just enjoy the rest of the course. The next 3.5 kilometers were a punishment of heat, pollution and reckless drivers. Luckily, I found my second wind at Km16- I’m running Milo, I have to give my best.

Last stretch. Final 3K, second wind didn’t last that long as I am forced to walk the final kilometers. I saw Jojo as I began to walk and told him to continue running to beat his PR. So I walked as fast as I could until Gideon (my training buddy who is running his first 21K) called me, musing to continue running. I closed my eyes and breath a prayer for the last 800meters. Nearing the finish line I gave everything and I was able to sprint the last 20meters. Wooohoooo! All, I wanted to do was to sit down.

Paying it forward. I still remember vividly my marathon experience during TBR. And I want to pay it forward. So after the free massage and ice pack on my knee (thanks Aby of Red Cross Manila Chapter). I can walk/run again.  After some more rest, I experienced the most unforgettable thing on Milo. I was privileged to pace 42K runners on  their last 500meter. I saw a lot of seasoned and serious runners conquer the finish line. I saw someone on a bad running form because of fatigue, someone running with one shoe on and because of blisters, runners with amputated arms still giving their best, runners already deaf of exhaustion, some with all smiles. Everyone of them is an inspiration! How I wish I can someday say, “I finished the Milo Marathon. I’m not only a marathoner, I’m a Milo Marathoner!”

- – - o 0 o – - -

To the Milo Marathon organizers, thanks a lot for the memorable race! Everything was great (singlet, registration centers, timing chip, advocac, website and Facebook page) and I hope that you can improve on the ff:
1. Hydration on the last 5 kilometers. The 3K and 5K runners drank everything. Was sad to see 42K runners suffering in dehydration and heat exhaustion. I saw passers-by get water from stations.
2. Traffic control especially on crossings. I noticed that as the race is about to end, marshals and police aren’t that strictly already.
3. Earlier time start to avoid heat exhaustion. Maybe 3:00am for 42K and 4:00am for the 21K?
4. 3 loops for the 42K was mentally unbearable. I wish you can bring back the classic route on the 35th so I can run 42k.
5. More organized baggage counter. I learned that someone fainted while claiming her bag. It was a total chaos. I also heard that a lot lost their bags, cellphone and money at the counter. 
6. Cheaper registration fees. I know of a lot of serious runners who were not able to register because of the expensive fee. I hope you can do something about this. As far as I know, this is sponsored by Milo. I do think that P500 is a rip off. If not for its prestige and me supporting my friends running for the first time, I would have opted to have my own 21K LSD.
7. Please give the medal to 21K finishers within the cut-off time as he/she crosses the finish line next time. That’s a great encouragement for us.
“7 humble requests po, KAYA N’YO YAN!”

Still, I will be joining some of your provincial races. Maybe the 5K fun run because its way cheaper than P500.
Now, I’m getting ready, getting ready for the next bigger challenge: 14 Days Solo Backpacking Challenge: Visayas up to Luzon. Please check out the blog for updates during the trip. Thanks!

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