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Snapshots Thursday: AdiNation Runners Alabang Group

April 29th, 2010 6 comments
I love photography and I thought of adding this section to my blog. I was doing it before but only on the sidebar. Anyway, the pictures (or maybe a cartoon sometimes) will feature anything great, funny, intriguing, awesome, cool about running and backpacking. I hope you enjoy! Let’s see if “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Because today is the launching, I’ll feature two pictures:
Serious side of the some of the Adination of Runners Alabang Group.

Who do you think is the wackiest?

Photo credits: Alex Estenor

AdiNation Alabang Group meets every Tuesday at Madrigal Business Park (at the back of Ayala-FGU Bldg.), 7:00pm. We have groups for beginners(3K), intermediate (5-7K) and advanced runners(10k). Everyone is encouraged to join our group runs. 
For more info you can visit and AdiNation.
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Greenfield Sunset Run: Forced to Run 21K and Race Result

April 25th, 2010 23 comments
I AM NOT REGISTERED AND I DO NOT HAVE ANY PLANS OF JOINING THIS RACE (*ehem, ehem* writing it ALL CAPS). Still, for the love of running I came there with the purpose of cheering and taking picture of my new friends from Adination Running Group – Alabang. 

Although this is a new experience (late afternoon start, different race venue, out-of-town race, near my place) I choose not to register because I was in “tipid-mode” (choosing wisely what races to join). So, I said to myself that I will join at least 1 race a month because I want to focus on building endurance and some speed training. And I think I am done already with the “basta-maganda-singlet-register” attitude. :)

I arrived 4:45pm and I saw them together doing some stretching. I asked for the camera so I can take some pics but Sir Toel gave me a 21K race packet. What? I said NO! I just run 28 kilometers last Wednesday, I don’t want to walk this one, I need to rest. There is no Greenfield City Sunset Walk. But they still forced me. Fine! I’ll run 10K. But after some more negotiations I hesitantly agreed to run 21K. What was I thinking? I am not expecting to finish this with a decent time. Maybe a 2:30-2:45 would do, I just want the medal and that’s it. Next thing I know I was wearing a singlet, a race bib and a timing chip. 10 minutes to go before gun start, stretching, stretching, and more stretching.
I was planning how I will finish the race during the first kilometer. Since I don’t have a garter (Garmin) I looked for a pace group. Luckily, I saw the JazzRunner and Sir Mel so I joined their pacing (6:00/km).

THE RACE PLAN: Super Slow 10K – Slower 5K – Slow 5K – walk 500m – strong finish 500m.
The Route, Water Stations, Runners and Some Review
The Route was flat, making it easier for me to run. As usual when I saw some grass I chose that over the concrete, the first 5K I was running on grass because it is easier and lesser stress on my still-recovering knees. The first 10K was sweet and slow. Vehicular traffic was still under control until half-way when we found ourselves running with cars beeping their horns as if wanting to bump us. I just waved to them smiling. Hahaha!

Good Job:
Nice singlet, New route, Different from the usual Sunday morning races in BHS, Out-of-town experience, On-time gun start, Lots of marshals and a post-race massage.  
Another addition to my collection (I now have 5 medals, woohoo!)
Wishlist for a better race next time:
Please, please, please provide enough cups of water and sports drink at least every 3 kilometers, Put up more floodlights on the dark route, Manage properly the vehicular traffic especially at the last 5 kilometers, place a water station as we cross the finish line, please have kilometer route markers (not everyone is wearing a Garmin, me included) please, please do not bombard us with marketing flyers (don’t even try to put those in our loot bags as we will just throw them), a more good-looking finisher’s medal would be better, oh by the way ‘we cannot wear the medal during our training runs, a finisher’s shirt would be better’ as we can wear it everywhere. 

Loot Bag contains 2 pcs. of feminine wash (*sobbing*), an anti-inflammatory tablet, a sachet of chocolate drink, a bottle of water and 1 bottle of 100 Plus.

Lessons learned:
1. If you do not have plans of joining the race, do not bring your running shoes and running shorts with you.
2. Start slow (the slower the better), be patient so you can go faster and aim for a strong finish.
3. If you are running to beat others, you get to beat others. But if you are running to beat yourself, you get PR (and beat others in the process).

Finish. As planned, I sprinted the last 500 meters and as I saw the clock it registered 2:12:17 (chip time). 116th place out of 435. I thought it was PR turns out that the clock was wrong.

Some pictures after the race:
Happy 21K finishers (except Ambo, the one pointing on the medal, who had cramps saying bye-bye to his sub 1:50 goal)
with the bosing Rene aka JazzRunner 
Some Adination Alabang Runners

A strong finish! I love this pic as it looks like I’m flying. (My 3rd Half Marathon)

You can also read JazzRunner’s and ScientistRunner’s account on the race. 
Photo credits: Thanks to Alex E and Greg J (Facebook).  I tagged your pics. Sir Rene I used your pic too! Sir Toel, Im waiting for your uploads.
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Race Review: Merrell Adventure Run

April 21st, 2010 9 comments
Merrell Adventure Run (3K/5K/15K)
April 17, 2010 (6:00am) at Wawa Dam, Montalban
Race Fee: Php350 for all distances 

Beneficiary: None
Organizer: Mr.Thumbie Remigio

Score Rating
5-Excellent   4-Very Good   3-Average 2-Needs Improvement   1-Terrible

Registration: 3 – They placed their registration areas in their concept shops from Trinoma Mall (QC), Market! Market! (Taguig), Festival Mall (Alabang), Marquee Mall (Pampanga) and Ayala Center (Cebu). This should be 5 as you can also register even if your from the Visayas. I just hope that the race packet are already available once you register. I came thrice to Market! Market! just to get my race packet. Hassle for me as I come from Laguna. Thanks still the staff are very accommodating. They also limited the participants which is very good to make the event manageable.

Singlet: 4.5 - Superior material used for the singlet except that the lower part is quite wide, I would like it more body hugging. nice choice of color. Maybe next time they should put a date on the singlet design.

Starting Time: 5 – They started on time. Bad me as I came to the event 5:50am. No time to warm-up.

Route, Markers and Marshals: 2 -
They promoted this run to have difficult trails, some boulders, river-crossings, and a breathtaking outdoor landscape. Well it is a very difficult course. 
I tried the 15K- the first kilometer is a steep uphill then going down would lead you to the mountains where you cannot overtake runners in front of you. Then a series of sands where you will find it difficult to run. River-crossing? Prepare to get wet, I lost count after crossing 6 rivers. The last kilometer was the most challenging of all, you will jump from one big boulder to another. 
Three words to describe this course: punishing, hardcore and dangerous. I think the denuded mountains are not that scenic and breathtaking as they said in the promotion.  
First Kilometer: tough and steep uphill
First turn-around point, going down was knee-punishing.
Into the mountain- hello bushes, roots, dried, rocks in every sizes, leaves etc.
Single-file only, overtake at your own risk
Patience is a virtue. Again, overtake at your own risk!
“Unrunnable terrain” Mountaineers have their edge on this. Luckily, I conquered a lot of mountains before ‘running.’ This should be called “Run, Hike, Trek, River-cross Race”
Gravel, sand, dirt, expect the worst!
Get wet, plunge into the water
The last kilometer: The hardest part

There are no kilometer markers, just tarpaulins and ribbons to guide the runners. There are enough marshals but most of them do not know what they are doing. 

One conversation with the marshals along the way is something like this:
James: (After about 1:30 hours of running) “Sir, malayo pa po ba?”
Marshal 1: Malayo pa, doon pa yun.” (Very helpful indeed)
James: (After 1:45 hours of running) “Sir, mga ilan kilometro na?”
Marshal 2: “Malapit na” (Very helpful indeed)
James: (after 2:00 hours of punishment): “Sir, malapit na ba?”
Marshal 3: “Malapit na.” (Again, very helpful.)
So I decided not to ask question from them until I reached the finish line at 2:19:25.

I also learned that most 5K runners got lost, no marshals at that particular point. They were there for around 15 minutes or more. The reason why most of them didn’t get the finisher’s medal because there’s a cut off time: 15K (2:45 hours); 5K (1:10 hours); and 3K (40minutes).

Some 5k Runner get lost

Start/Finish Lane: 4 – Large chutes for everyone, clock is very visible but is for 15K runners only.
Runners getting ready for the gun start.

Restrooms/Change Area/Baggage Area: 4- Enough for male and female participants. A wash-up facility was also available after that grueling adventure race. Enough water for washing dirty shoes and even taking a bath.

Water and Aid Station: 3 – I just hope that water stations are placed every 2 or 3 kilometers especially for the 15K. Good thing I brought my hydration belt I just used the water to cool my head. The village folks offered water to some runners. Thanks!

Freebies and Finisher’s Medals: 2 – Freebies include a Merrell bag, P500 off coupon when you buy shoes from any Merrell outlet and a bottle of 100plus. I got my finisher’s medal but the back of it was just a poor “15K sticker.” I hope its also carved like the Merrell Adventure Run on the front and more freebies after that ‘killing” trails.

Photos/Race Results: 2 – I already sent them a message regarding the race results. Until now there is no official result. Good thing I looked at the clock as I cross the finish line so I got my unofficial finish time.

Over-all Rating: 3.2

More Pictures:
I came, I saw, I conquered 15k! YEAH
My reward for this race: 4 blisters, 2 scratches (knees and legs), a finisher’s medal and meeting bloggers (below):
Runners/Bloggers: D-Loner-RunnerRunning Atom, and Minnie Runner. Thanks for the post-race fix, taho.

Special Mention: Thank you very much Jai and Madz for the pictures. You can check out more pics from Jai’s Multiply Site.
You can also read race recaps from MinnieRunner and Running Fatboy.
You can also join Merrell Adventure Run’s fan page on Facebook to view the race results for 3K/5K/15K.

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Singlet Designs: 2nd Pocari Sweat Fun Run, Greenfield Sunset Run, and Skyathlon Boracay Run

April 19th, 2010 3 comments
As a service to the running community I am posting the singlet designs of the races scheduled this Saturday, April 24, 2010. For runners, singlets are important because it is one of proofs we have that we actually joined a race. So here’s three of the singlets I found in the net:

Ready, Get Sweat, Go! 2nd Pocari Sweat Fun Run (The Fort)
Race Distances: 5K/10K/16k
Gun Start: 5:30am
You can also read the race review of the 1st Pocari Sweat Fun Run.

Greenfield City Sunset Run (Sta.Rosa, Laguna)
Race Distances: 500m/3K/5K/10K/21K
Gun Start: 5:10am for 21K

Skyathlon Boracay Beach and Surf Run (Station 1 to 3, Boracay Island)
Race Distances: 5K/10K
Gun Start: 6:00am

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Boston Marathon 2010 Facts and Predictions

April 18th, 2010 2 comments

114th Boston Marathon (BM)- the world’s oldest and most prestigious annual marathon is happening tomorrow- April 19, 2010. Touted as the holy grail of marathon running, it is a dream of every serious runners. To qualify (Boston Qualifier, BQ) for the BM is no mean task. Unlike races in the Philippines which is scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays, the BM is scheduled on a Monday in celebration of Patriots Day.

Some quick and interesting facts:
2:07:14 – BM men record set by Robert Cheruiyot, a Kenyan last 1996.
2:20:43 – BM women record by Margaret Okayo another Kenyan runner set on 2002.
5 – number of World Major Marathons. Boston Marathon is one. Others are London, Berlin, Chicago and New York City. 
42.195 – kilometers each participant should finish, the measure of the legendary course from Hopkinton through eight cities and towns before finishing in Boston’s Back Bay.
1972 – year they first allowed women to join the race officially.
25,000 – number of maximum participants the field can accommodate.
36,748 – number of starters, the biggest and most participated among all BM because it was year centennial year of the BM, 1996. however only 35,868 finished the course.
150,000 – prize money that will be awarded to the first placer, men and women respectively, in US$.
500,000 – number of spectators who line up along the route to photograph, cheer and support participants.
806,000 – total prize money that will be distributed among winners, of course in US$.
10,500,000 – worth of US bucks raised last 2009 BM.

Free Race – During the beginnings of the BM, it was free of charge. The award given to winners is a “wreath woven from olive branches.”
Marathon Monday – as the locals call this as they commemorate Patriot’s Day on the 3rd Monday of April.
Heartbreak Hill – is a part of the course ascending up to 600meters placed between 20 and 21 mile marks or kilometer 32. Why “heartbreak hill?”

Standard Qualifying Times
Age Group Men Women
18-34            3hrs 10min 3hrs 40min
35-39            3hrs 15min 3hrs 45min
40-44 3hrs 20min 3hrs 50min
45-49 3hrs 30min 4hrs 00min
50-54 3hrs 35min 4hrs 05min
55-59 3hrs 45min 4hrs 15min
60-64 4hrs 00min 4hrs 30min
65-69           4hrs 15min 4hrs 45min
70-74 4hrs 30min 5hrs 00min
75-79 4hrs 45min 5hrs 15min
80 and older  5hrs 00min 5hrs 30min

Who Do You Think Will Win?
For more pictures of the elites both men and women, you can view the slideshow here presented by Saucony.

Top 11 Men Elites Running at BM
Name                Qualifying Time   Age     Country
Merga, Deriba 2:06:38             29  Ethiopia
Hall, Ryan          2:06:17             27 USA
Goumri, A          2:05:30             33 Morocco
Yegon, Gilbert 2:06:18             21 Kenya
Cheruiyot, R 2:06:23             21 Kenya
Dechase, Chala 2:06:33             25 Ethiopia
Keitany, Elijah 2:06:41             27 Kenya
Mandago, David 2:06:53             31 Kenya
Dela Cruz, Rio     3:05:++                      Philippines

Top 10 Women Elites Running at BM
Name                Qualifying Time   Age     Country
Erkesso, Teyba    2:23:53            27      Ethiopia
Genovese, Bruna  2:25:28            33      Italy
Grigoryeva, Lidiya 2:25:10            36      Russia
Jia, Chaofeng       Debut              21      China
Kosgei, Salina       2:23:22           33      Kenya
Mayorova, Albina  2:25:35            32      Russia
Nakamura, Yurika  2:25:51            24      Japan
Perez, Madai        2:22:59            30      Mexico
Sun, Weiwei         2:25:15           25      China
Tune, Dire           2:24:40            24      Ethiopia

Who’s you pick? (you can put your pick on the comment form)
Mine are: Ryan Hall (men) and Salina Kosgei (women)
PS. I pray that 5-10 years from now, Filipinos will be included on the elite runners lining up on the lead pack at the Boston Marathon. It’s time to train and train smartly. Well, for me, someday I would like to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Join me in my journey to Boston! Tugs, tugs, tugs, tugs…

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