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Nature Valley Run 2010: Injured yet Inspired

May 31st, 2010 10 comments
Event: Nature Valley Run 2010 (Leg 2 of RunRio Trilogy) 
Race Distances: 3K / 5K / 10K / 21K 
Race Date & Venue: May 30, 2010 (Sunday) at Bonifacio Global City
Race Organizer: RunRio
Beneficiary: Bayanihang Bayan Legacy Project. 1 Runner = 1 Tree. Trees will be planted at the Ipo Watershed in Norzagaray, Bulacan
More than 9,000 runners showed up last Sunday morning at the Bonifacio Global City to be part of Nature Valley’s advocacy run. It promises to plant 1 tree for each runner.
I don’t have any plan of joining this race for several reasons: (1) I wanted to take a break from running until my left knee has fully recovered; (2) its expensive (P750 for 21K); and (3) I am bored of races held in The Fort.
Still I found myself wishing to take part because I am one of those people who does everything to save the planet (running to have a tree planted seems great), I would say I like and promote green living. I even tried blogging about having free 21K race kit. Anyway, a day before the event a friend was offering a 10K race kit for free. Wish granted? Yes. Thanks Runnerisms, someone gave her a 21K race kit so she gave her 10K kit. Its like déjàvu of my forced half marathon race last month. Anyway, for the love of running I decided to run.
Knowing that my left knee is still aching after some short runs last week, I still pushed myself to run on my race pace. I can be easily see as I would run on the grass whenever there are grass to run on. It minimizes the impact of the ground on my knees and I love the feeling of running on grass. I was having a great run until I reached KM4, knee is acting up already and I don’t have any option but to slow down. In my mind, I know that I can have a new PR when I reached KM5 but after 7 kilometers my left knee continued to ache, it was painful. I have to slow down and finally walk the last 2 kilometers, pretending to run when approaching Photovendo. I told myself, at least I have good pics. So I finished the run 1:01:18, with an injured left knee.
Water Stations are enough, over-flowing 100 Plus drinks and cold water on long tables.
Race Route: It seems that Coach Rio and team are really doing great on plotting new routes. Good job!
Loot Bag and Freebies: Hagen Daz ice cream for 21K finishers, Photovendo and iFlick photos, post-race massage, Games, Onesport mag, Tuna Pandesal, 100 Plus bootle, and many more.

Race Results from Finishline can be seen here.
Race Pictures from Photovendo here, just look for Nature Valley Run 2010 at the bottom. Next time, you should smile at the camera. =) You can also check out the post race photos from, just be patient to look for your face.
Race Analysis from Runpix here.
It is my first time to really spend time watching 21K runners crossing the finish line. I saw runners from all walks of life trying to live the moment as they approach the last meters of their run. Someone raises his hands in triumphed, 3 would hold each others hand in unity, friends posed a jumpshot, others crying, others all smiles, cramps mean nothing just as he approach the finish line and kiss his hard earned medal, someone even proposed of marriage, most all wet because of the heat, perspiration and constant cold water dabbles on the head and face, Never Run Alone got lots of applause for the nice and fast finish, others having nirvana as they look at the clock knowing they beat their PR, a lot of TBR classmates joined for a recovery, every finish a different story, all half marathoners an inspiration.

Here are some of the photos I got:
Nature Valley Executive Tri Team
Never Run Alone gets lotsa applause
Argonaut and co.
TFC Runner
Mond still strong
some running friends
Running friends from ANR Alabang
Medals for podium finishers
trees that will be planted for our kids future
One Runner = One Tree

If you feel depressed or you know of someone who needs to be inspired bring him/her to a race (especially 21K / 42K) and let him/her watch runners as they approach the finish line. Inspiration guaranteed.
When I got home I noticed that I cannot climb the stairs. My left knee is really injured. I have to pull
myself up to reached the 2nd floor and I have to go down the stairs backward. Knee is very painful I cannot walk properly.
Is this good-bye to running? I hope not! Maybe I should have a break. How long? I do not know. I need to visit a good doctor and hope that he/she gives me hope that I can still run. After all, I cannot think of any sports that can replace running. How it changed my life and how running help me discipline myself. Lord, I hope this is nothing serious. I hope this is just rest not good-bye from running.

I don’t want this to happened:
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Barefoot Running in Sta.Monica, Siargao Island

May 30th, 2010 11 comments
Remember my post on Running or Surfing in Siargao Island? I was able to do both! This is one of the perks of being a youth minister- I am able to travel (and run) while helping young people by sharing them God’s purpose in their lives. 

This is one of my rave runs in Siargao Island. Lot of things I love in one setting: Running, Beach, Travel, Experience, Youth, Sunshine, Breeze and Being Free.
Half-Naked and Barefoot Runnin’ at Garcia Beach, Sta.Monica

My youth group watching me run after our prayer time.

Since I started running, it would be impossible for me not to try the grounds of which I am standing. Call it addiction to running? I call it a way of life. I feel free when I run. I experience God in every step that I make, appreciate God’s design for my body in every stride I make. I am thankful because I can run.

Runnin’ Barefoot makes me free. I love to step on the sand feel the earth. I love the waves on my legs, the fresh air, the coconut trees that add green, the summer breeze, the sunshine over my face, the perspiration all over my body, the parked boats, the drift woods & dried seaweeds and the picturesque clouds. How I wish there are beaches near Manila or Laguna where I can run barefoot too.

I want to tell more stories but I guess the pictures would better tell them:
Look at the sand with all the dried seaweeds and drift woods- so virgin!
I love my form here plus the small waves kissing my legs and feet
Even I ran back and forth a lot of times, “boring” never came to my mind.
My footprints in the sand. How I wish I’m with someone special during this rave run.

- – - o 0 o – - - 
Stats during the Run:

Place: Garcia, Sta.Monica, Siargao Island about 250meters of sand.
Date: May 15, 2010 (Saturday AM)
Distance covered: 2.5 kilometers
Time: 20:43
Pace: 8:17/kilometer
Running Surface: The Beach dude! Powdery White Sand.
Temperature: 29-30°C

Thanks Imo for lending me your digicam.

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CamSur Marathon: 21K or 42K?

May 28th, 2010 7 comments
Have you ever felt the need to run another marathon just after finishing one? I do. I need to run another marathon! The feeling of finishing a 42.195km is just too awesome you ask for another one. This is also what i felt after finishing my first half marathon, I signed up for another one. Marathon hang-over it is!

I really would like to join Milo Marathon (42K) this year but I guess I still need to fully recover so I decided to just do the 21K on the 34th Milo Marathon this July 4. And do another full marathon on September at CamSur? Hmmmm… I want to try wakeboarding too.
21K here
34th Milo Marathon in Manila

and my 2nd 42K here?
Camarines Sur International Marathon

Training starts June 30. Now I want to get faster should I register and do a sub-5hrs. I want to run 6:30-6:45/min. Hills training and Intervals here I come. Will register this June. 

More infos:
Event: Camsur International Marathon
Date: September 26, 2010 (Sunday)
Race Venue: CWC (Camarines Sur Watersports Complex)
Race Distances and Fee: 3K (PhP400) / 5K (PhP400) / 10K (PhP500) / 21K (PhP650 or US$40) / 42K (PhP850 or US$45)
Race Organizer: RunRio
Official Website: Camsur Marathon

Registration Areas:
Timex (MOA, Glorietta, Megamall, Southmall)
Runnr (BHS)
Republ1c (La Fuerza, Eastwood, Trinoma and Westgate)

Singlet Design:

Extra motivation to join Camsur Marathon: Wake Boarding dude

TBR Dream Marathon: A Million Thanks (Part 3)

May 26th, 2010 10 comments
As I said on my previous post, the finisher’s medal, finisher’s shirt and loot bag are nothing compared to the friends I made and met along the way” the following were some of the people whom I met and made friends with. To them I say,
“A Million Thanks”
This medal also belongs to everyone of you.

Ms Jaymie aka TBR. I really can’t believe I will be doing a marathon this early. But your plan is a welcome one for me and for the rest of my “classmates.” We will surely pay it forward.
She’s the WOMAN! Kudos Ms Jaymie

Coach Jim. Thanks for the reminders, the intentional coaching and the tips you gave.

Sir Toel and Rob. I met during the Pocari Fun Run and the Bull Sessions. They were the ones who encourage me to join ANR Alabang. They were the reason I run my 3rd HM without preparation.

Mamita Chang. I met in group runs, very sweet mamita supportive and encouraging.

Ms Nao. Hats-off po! You are an inspiration. Still inspired on your TNF 100 story. Thank you once again for bringing my stuff at KM32 for my costume change.

Alex. PhotoAlex, thanks  for the ride and the photos. And for pushing me to get faster when we run at UPLB. 

Jai and Maan. Nice moments ha! Can we have a replay.

Reylynne, Edwin, Sarah, Sir Maki, Sir Lit and Sir Miguel. We are marathoners!

Mond, Ambo, David, Chit, X, Tiff, Christiam, Sir Sonny, Vangie, Annabelle, Jeanette, Rachelle, Lorena, Pauly and the rest of the ANR Alabang Group. Super super thanks sa poster, power gel, fruits, Gatorade, cheers.

Anonymous, Aileen, Tine, Christina, Juvy, and Ronnie. For supporting and promoting my cause. When the organization heard of you they were encouraged.

Doc Shawie. Thanks for the medical certificate. When are you doing your full marathon?

Kenley. A great motivator in my blog and my run logs. Thanks!

Kassy (Runnaholic), Sir Ed (ScientistRunner), Alfred (RunningAtom), Blas (TitaniumRunner) for pacing me sorry I have to run faster at the last 10K, Papi Jet (JetPaiso). Fellow runners and bloggers who motivated me.

Daily Mile friends: Wayne, Brian, Ana, Gurmeet, Phil, Di, Ruben, Barbara, Vern, RS, Anne, Estan, Leland, and others for everything.

MacRunners. My running group in UPLB. They are ‘mamaws’ (monsters) and I learn to push myself harder to see progression. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Family (Parents, Kit and Ji). Thanks for the support and understanding my chosen sports and lifestyle.

God. My STRENGTH, MY SALVATION, MY MASTER. My marathon finish is a testimony of your faithfulness and goodness in my life.

TBR Dream Marathon Trilogy:
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TBR Dream Marathon: We Are Marathoners (Part 2)

May 25th, 2010 4 comments
I really don’t know what happened. I know that we are 300 (ahoo! ahoo!) But looking at the race results there are only 247 who finished the TBR marathon. The first finished at 3:49:40 and the last 7:50:03, these times are doesn’t matter that much for we just finished a 42.195Km.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is the idea that even if the statement “I AM A MARATHONER” sounds great and respect-worthy, I like the statement “WE ARE MARATHONERS” better. Because it captures the idea of a community of runners who dedicated their life to training and lots sacrifice.

This group is simply amazing! Thank you is not enough.

So along with millions of marathoners in the world, we can now say, “We are marathoners” and we are proud to do this. We have learn that the human spirit is up for any challenge. We have conquered “the wall.”  We were patient enough in every stride. Yes, we have sacrificed a lot but the sacrifices are nothing compared to the experience we had as we cross the finish line. I would like to relive that moment again and again.

To tell you honestly, the finisher’s medal, finisher’s shirt and loot bag are nothing compared to the friends I made and met along the way. The journey (preparation) is better than the destination (finish line). I would forever cherish everyone of you.

To all my TBR Dream Marathon 2010 classmates, thank you for sharing the Journey with James. Hope to meet you again in races (and in coffee shops?). May we live the dream and inspire others to do the same.

“I cannot  and will not do this alone.”

Photo credits: Photovendo, PhotoDavid and PhotoAlex
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