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A dream marathon come true!

February 25th, 2010 1 comment
A dream come true!
It was the 1st day of February when I learned about the TRB Dream Marathon through

The Bull Runner Dream Marathon is a one-of-a-kind small and intimate marathon especially designed for first time marathoners. From the moment you register for the race, we will guide you towards training properly and wisely until you run all 42.195 kms of your first marathon and cross the finish line.

Joining a marathon tailored-fit for me is a good news. So I wasted no time and sent a reservation.

Here’s the e-mail I received last February 2
Thank you for expressing interest in The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, one-of-a-kind small and intimate marathon made especially for you, the first-time marathoner!
We have reserved one slot for you. This slot will be held for 48 hours upon opening of registration…Our 16 weeks of training starts TODAY so even if you haven’t been officially registered into the race, it would be great if you can start training already.
Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon!

Run far and dream big,

TBR Dream Team

Come February 13 at exactly 10pm I saw myself paying the P950 registration fee happy, excited and thrilled to be joining this event, this dream.

Then after 21 days, I received another e-mail from the TBR Dream Team

Welcome to The Bull Runner Dream Marathon!  You are now officially registered for TBR Dream Marathon in Nuvali on May 22, 2010 at Nuvali…

  • BULL SESSION: Saturday, 6 March 2010, 6 AM, 80 min. slow and easy run. Guest: Coach Rio de la Cruz to briefly discuss basic running form and technique before we run. Paced by Team Secondwind.  Meet at R.O.X., Bonifacio High Street.  Open to the public.  Bring your friends!
  • BULL CIRCLE: Wednesday, 10 March 2010, 7 PM, R.O.X. “Getting the Body Marathon Ready” by Coach Jim Saret, Phil. Olympic Committee’s Sports Training and Fitness Consultant for all national teams.  Coverage: injury prevention, neuromuscular stabilization, strength and conditioning for runners. Open to the public.
We look forward to seeing you on the road soon!

Run far and dream big,

TBR Dream Team

Thanks Jaymie and The Bull Runner Dream Team! I already started training using the TBR training program by Coach Jim Lafferty but I tweaked the weekend long runs because I have scheduled races.

Definitely, I will run farther and dream bigger!

For more information about The Bull Runner, please visit the website here.

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One of 11,344 runners

February 24th, 2010 No comments

I am a part of history- 1 of the 11,344 runners.

11,344 runners is no joke- a record-breaking event, dubbed as the run of the Century- this was my first experience on doing the Half Mary. I started running seriously last year and after almost 3 months I saw myself running from 5K to 10K and now to 21K.  Thanks to Coach Rio for organizing events like this.


The Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010 was spectacular and gigantic!I am very happy to finish my first half marathon.  I am thrilled to part of the 11,344 runners and placed 357th among 1,187 male and female 21K runners. Only 10 female runners outrun me and I’m on the top 30%. A decent time of 2:03:18 makes me smile forever. This was the longest distance I run, I have great confidence that I can finish this even though my previous long runs were just 16 kilometers.

Special Mention: I want to thank Sweeney (she run 5k), my good friend and a great motivator for taking pictures of me. This is my first photo ops after the race. I hope to run with you sometime. Let’s invite Mitch next time so we can have photographer.


It’s also my first time to use a cap, a pair of sunglasses, a hydration belt during an actual race, and a timing chip.

(most important to less important)
5-Excellent 4-Very Good 3-Average 2-Needs Improvement 1-Terrible

Pre-race: 4
- Registration is accessible to everyone and the singlet, race map, bib number, timing chip is given during the registration.

Hydration Station: 5
- Long tables with lots of water and Gatorade. The Superbods models were smiling as they pass the drinks. I feel refreshed after every gulp. Thanks for the Hammer gel during Km13.

Singlet: 4
- This is my favorite singlet now. I wore it again yesterday during my recovery run. Design is great- not that flashy.

Course: 4
- The first 5 kilometers was dark because there was not enough floodlights. The runner at my back fell and wasn’t able to stand, good thing he was assisted by a marshal, I think this was Km6. Good thing that there are kilometer marker which is kinda encouraging. I love the serenity at Heritage Park.

Race Results: 5- Quick release of race results- as quick as Coach Rio. Thanks to the timing chips. Results can be seen here. Runpix running analysis is also available here. Want to view the photos?
Freebies: 4- 1 can of chili corned tuna, 1 Nature Valley granola bar,  1 bottle ot Gatorade, and a healthy breakfast- big banana, tuna pandesal, tuna sandwich & tuna salad made my day. I was so hungry that I also ate the salad of my friend Sweeney.


Finisher’s Medal: 5- The big medal got my tiredness away, as I wore my medal I was very proud of myself for finishing the race without injury.

Restrooms: 5- This is the first time I saw a race with change areas. There are restrooms along the route so you will not be apprehended by the MMDA.haha

Marshall- 4; Traffic-3; Spectators-4; Scenery-4; Fair-5 

Over-all Rating: 4.5

Now, I want to run on the 2nd Leg of RunRio Trilogy- I guess because I just want to collect the medals and finisher’s shirt. but I’m still apprehensive on the expensive registration fee. I guess I have to convince my sister again to pay for my registration.

I guess I’m a running addict. I will run 21k again on March 7. I hope to beat my personal record!

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I would run away…

February 19th, 2010 1 comment

adrenaline rush, sweat all over your body, creating a personal record, self discipline, nutritious diet, healthy heart and a new sports- who doesn’t want these? hmm, okay take away the sweat.


i consider myself athletic, i tried every sports possible- basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, chess, soccer, frisbee, wall climbing, skimboarding, etc. but i got hooked into running. i jog occasionally over the past 5 years because i want to be healthy yet last year of december i started to join a race. that was the start- a 5-km race at UPLB. after a week i saw myself running at The Fort (the haven for runners, with almost every Sunday races are held) for another 5k. then i registered for two 10k January of this year. right now, i found myself training for my first half marathon. 21k- i would definitely run away!

training for me is very, very serious thing. here’s the list of some things i stopped because of running: eating pork, sleeping late at night, drinking softdrinks, chicken skin (and proven) and junk food. and of course things that i exchange for those: more protein in my diet, meaning eating taho for breakfast, drinking lots of gatorade (i  consume 4.5 liters of gatorade every week), waking up early to run, munching lots of nuts during break times, weekly long run (8-16k), logging my running distance and many more (333kilometers from dec2009-feb2010).

i run because its a way of escape and a form of healing. there are two ways that give us anxiety, the failures of the past and the uncertainties of the future. and since i cant run away from the future i would run away from the past- the hurts, the mess, hang-ups and pain. this would mean running into a future bright and new. a new day is dawning, hope is at hand. running therefore becomes spiritual in the sense that we tell to ourselves (literally and figuratively) that we cannot do something in the past but we can approach our future with optimism and hope. its leaving the past, learning from it and striding forward for a better tomorrow. we ought not to run along the roads that hurt us or if we do, we retrace our steps with caution not repeating the failures we did before.

running has healed me, it has been an escape. an escape but a willing return to face the real world with more courage and a renewed spirit. the adrenaline rush, the healthy lifestyle, the discipline are just freebies for a sports that has been of great help in my personal life.

c’mon, run with me. let’s run away…

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Run with me

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