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It’s a Girl Thing: Team Woman Lactacyd Run 2010

June 28th, 2010 7 comments
How will I describe Lactacyd Team Woman Run 2010?
It all started when I decided to cheer for ANR Alabang friends joining this run. So even with lack of sleep due to Saturday’s busy schedule I headed to McKinley Hills to show some support (and get some photos too). Since the venue is near my place I went there running (3K more or less).

Guess who?

From running shoes to head bands you will notice that Pink is Everywhere.”  This is the first race that I saw that color abound. I ask myself ‘why?’ and all I can think is, “It’s a girl thing.” Anyway, pink looks good on women, for me, it speaks of femininity, good health and heroism (‘Bayani’ Fernando).hahaha
Kidding aside, I love the passion that every woman runner showed as during last Sunday’s race. The relay team (10K-5K-3K-3K) is so much fun and intense to watch as you see in the transition area. Fear, excitement, anxiety and enjoyment are the things that you will see.

I’m a fan of a woman who knows what she wants and does everything in order to get ‘em. I saw this at work first hand during this race. “Women in control” of their race, tempo and heart beat. I love it when they are all pumped up, enjoying every endorphins while gasping for air as they reach the finish line. 
Some friends and I were jealous and somehow wants to have our own version of this relay, “Team Man Lactacyd Run” because it is so much fun to watch. How much more if you are the runner. Btw, as I google I saw that there is a masculine wash available in the market called “Freshman.” Hmmmm? Who uses that?

So there are two categories of the race: The 21K Team Relay (10k-5k-3k-3k) and the 5K for individuals. I came to watch the Team Relay as AdiNation of Runners Alabang has 3 entrees:

The Rockin’ Dolls, Team Char Char and Alabangers Push

These teams exhibited “Girl Power” at the its very best! Obviously, they aren’t prepared with those head bands and pink skirt props. Yes, I see “Legally Blonde: The Musical” and “Pink Ballet.”
Support group made posters Saturday afternoon to somehow boost the lady participants. I believe those posters serve their purpose as I read this from a comment on ANR’s Faccebook Group Page: Thank you ANR Alabang for the banners! They DO give the boost! Ang sarap ng feeling!!!!! 

So, these things I just mentioned still perplexes me. I really don’t know what is in the color; or why do they want to be in control; or what really is ‘girl power.’ If I would to ask them, they will definitely tell me, “IT’S A GIRL THING!” So, I would leave it that way. Unless someone from the opposite sex explains those to me.

- – - o 0 o – - -

This post will not be complete without saying my congratulations for the job well done by the 3 teams of ANR Alabang. Special note to “The Rockin’ Dolls” for winning the 1st place for the “Best in Costume Award.” They get P15,000, Timex watch, GCs and many more. Again, congratulations and I’m proud of you! Pa-burger naman kayo!


Download Race Result HERE.
Photo credits: Julito Pauly

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Snapshots Thursday: JourneyingJames meets Eduardo Buenavista

June 24th, 2010 13 comments
You can call it luck. I call it divine appointment!
I just trained with the fastest Filipino runner. (yeah! \m/ astig!) 
Well, I run the 400m track once while he did 2 loops. He is so blazin’ fast that I cannot capture him with my low-tech digital camera. I have to approach his coach and politely ask for a picture.
Eduardo “Vertek” Buenavista stands 5ft. tall but runs super super fast. I am just amazed on how this GenSan-born athlete gracefully cuts into the air as he complete one loop after another. He is literally flying with perfect strides and effortless running form. What I did was just to stare and try to keep at his pace. Ok, delete that ‘try to keep at his pace’ thing ‘coz I really can’t; or maybe in the near future.

I am doing my “speed training” while he do his ‘regular’ training run. I must say that his cool down jog is still faster than my intervals. Look at my tired face while he is all smiles.

Google his name and you will be further amazed at his feats (Vertek’s PR):
3K- 8:17.14 min. (Manila 26 05 2002)
5K- 13:58.43 min. (Busan 10 10 2002)
10K- 29:02.36 min. (Busan 07 10 2002)
Half Marathon- 1:02:58 hrs. (Manila 06 07 2008)
Marathon- 2:18:44 hrs. (Oita 01 02 2004)
3K (SC)- 8:40.77 min. (Kuala Lumpur 12 09 2001)

He also holds the Milo Marathon Course record with the time of 2:18:53.

Watching him run is pure motivation to train harder, smarter and more consistently.

Oh, btw, he will not join the Milo Marathon this July 4 as he sets his eyes on ______________________. That would be kept as a secret for now.

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Speed Training at Teachers’ Camp Track Oval

June 22nd, 2010 3 comments
I slept around12mn the night before Craig (Team Logan) woke me up for a speed workout. “Hey runner, c’mon wake up we will go to the track,” he said as he shook my legs tucked in a comforter on a chilly Baguio morning. I said, “Yeah, I’m coming!” But I want to extend my sleep for another 30 minutes, we don’t have climate like this back in Manila. Its 5:30am and I chose to wake up and shake off those sleepy cells. We don’t have an “air-conditioned” track oval in Manila and Los Banos. And runners wake up early for some endorphin fix.

Who doesn’t want to run here?

After reading my fave book, a cup of coffee and apple cinnamon oats, off we go to Teacher’s Camp to test that spanking new tartan track oval that opened February of this year.

As we are preparing for the Milo National Marathon’s 21K we had the same program for Tuesday- INTERVALS. Craig introduced me to the program and I find it useful- “Run Less, Run Faster.” I will give the link later on the post. I find it a timely training program after Coach Jim’s tested marathon training program at the TBR Dream Marathon.

Program calls for 10-20 minutes warm-up, 2 x 3200m (400m rest interval) and 10 minute cool-down
I know that I’m still recovering after the Tiger Race 10K  last weekend so I only did a 10-minute warm-up, 8 x 400m and another 10-minute cool down.

Some members of the Philippine Team, boxing.

Stubborn as I am, I used lanes 5 and 6.
Lane 1 is used by “SOMEONE” whom I will feature on Thursday for Snapshots Thursday. Be excited for that!

Craig Logan wants it half-naked.

My favorite running pic so far.
Note: I timed the camera then run. It took me forever to get this flying pose.

I believe you will get jealous on the next post- Snapshots Thursday: Running with the fastest Filipino Marathoner. Be sure to visit back on Thursday AM.

Stats during the Run:
Place: Teachers’ Camp Track Oval, Baguio City
Date: June 15, 2010 (Tuesday AM)

Actual Work-out: 6 kilometers
Warm-up 1.6K- 10:50
9 x 400m 2:10, 1:49, 1:48, 1:47, 1:50, 1:52, 1:49, 1:47, 1:38 (with 1:30 recovery in between)
Cool down 800m- 5:17

Running Surface: Tartan Track Oval
Temperature: 23°C or 73°F
Shoes & Apparel: New Balance MR92, Run United singlet and Craft running shorts
HM Training Program in PDF format: Runner’s World “Run Less, Run Faster”

Important Note: The track oval is open everyday including Sundays and holidays. Entrance is P35 unless you are a member of the Philippine Team, they are free of charge. Ticketing office is closed on weekends and holidays so if you want to run during those times, buy a ticket ahead of time during weekdays office hours.

- – - – - o 0 o – - – - –

On a different note, Baguio City hosts the 34th Milo Provincial race too.
Race date: July 18, 2010 (Sunday)
Race distances and fees:
3K kiddie run (P50) / 5K fun run (P50)
10K (P500 w/ timing chip) / 21K (P500 w/ timing chip).
Be sure to bring your empty 300g Milo pack (1kg pack is good for 3 registrants).
Registration Center: Athlete Quarters, Athletic Bowl Burnham Park, Baguio City
Contact Info: (0918)561-8364 and look for Mr. Antonio del Monte

Running in Siargao Island: Garcia, Alegria and Tangbo

June 20th, 2010 5 comments
Before you read this you may want to check a more interesting post about my BAREFOOT RUNNIN’ ON A VIRGIN BEACH in the same island.

This is a very late post on my last long run before the TBR Marathon. Well, not a long long run. It should be 10K but I just did an 8.5K run because it was too late already. Anyway, I ran on compact dirt, I would consider that a semi-trail run I think. I started running around 5:30pm and ended around 6:40pm including picture-picture.

I did this in Surigao del Norte in the famous island of Siargao, in the town of Sta.Monica, covering 3 baranggays- Garcia, Alegria and Tangbo. Another attempt to run around the Philippines.

Let the pictures tell how the run went:
The running surface is like this all the way through except for the short detour when I went to the beach front.

I actually started at KM54, running towards KM50 and back to KM52.

How would you describe that face?
Going to the left, you would see the coconuts along the way.

KM52, duhhh! LOL

This is the usual scene, coconuts, coconuts and more coconuts.
Philippines being composed of many many islands is abundant of coconuts. The locals get the coconut meat and place it under the sun to make “copra” which is their main source of income. 
Copra price is PhP20-25 a kilo.
Locals would look at me and give a “you-are-nuts look” as they are not used to people running in their place.

Approching Baranggay Tangbo. “Tangbo” or “Tambo” is a kind of grass found in wet places or river side used in making local sweepers or “walis tambo.” Maybe this is why this place is called Tangbo.

I visited Danjug Surfing and Fishing Camp. When it is surfing season waves here would be 20ft tall. This is also a place for big fishing game. 

Look at that beach shore. How I wish I could stay here or maybe have a rest house?

Describe serenity: An afternoon on a virgin beach  while waiting for the sunset and counting the coconut trees. Feeling the sea-breeze and listening to the waves as they gently kiss the quiet shore. No one but you.

I met a surfer and he brought out his surfboard for a quick photo-op.

Runner + Backpacker + Wannabe Surfer = JourneyingJames

Getting dark, time check: 6:10pm

KM50, its pitch black already as they dont have available street lights. I better be going back. 
Time check: 6:16pm

The youth I met there. They are cool, I’m hot and dripping wet of perspiration! Shaka hand sign: `m/

Thanks to my shoes, New Balance MR92

Stats during the Run:
Place: Garcia, Alegria and Tangbo, Sta.Monica, Siargao Island (3 baranggays)
Date: May 16, 2010 (Sunday PM)
Distance covered: 8.5 kilometers
Time: 51:00
Pace: 6:00/kilometer
Running Surface: Compact Dirt Road with sharp stones
Temperature: 29°C
Shoes: New Balance MR29
Apparel: Adidas Techfit sando, Reebok shorts, NB Hydration Belt, Handheld light

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Globe Tattoo Tiger Race in Pictures (13K with Team Logan)

June 17th, 2010 10 comments
Burnham Park, Baguio City
June 13, 2010 at 6:00am
3K / 10K / 21K
Race in Pictures

I arrived 5 minutes before the gun start of the 10K because I thought the race would start at Camp John Hay. Anyway, I’m just in time, luckily, I saw Team Logan in no time at Burnham Park.
 This is my first time to race in Baguio City and my come back race after the painful left knee injury 2weeks ago.

Justin (a 9-year old with cerebral palsy) is sitting comfortably on his stroller with his parents, Craig and Michelle Logan. They call themselves TEAM LOGAN.

Some runners gettin’ ready to conquer the hills (START/FINISH line).

After some 500 meters. Craig looking good. I enjoyed the Praise & Worship songs playing from Craig’s iPod, what a nice way to start the day. It brought me closer to God.

An opportunity to push Justin. Thanks Michelle for the quick picture.

Team Logan approaching KM3, looking good. Justin is sleeping.

Runners who overtook us.

The route was out and back: Flat on the first 2K, then 4.5K downhill then 4.5K uphill then 2K flat.

What a nice view, love the climate and the challenging route.

Team Logan loves this moment, KM6, the long downhill.

Others are going back already, this is 1.5K before the turn around.

I was able to take our photos in action. Justin on the ride of his life!

Team PNP with their shouts and “HUHHH! HUHHHH!” Can you recognize female runners among them?

This is were everyone wears out. One of the uphills. I think there are around 4 uphills we went through. PUSH! PUSH! PUSH HARDER!

Michelle managing the traffic on the front, Craig drives Justin while I watch their back. 

In front of Camp John Hay, still looking good. The sun has risen, the cold air makes it difficult to breath and the smell of pine tree made the run refreshing and invigorating. 

The PNP ladies wait for their comrades, about 2.5K near the finish line.

Almost there! Almost there!
Passersby, Commuters and spectators always give cheer and encouraging words when we pass by them.
So we had a strong sprint finish with all the cameras ‘clicking’ ‘clicking’
I hope that would be published some where else, online or on local newspapers.
At the finish line. 
Unofficial time: 1:25 for 13K (6:32/Km). That was fast run with a stroller.

Justin is relaxed and SMILING! He enjoys the outdoors very much. Miss you buddy, lets run again sometime (~hugs~).


After the awarding of running event, there is a 30K bike race (roadies and MTB).

Justin is an instant inspiration to everyone.

The organizer, “Ma’am Che”

Some runners posing on the backdrop. Independence Day Tiger Race

Michelle with a Boston marathoner, age 68 after her 21K run.

That’s me (journeyingjames), race bib # 2196

Top 5 Winners of the Kiddie 3K run (First place did it 12:00). He trains with his father regularly at the Teachers’ Camp Track Oval.

10K female division winners, top 5

10K male division winners, top 5

Special Awards
Team Logan

Oldest female runner

Oldest male runner

The honorable lady counselor with some announcements and awarding the 21K podium finishers.

21K female division winners, top 5

21K male division winners, top 5

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